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  1. What a great mail call - super ecstatic!!! HDM Especiales EMA NOV 2008 Boli Lib’s MSU MAR 19 (psp) CoRo TPO ABR 19 Trini Coloniales RAG MAR 19 (psp) RnJ SC BOP DIC 18 (psp)
  2. I’ve had Alex, Hector and Papo Customs. All great smokes and I have several of each, but if I had to choose only one it would be Papo’s lineup... IMHO
  3. ☝What Rhino asked. Also any aged (pref 2104) BBF on the horizon? Been searching far and wide for these will go to hell for a box if need be🙇🏻‍♂️ We are done in the PCC Aged. FOH Auctions now your best bet. Put in a wishlist for it on FOHA.
  4. This poor box came all the way to California then was sent back to Oz then all the way back to California, but is now home safe and sound and ready for a nice long nap. They sure look good though I may have to sneak one out 😃
  5. Montecristo TRU SEP 18 1st: Flavors of leather and nuts throughout the first third. Draw was a little tight. 2nd and 3rd: predominantly leather and nutty but now adding spice. Intensity has steadily increased as well. Slightly uneven burn line but not bad. Smoke volume has also increased. There is some tanginess too. Overall, a decent smoke but not super impressed with this particular stick. I swear the last one I had about a week ago from the same box was better. I wouldn’t call this boring by any means just not what I was anticipating. Also, still young not even a year old so I’m putting the box away and will revisit after some more time has passed. Also worth noting I smoked this one kind of fast possibly not giving it the proper chance to fully divulge itself. Total smoke time approx 65 minutes.
  6. This will be my first review ever. I’m a newb and super nervous as I don’t want to look like a total fool 😬. Anyways, here we go: I picked the HDM Especial as its the only HDM I have that’s ready to smoke. First third: sweet, graham cracker, cocoa and vanilla. Draw is fairly good which is surprising since the others I’ve smoked from this box of 10 have been super tight. Towards the end of the first third it became less sweet and from what I can tell more earthy. Burn slightly uneven but no correction needed. Second third: intensity slowly started picking up. Less sweet more leather and some pepper. Also a flavor that kind of reminded me of a steak (lol is that even possible?). The burn did need a correction. Good aroma and there was ample smoke. Final third: intensity definitely picked up. Sweetness has mostly disappeared, but still hints here and there. More prevalent now is tobacco, spice and pepper. Im tasting other flavors as well but my palate can’t identify or put a name on it. The burn did get wonky and needed another correction. Final few puffs have been tobacco, spice, pepper, and leather. Also, there is a menthol/tingly sensation on the tongue[?]. Overall a very satisfying and enjoyable smoke. By far the best out of all the others I’ve smoked from this box. Possibly due to the recent move into my wineador which I keep at 64.5f/65rh. Also, I tried @Elpresidente‘s dry box tip: clip the cap, toss in an open ziplock and into the fridge for 1hr then out of fridge sealed the ziplock and left for 20min before firing up. I’d say strength started light-med then progressed to solid medium possibly even med-full. Total smoke time before laying to rest was just over 1.5 hours. I don’t know how to score but I would guess probably low 90’s. I have a couple left from this box which I will let age for a while as I feel these are definitely getting better with some more time on them.

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