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  1. I probably shouldn’t have been so quick to limit this to just Hoyos. I’m sure there are other marcas that have a great burst of honey sweet & cream. Please feel free to mention others. I just got into CCs in ‘17. Then took off ‘18 & just now getting back into it. So still very much a newbie.
  2. Looks like I’ve got a deal in place to try a des Dieux(2003) in the next month, following the travel time and then rest time. Will definitely add to the list. Thx 👊🏻
  3. Just stopping by for a grandioso...Geaux Tigers! Living in Texas, Temp is always a struggle in summertime. My boys stay at 62Rh and fluctuate b/n 69-74F. Temp hasn’t bothered anything to date. I dry box...typically 3-5 days depending on marca and vitola.
  4. So I couldn’t wait the 30days and fired up a HDM Rio Seco after just over 2 weeks off the truck. First puff I was hit with a huge burst of sweetness (like honey) and cream. So smooth. Excited for how these age. I haven’t tried many HDMs, let alone aged ones. Does anyone have a rec on an aged HDM that has that honey/cream profile? Thx.

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