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  1. I got box of these discontinued minutos from Estanco from Barcelona. I found few boxes in other store eventually. I came back home after work, our national basketball team got to World Cup after 52 years of absence and they won group! In 1/4 final we played against Spain, the 2nd best team in the world. As an active amateur player I had to watch that game. So I decided to smoke something short, because I had only an hour. Petit Princess smells weird. This is mix of my RyJ Belvederes from 2011 and Oliva V Melanio. Strange. However the smell was pleasant. The draw was perfect. A little tight but in good way. First hint is tons of cedar. I think this is because they have 12 years on them. But... definitely they don't have that fruity/cherry flavour which is mark of RyJ. Beside cedar there are other woody flavour plus earthy hints. I had some burn issues but when ash felt down it's fixed. Second half is strong woody, earthy profile with mix of toast and bread. I was very surprised because this small RyJ didn't remind typical RyJ. I can admin that I wouldn't find out if it was El Principe or RASCC, or mix of both in blind tasting. It was one hour of very pleasant smoking. But I expected something different than cigars I know and they taste in the same way even if they have 1-2 years on them. Unfortunately, we lost 1/4 final, but still huge respect for our boys. They played without fear like equal to equal. My personal rate for RyJ Petit Princess: 88. Cheers!
  2. Souvenirs from conference RYJ Cedros no. 02 from 2002 Last 3 singles of HUPC 2013 Plus gift from botl
  3. They are amazing. It reminds me to buy new box soon. Or five
  4. I prepared few small RG cigars for today's family picnic organized by my company. However, our 6 months old Little Boy took my whole attention (I love "wasting" time with him) and there was 35 C outside so cigars came back home. I go through very nice box of Small Club Coronas and in the afternoon I decided to sit at the balcony, watch North London derby and pair that little great cigar with some dealcoholised semi dry wine. It's started with rich earthy and cedar notes. For me, RASCC and SC El Principe are both great, both on different flavor sides. I could found a little fruity flavor but not that much as you can find in Specially Selected. Tons of cedar, tasted like my 8 YO RyJ Belvederes but that little RA had only 2 years on it. Cigars in that size for me has two half, no thirds. They are to small to divide them three times. Second half was a little bit bitter. Still there was earthy, cedar flavors. Some fruits, a little woody. I smoked him to the nub. Burn was uneven, but ash had at least 2 inches. These cigars are amazing. Definitely I need to buy few boxes. For me 92 points. Thank you
  5. If I am outside and smoke doesn't disturb because of wind or something, I really don't care. Of course I always ask if people around don't mind if I would light it up. Sometimes you can see that smoke will be all around and it's better to smoke cigar later. Air is more polluted than me and my cigar can do, so I think it would be a little ridiculous if someone would argue with me that I smoke in open area few meters from them. Let's use common sense
  6. I'm a huge fan of Churchills' serie. Petit - they are very inconsistent. And the strongest in Churchill line. I went through the box and maybe 3-4 were very good and rounded. Rest were very rough. Short - medium strength, very pleasant. For me they are between Petit and Wide if it comes to consistency and balance. Wide - they are amazing. For me they are milder than Short, but more balanced and rounded. And there is The Final Boss - Churchill. Different league
  7. I've been dryboxing this Punch Punch for last 10 days. Today was the perfect moment to light its up. I need to say, it's my third from the box. Today I was seeing with one of my friends, manager in local LCDH. Spontaneously this meeting has grown to local CA meeting (here in Poland we have forum, like FOH but smaller, it has 13 years; we were laugh that it's our small FOCSA, stand for Forumowe Ogólnopolskie Spotkanie Cigar Aficionado - Forums Cigar Aficionados' meeting. Punch Punch is defienietly what I'm looking for when we are talking about size. I prefer under 50 RG. It's started with typical tabacco/cigarette flavour. I was a little suprised but after five minutes it gave me what stands out Punch Punch from habanos portfolio to me. It was something like baked bread. In the second third it showed its strength. Rich woody, herbal and earthy profile with baked bread crust. I think I would always find that profile in blind tests. The last third was mostly dominated by earthy notes. I smoked this to the nub. I saw in the past that people finds vanilla. To be honest, I've never felt that in cigars. Anyway, it was very pleasant 90 minute smoke. In my personal reviews it's got 90 points! Very nice
  8. Could you say more about that? I'm a huge fan of PLP and RGP
  9. Oh God, I hate cilantro so much. Taste like soap to me. Tomorrow I'm going to find that taste in HU Majestic
  10. TSM JUN 17. Great quality:price ratio Monthly meeting in LCDH in Cracow
  11. All of them are at least nice. Love that cuban flavour

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