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  1. Not a fan, but the CC world is big & diverse. Smoke what you like!
  2. Almost zero in the quality trading groups I'm a part of. But then there's the others... As they the famous saying goes "KNOW YOUR SOURCES." And this couldn't be more important RE: US secondary.
  3. Word, thanks for all the clarification guys! At $60 a box, the Pantys are a no-brainer. Going deep while I can still find them.
  4. I thought these changed to long filler a few years back? Maybe I just dreamed that lol
  5. 12 Fiddy...all in my head...no need to spreadsheet or track. Have 1k+ btls that are tracked the same (barbaric) way...
  6. Bullshit. So many great current vintage CCs will age amazingly...16/17s are both great current examples. Like fine wine, you have to try them & extrapolate. It's all good if your (experienced) palate tells you balance is there... Don't buy into the poo poo train.
  7. 898s in a non-898 config'd box????? As they say on MNF........"COME ON MAAANNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!"

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