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  1. I prefer all marevas/petit coronas in 65-69% RH. 62 is too low and cigars have a bit lack of taste
  2. We have nice and cosy LCDH here in Cracow. Very friendly place, great society and amazing hospitality. Maybe that was the reason I changed my job and now I have 3 minutes by walk to that place 🤔
  3. I saw TUA codes in the Partagas Factory in Feb 19
  4. Well, that Limitada from 2017 has a long release time...
  5. Got box of SC ULE ABR 15. They are on spot right now!
  6. I've smoked Mag 46, 50 and 54 from 2019 - all were perfect. So I bought more boxes from recent production. Also, have Majestic from late 2018 but they are cheap cigars and tbh they are not so good
  7. I had the same problem. Got one Habana Deluxe, three coolidors. What I did to stop buying was... Buying a house 😂 no easy money, no problems
  8. It didn't work for me. I had to use manual calibration. There was 4% between boveda 65% and butler. Between 69% and butler was 2% so I did manual calibration and now it looks fine. Tbh I wouldn't buy Boveda Butler again.
  9. i have 6 boxes from MAR 19. Tried few cigars and they are already great.
  10. I have the same box code of RGPC and what I can say - for me there is a lot of citrus instead of coffee you can find in Perlas. One of the best PC I've ever smoked
  11. Play money is not a cheap thing. You can ask for buy-in in cash from the Monopoly
  12. TBH when I had a stressful day I prefer not to drink. Cigar - yes, alcohol - no. Maybe it's silly but I don't want to tell my brain: stress = alcohol. He's already know that: new day = expect cigar, you deserved it
  13. When we were preparing to Habanos World Challenge we had to know all vitolas from regular and other current and EL production. In my Cuban humidor I have and smoked: Minutos Campanas Marevas Sublimes Robustos Laguito No.4 Coronas Gordas Petit Bouquet Piramides Petit Edmundo Petit Coronas Entreactos Hermosos No.4 Genios Half Corona Coronas Grandes Double Robustos Magnum 54 Cremas Julieta No.2 Prominentes Gorditos Pacos Geniales Petit Robustos Cazadores Jlp Conservas Jlp Petit Cazadores Palmitas D No.5 Dobles Edmundo Laguito No.2 Herederos Maravillas No.2 Trabucos Forum Montesco Culebras Discretos Short Piramides Deliciosos Vegueritos Hermoso Especial Edmundo Grueso Secretos Concha No.2

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