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  1. In no particular order: Bolivar BF Bolivar RC Monte PE Hard to limit it to just 3...
  2. Carlos V is listed as a discontinued brand on cuban cigar website. Looks a lot like this recent released label.
  3. Had a great time again this year. Great turnout that came down to the Super Bowl. Awesome job guys, and thanks Prez.
  4. Was another great year for pick'em. Lots of people with a chance all the way up till the end. There ended up being a 3 way tie for first. Thanks Prez for hosting the competition again.
  5. 2 weeks, 2 winners? Looks like there have been 2 clear winners (drop week throws me off). Marper331 had 13 for week 1 and OHIOLDD had 11 in week 2. Cheers.
  6. Ditto with those who have mentioned RASS and Edmundos. I keep giving them both a shot, but they always let me down.
  7. Wondering if this competition was going to happen this year. Have loved playing in it for what seems like forever now, but have not seen any mention of it. Hope there are others out there who enjoyed playing in it as well. Cheers
  8. Any word on a 2015/16 NFL pickem group. Love being an active participant the past 5+ years. Hope there are others that liked being part of this competition as well. Cheers, Tony
  9. Will post a group 2 Leadreboard as soon as Yahoo updates. Very sad that we aren't going into the playoffs, but it looks like quite a few are in group 2 are still picking games. Still disappointed that it was decided to end the picking of games early. Come on Pres. Whats an actual season without playoffs?
  10. Wait....What? No playoffs tipping this year. I guess since it had always been done in the past that we were doing it again this year. My picks would have been ALOT different over the past 2 weeks if I knew that last week was the last. Well I still got my picks in for this weekend so I guess I'll still finish out the season to see how I did. Thanks again El P for hosting the compitition and I look forward to it again next year (Maybe through the Super Bowl this time).
  11. So I guess this was a blind week as no updated leader board was shown. Hope everyone did as bad as I did. Would have been nice to know if I needed to change some picks. If someone in group 1 sees this please post standings.

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