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  1. Surprised P2 has no love. My TUA (FEB - ABR20) spring boxes are over the moon great. By far best of 20. Honorable mentioned: Dip2 (RAT ABR20), BRC (TUA FEB20), Escogidos (EOL ABR20).
  2. Always up for a good time. 🥳Confidence is sky high right now 😂
  3. From the weekend,,,, LUB May14 LGR Oct17 LUB Feb14 RAE Jul15
  4. Love these focused little polls. And great to coral it to a very specific vitola. Only BRC was a pass because BBF is the far better/more consistent choice in that marca imo. Everything else hit avg or above. G’day! Cheers, CptGoodTimes
  5. Some new older from the weekend ASE MAY09 LUB ABR15
  6. Grabbed a 1/4 back in the fall. My very first try of the JL Onesy vitola. UTL ABR19,,,,,,I’m hooked ?
  7. I did the same on these. Grabbed a 1/4 box. Only 2 have even reached a 90. Rest were blah. Disappointing.
  8. G’day FOH. Today’s marque is the classic Montecristo Number 2 from April 2013. I bought a 3 pack of these last October & smoked 2 within first month after receiving. They were bland & forgettable. Soooo,,,,,let’s set out and see if we can catch lightening in a bottle & find some good times. The construction couldn’t get any better. Looks & feels superb. Aroma at cold is huge. I must have spent 15 minutes just taking in that cold aroma. Wow! Clipped the cap (not too far down), but just enough. Toasted the foot & I could tell right away that this one was go
  9. ESL ABR19 again ?. From the virtual herf a few nights ago. Not sure when. The days are blending together with no real identifiers anymore. Is it still 2020?
  10. Well John, it isn’t going to build itself amigo. ? ?

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