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  1. Actually, On 1st January I've put 10 different small RG cigars in three jars: 62, 65 and 69 % RH (bovedas). I've started smoking them a month ago. What I can say - cigars kept in 69% RH taste more bitter. The sample is small but at least I will know which RH is the best for my taste.
  2. Are you talking about LGC D No.5 Re Spain? If Yes you had a bad luck.
  3. I have a box of BBF LMB JUL18. So far smoked only 4 and I think they are still too young. And a lot of burning issues.
  4. For 90% of time I drink OJ for cigars. But to clean the palette - An apple. Just one apple and I'm rid off NC oddor too
  5. When I'm ordering boxes online I usualy (if not always) receive them "vacuum" sealed. I know that these boxes could be stored in different conditions than my humidor has but what if I take my cigars and put them into travel humidor? Different temperatures affect this cigars as well. Should I smoke them if I'm on holiday for a week? They should be affected as same as cigars which I received from online suppliers. I really like to smoke then ROTT and usualy they are very good. If not, it takes at least year or two for them to become good. There is a lot of variety of quality across the same box that I believe we should have more than 10 reviews to see any difference (also we should be aware of power of suggestion). Just asking
  6. We are even captured on the second video. I remember when he was recoding in the Escogida. It was very annoying Or maybe it was just a hangover
  7. I can't imagine a cigar with a cup of espresso. Since espresso takes 3 minutes to finish.
  8. Marevas 8.46 42 129 Petit Corona Petit Coronas 7.70 42 129 Petit Corona From CCW.
  9. Same here. I cannot recall bad cigar smoked ROTT.
  10. I smoked RAS MUR MAR 13. Amazing cigar. The best cigar this year so far with 96 pts. RASS on the other hand is mediocre for me. I have box from DIC 16. Smoked maybe 5 of them. But RASCC are one of the best minutos for me (with El Principe, Shorts and BCJ )
  11. 100 points scale can help when you are going through a box and few cigars can be 70ish when other are high 80s. On 1-10 scale 7 and 8 gives you 7.5 pts avg. In 1-100 scale: 71 and 89 gives you 80 pts avg. But you are right, we shouldn't overthink it. It's only for fun and gathering data. Typical for our world now
  12. Totally agree. That's why 30 pts goes for a taste and 20 are reserved for if I enjoyed a cigar plus would I smoke it once again. I had plenty of NC with amazing construction, even burn but they were tasteless. One thing in NC what could deduct points from construction part is wind tunnel for a draw. Hate it so much
  13. Here and there I can see your rates of cigars. I'm curious how do you rate your cigars? I created google form which contains sections like construction, burning, ash, taste and enjoyment. This is very helpful to rate smoked cigars (afterall everything is summed and I can see avarage rate per box). So how do you know if your cigar is 92 rather than 89?

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