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  1. Got almost 5 yo PC last week and it was outstanding. Also, I got box of Panatelas from FEB14 and I love its. What can I say is that there is a lot of notes which I couldn't find in other marcas. But I'm a fan of smaller ring gauge and all petit coronas (beside HU Regalias)
  2. PL Panatelas RG Panatelas Extra RASCC RyJ Short Churchill Diplo 2 AFAIK Arturo Fuente is DR all day long.
  3. Well, I didn't drink or eat food by my nose at least. I don't retrohale often. But I love to sniff smoke when I'm puffing.
  4. I've ordered one in the past. $2 on Ali. Different plastic than Xikars' have. Definitely softer but works perfectly.
  5. I've ordered few boxes last week. First two just landed
  6. What I love in this hobby is opportunity to meet amazing people. Tonight I met one of our polish Aficionado and DJ who I listened to when I was 15. And that Tubos No. 1 from 2013. Wow
  7. This year I bought around 30 boxes. A lot of singles as well. If I feel that some box is not in my taste I just split them with botl. But I love variety and I would not buy more than 3 boxes of one specific cigar. I smoke around 150-170 a year so 3-5 sticks from one box means they will last at least for 5 years. Oh I am going deep on PLP but only because they were discontinued
  8. I am not sure if in 70s or 80s you could met as much fakes For me they were ok. Unfortunately, they are sold. $7 per piece...
  9. Well, that guy lives 5 km from me. Unfortunately I was late. Even for collection purpose - would you buy them? They are dry out anyway but look at that picture. Imagine the history behind these sticks.
  10. I have formulas which calculate everything. All I do is input name into the list. Here is a snippet (yeah, I had a lot of free time but I do love spreadsheets...)
  11. I stopped buying this year. Smoke approx 150-170 a year. So call me a prepper.
  12. Same here. When I did calibration everything worked fine but since I compared reading with xikar hygros, boveda shows 2-3% more. Fortunately, I got only one, bought for $10 with coupon code.
  13. I got box of these discontinued minutos from Estanco from Barcelona. I found few boxes in other store eventually. I came back home after work, our national basketball team got to World Cup after 52 years of absence and they won group! In 1/4 final we played against Spain, the 2nd best team in the world. As an active amateur player I had to watch that game. So I decided to smoke something short, because I had only an hour. Petit Princess smells weird. This is mix of my RyJ Belvederes from 2011 and Oliva V Melanio. Strange. However the smell was pleasant. The draw was perfect. A little tight but in good way. First hint is tons of cedar. I think this is because they have 12 years on them. But... definitely they don't have that fruity/cherry flavour which is mark of RyJ. Beside cedar there are other woody flavour plus earthy hints. I had some burn issues but when ash felt down it's fixed. Second half is strong woody, earthy profile with mix of toast and bread. I was very surprised because this small RyJ didn't remind typical RyJ. I can admin that I wouldn't find out if it was El Principe or RASCC, or mix of both in blind tasting. It was one hour of very pleasant smoking. But I expected something different than cigars I know and they taste in the same way even if they have 1-2 years on them. Unfortunately, we lost 1/4 final, but still huge respect for our boys. They played without fear like equal to equal. My personal rate for RyJ Petit Princess: 88. Cheers!

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