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    Outdoor adventuring, fine wine, cooking & finding new music. A lifetime obsession with Habanos.

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  1. So happy to hear you loved the 15 Eddie. I smoked one 2 weeks ago from a newly acquired box & thought the same.
  2. Nice, I need a box or 2 of these. Based on regionals rolled in the past HSA seems to spread out rolling each at multiple factories. It's always hard to tell, as the provincial factory codes are obscure most of the time. The code system hasn't changed. I'm expecting to see some mother factory code rolls soon, Fall 2021 boxes are just starting to pop up.
  3. Cleaning gutters yesterday in preparation for this whole El Nina 'bomb cyclone' hitting the West Coast. A week worth of drenching rain here in OR, but it's even worse down in Cali- the Sierras are calling for up to 5.5ft of snow. Probably lots of mudslides too b/c of the fires this past winter. Crazy. At the very least this is helping with the severe drought, in fact Western OR will be back to normal after just this one rain event. That's volume. All excited to watch my Panthers beat up on the Giants Sunday!! 🏈
  4. 1 or 2. I used to have a vendor that would ship out boxes that they would wayyy over vaccum-seal. That 'smashed foot' isn't for me...I'm too OCD
  5. Life's too short to smoke NCs (other than Nudies of course)!
  6. This thread is yet another reminder to be buying as many boxes of CCs as you can afford while things are still sane (yes, todays prices are reasonable, save special Hiba/Trini stuff). We'll revisit this topic in 2-3 years & see who listened.
  7. I'd accept #2, but would never choose it. I think #3 is wayyyy to dark Cohiba is the marca that definitely gets the best wrapper leaf & most of the minty A+++ boxes you see from Laguito are much closer to #1. It's my thinking they wrap the star vitolas in those & sometimes use the darker for Siglos, CoRos & the like.
  8. Lovely piece. I missed the window to get a couple of these on release..don't see my self paying inflated retail or secondary now.
  9. Borderline impossible to know just yet. Not many boots on the ground in Cuba, plus we haven't started to see late 21s in market yet to help verify. The latest MAR-coded box I've seen was JUN 21 CoLas
  10. Looks cool, I've never heard of this! Don't think much makes it to the states. My fave stickies are true ice wines from Canada & Germany. They are super expensive, but are so complex they'll make smoke come out of your ears.

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