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  1. What I was most excited to try and did not disappoint. Brought home a box. Hope y'all enjoyed.
  2. Food was often better at the local local spots as usual. This meal cost around a $1-2... Look at all that cake...
  3. A local guy making some extra $ by helping us out with these notorious wi-fi cards that need a very delicate/professional touch to scratch off for the code. StealYourGirl.mp4 Mr. Steal Your Girl/Wife
  4. Dining at the San Cristobal restaurant made famous by Obama's visit, and below the complementary cigar and rum for dessert.
  5. Read this building partially collapsed so very fortunate to have visited just prior to that..hopefully the famous LCDH on ground floor will be reopening. Reminiscent of La Rambla street in Barcelona
  6. Alright here's my trip from last year. Celebrated my cousin's exit from the Army with a trip to "Cu-wa!" and for my cigar smoking pleasure. All in all a very memorable trip, aside from the constant racial heckling haha. Homemade rum w/ infused coffee beans tasting - this guy was awesome.
  7. Buenas FOH. Lurker who is introducing himself for the first time. I'm based in southern California and got into Cubans last year after my first trip there, but have been an avid smoker since 2011 or so. Look forward to increasing my stash and this unforgiving $ passion...

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