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    Outdoor adventuring, fine wine, cooking & finding new music. A lifetime obsession with Habanos.

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  1. Same as a young wine...either it has the 'legs on the chair' or it doesn't. It def takes a little time to discern whether a CC (or a btl of wine) can/will age....but it's all about using your imagination to envision what's possible with the young material in your hand. In other words, its takes experience & lots of smoking to know.
  2. I'm in tons of private FB groups in the states, I see new guys come into the CC fold daily. People are always looking for their next obsession.
  3. Efficiency doesn't seem to be Cuba's strong suit.
  4. The lady was saying SHE packs 80 boxes a day. That's a little more believable lol
  5. Not a fan at all. Maybe I'm in the minority, but don't think any of the hype is justified-
  6. The exact cabinet I'm ordering soon. Love the modern look & lack of glass. Perfect
  7. One look at that factory code stamp says fake...no need to even look at any other photos
  8. Don't you forget about me, Simple Minds....Breakfast Club https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4gLVqjIvokc
  9. If it's as good as the last Sevilla Partagas release, it's probably worth it
  10. Ahhhh...the unicorn Cohiba Suiza RE. Phenomenal smoke with lots of plume
  11. I'm originally from there & travel there for work several times a year. There is literally nowhere to smoke CCs. The few smoke shops (not sure if they're still open?) ban you bringing your own in, trying to say its against state law. All in all a really shi*ty place to smoke...which is ironic being that NC once grew more tobacco than any other US state.
  12. Possibly Cuba's best stick. I should really smoke them more lol Just found multiple boxes of freshies out in the wild, bought them blind. Can't wait to see them!
  13. I never remove mine until the burn is near the band. Most times a simple gentle twist back & forth will release it & slide it off over the ash. Sometimes you'll run into a tough one, I take the sharp point of my Perfecdraw & give the edge a little rip...from there u can pinch & rip carefully. Just my dumb .02
  14. No shorties for winning a championship... Piramides Extra or Sir Winnie

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