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  1. Enjoing the end of week in Cracow with our local Aficionados. BTW I met Jason, one of our members. Small world
  2. MPE PUR ABR 17 Ugly wrappers on all of 10. Chocolate, coffee and a little earthy
  3. Congratulation! Best wishes for The Little Guy and his mom
  4. Got Colibri. I use it for 42-54 RG, also for Pyramids. Definitely no more issues with draw but sometimes it is hard to smoke stick to the nub
  5. SGA ABR 16. Smoked around 10 from the box and they were crappy. All of them. At least that one was the last.
  6. El Principe RASCC RG Perlas And yes, they are 50 minutes smokes
  7. Cigars: Don Pepin Garcia Black Label Robusto (1979). Also, I regret time which I wasted for smoking mediocre NC and DR cigars just because I was looking for something good. At least, 1 on 10 different marcas were nice and stayed in my humidor. Other: stupid famous people and their devotees
  8. BUA NOV 11 Perlas. Only 3 left so it's time to order another box
  9. MOL MAY 18 CoRo. It was good but definitely has great aging potential.
  10. Thank you for the advice I will prepare list with your suggestions and will looking for PSP boxes And yes, I need to be careful to not spoil him as well
  11. Hello dear Friends of Habanos. Finally I registered my account here. I love this forum and appreciate your knowledge. I will introduce myself in another topic. In February we welcomed our first son. I keep my fingers crossed he will share this beautiful hobby with his father. I would like to buy a box with FEB 2019 for that Little Guy. It will be waiting for him 18 years. What should I consider for that long term storage? I don't want him to open the box which best time passed years ago

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