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  1. I haven't seen them for less than $275 box. I'd take a box at $220 😬
  2. Ya, i love these but $30/stick is pretty insane...especially considering you can get gorgeous Libertadors for around $185/box I'll always keep a couple in my stash, but for the most part I'll stick to Vigias.
  3. Surprised no one has said Cohiba. Not honeyed like HDM, but the king of creamy coffee goodness...
  4. Endless FFB mock drafts so I can dominate my leagues this year. GO PANTHERS!
  5. Really close in profile IMHO. I smoke quite a few b/c I have problems tracking down my beloved Belicosos. Salty & loamy. Love. All the 2017 boxes that I've gotten out of Europe are stellar & have smoked great.
  6. Only CC i consider lightly spicy is Party E2s...paprika for days
  7. Coffee for my morning smokes, Coke/Root Beer/Ginger Ale/Tea for midday, beer/RUM/bourbon in the evenings.
  8. The insane pricing has kept me from these. Not a massive Maduro fan anyways, but yea. The Partagas No.1s are good, but they taste an awful lot like BBFs at about 1.6x the cost.
  9. I've been a fan of PL Pantys since i started smoking & go thru a few boxes a year...lately they've pretty scarce, and I started a thread here on the thread asking. Several people have confirmed they are being 86'd. I hate that smaller RG cigars are under siege b/c of the popularity of jaw-breakers world wide.

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