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  1. Reyes Finally some nice weather sticking around. For now.
  2. Got a CoRo with a growler of my favorite local beer on my 36th. A beautiful night in Co U.S.
  3. My favorite cigar, not the best but cheap enough to make up for it. Cant beat cheap and good.
  4. Finally a good draw! I got a couple of these in a singles order months ago (from another site) and this was the only one I could actually smoke. Tell me if I'm off base here, its profile is very similar to a Quintaro Favoritos but slightly more floral?
  5. Very true, The populace must remember, we have the power in how we spend. If you invite goverment to regulate in this case advertising, regulation leads to taxation always. Atleast if you fall prey to crap adds and give $ to crap companys, you have a crap product to show for it.

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