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  1. Have a box of La Punta TOS MAR17. Not impressed. No taste, plugged. Horrible box
  2. I saw boxes of RAS in the Partagas factory with code TUA FEB 20
  3. I smoked one and still have one. Typical Hoyo flavours.
  4. For me, RyJ Club Kings are smaller version of Cazadores. Dark wrapper, medium to full body
  5. I don't understand this hatred for people who resells cigars. I was wondering if I could invest in 20-30 boxes. HSA increases prices every year now. Why don't sell the same box with 5% in next years?
  6. What scale did you use? I found robustos which had 15 g but I assumed that my scale can be incorrect because it costs only 15-20 EUR
  7. Every minutos BCJ, El Principe, RASCC, Partagas Shorts are outstanding. For a morning coffee I would also suggest PL Panatelas. But you can't go wrong with any perlas/minutos
  8. Of course. As I said - their customer service is top end. But imagine a situation when you buy food which has mold - would you return it?
  9. This is my fault that I didn't ask for an inspection. But as a regular customer they will pay for it. That's very kind
  10. If it would be a white mold - that's ok. But these cigars have a green one. In both boxes there is around 7-10 affected feet. If I can send them back and they will reship new boxes (hope they won't be wipe off ) I would do it. I won't smoke them anyway in next 3-5 years
  11. One of the online retailers allow us to choose if you want to open/inspect a box or sealed. So I picked the second option. I was very nice surprised that I have two boxes of Mille Fleurs with UEB DIC 18 code. But then I opened both boxes. My friend received two boxes in the perfect condition. After quick email to support they replied that I can keep them, just throw out those of them which has foot affected and I will get refund for these. Or I can send these boxes back for replacement or refund. I appreciate their approach and I was expecting that since they are 10/10 in customer service. What would you do? First row in both boxes looks still ok

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