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  1. I've seen em all & it's literally box by box. Either way, I LOVE LGC (just wanted to make that known!)
  2. Keep in mind the D5s have boxes dates ranging from 2017-19, so lots of age variance when assessing these.
  3. Funny thing is I maybe do 1-2 cigar reviews a year max. Just for fun I routinely pull out flavors & describe the 'shape' of cigars as I'm smoking, but mainly just enjoy smoking w/o all the hassle of over-thinking it. Now wine on the other hand...I have a blind tasting group that meets several times a month & we're always dissecting them. I love it.
  4. It's true. RE: Chardonnay, it's fruit flavors are directly correlated to the amount of heat units that specific place has. Warmer regions like Napa throw tropical fruits, moderate regions like Willamette Valley (or Burgundy) show apples/pears, cool regions like Chablis & Champagne are all citrus/green almond/mineral. There's also alot of winemaker's hand that's left on Chard b/c of barrel fermentation (complicating the flavor profile). Flavors really have nothing to do with the acidity or sweetness.
  5. To clarify, acidity. sweetness, bitterness & minerality aren't related at all to smells/flavors. They don't really 'influence' flavors, as chemical compounds (that scent is made of) are either present, or not (it's pretty binary). Of course they all affect the 'shape' of the wine, but not scents or flavors. Mutually exclusive things. True about super tasters, its a blessing & a curse. Not always great/positive. But damn, if you could remember & call on thousands of scents? Sign me up.
  6. 100%. Put blind glasses of Bordeaux & CA cab in front of me, I can tell you which is which immediately. Why? The terroir is vastly different for those places of origin. Cuban cigars? Everything's coming from a tiny island with no real variables in the base product.
  7. To your point, blind tasting cigars is MUCH harder than wine, primarily because the range of styles/flavors is so very narrow. Wine flavors/profiles are so much more diverse, therefore easier to differentiate.
  8. It's a fact that: 1) all 'tastes' are actually 'smells' 2) some tasters are much better than others (google 'super taster') I come from the world of wine, and my palate has been built over years of repetition...tasting, tasting, more tasting. I can now pick out hundreds of specific smells/tastes in wine, and in turn that's helped me tremendously with cigar evaluation. My point is, some tasters are born, but most are 'made'. Not trying to brag here, just making a point. One last interesting point...if you are smoking a cigar and you think 'that's 100% caramel', there's a really good
  9. I'd have to say I completely disagree here, at least with LGC REs Glorias 5ta Avenida and older. Pure LGC DNA, and possible to find. It's worth noting the LGC blend takes years to come around, so even speculating on things like Orgullosos this early is largely short-sighted.

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