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  1. This is the exact list Cabanas Superfinos SEP 1989 H.Upmann Belvederes 82-85 H.Upmann Petit Upmann JUN 1985 J. Cano 1990 La Corona Panatelas MAY 1974 La Corona Petit Coronas MAY 1991 Partagas Petit Bouquets NOV 1987 Romeo y Julieta Belvederes OCT 1990 Romeo y Julieta Perfectos 1990 Troya Universales 1985
  2. La corona from 1974, others from mid 80 and 1990.
  3. Got similar sampler from a friends. Old tabacco, nothing special
  4. I present one of his Lanceros to botl for 50th birthday he has tomorrow. Wish only two left in cuban humidor. Good luck anyway. Great guy!
  5. By curiosity I just checked the first page. And then all those photos with male feet appeared. My god!
  6. Got sampler on XXI Habanos Festival in 2020. Still in my humidor. Also, we got another sampler of singles on Gala Dinner but give away two of three. Still waiting but opinions are divided: for ones it was perfect cigar, for others mediocre.
  7. Finally I was able to get 10 packs of Epernay and HL Natural. Oh god, what a great cigars. I would say HL is at least as good as Epernay.
  8. Well, just visit the and on one of slides you can see how nicaraguan friends support cuban government in this hard times for the whole industry 🤔 What do you think guys?
  9. My friend gave me other day one of these. He bought them in Barcelona. I was really surprised how tasty they were. Nothing special but really pleasant tabacco
  10. I installed this in my smoking room. The diameter is 150mm so not much but couldn't install the bigger one. The main question is: the cubature of the room and then multiply it 20 times. It's recommended to air out 20-30 times per hour.
  11. I got box of SCdLH La Punta TOS MAR 17 with toothy wrappers and they are really mild. But also, there is a lottery every time I smoke them. Not a huge fan of them
  12. I checked 9-10$. But I've noticed one thing: When I did a big order from our local online retailer, the price was huge for me, by only because our currency is almost 4:1 to USD. Also, the prices were lower than anywhere else. Buying in USD is different thing. I can pay $250 per box, but 1000 PLN looks really scary.

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