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  1. Courtesy of our host. From the recent PCC aged 24:24 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 bonanza. How many minutes do I have to wait again? 😁
  2. Right. So consistent too. I’ve never had a bad one yet out of 20ish. {Knock on wood}
  3. You see. I knew the one sample that I got had to be an outlier of a bitter harsh bastard. I love the new Rio Seco because of the honey sweetness in the first third. I have to give the SJs another shot. Maybe find some aged with lighter Colorado wrappers.
  4. Great timing @Elpresidente, as I just enjoyed this Diplomaticos RE Paises Bajos measuring 5.3x52 and is the 6th cigar I’ve smoked from this box. Has a rustic Colorado medium reddish brown wrapper. Initial impressions: A tightly packed habano with no soft spots. Aroma consists of light barnyard, cedar. I used my Xikar VX2 to make the solid, consistent V-cut in the cap. I’m getting some sweetness on the cold draw that includes hay, wood...just the great typical cuban you expect. Opening & First Third: Burn starts out razor sharp. Aroma is that prototypical Cuban twang. Flavor brings loads of tea, woody, and creaminess. That tea flavor stands out and is fantastico. Strength is medium to just under medium. There are similarities to the RE Asia Pacifico Bushido. Second Third & Final Thoughts: Things remain very consistent. Smooth draw. Smooth burn. Smooth flavor. More of tea, woody, creaminess. This isn’t a rollercoaster ride. More of a nice cruise on the lake with not a ripple on the water. This is my second box and just love these. A fabulous Diplo and definitely my favorite of the marca (Because Bushido, you just too mucho dinero). Cheers, CptGoodTimes
  5. Mornings I pour my French roast over ice in my yeti tumbler. Evenings are typically a big tall Tervis tumbler of Lipton iced tea(unsweet) along with a glass of Havana Club Maestros neat or as temps drop below 70F, a two-finger pour of Old Rip.
  6. Nice! I was regretting only getting a 1/4 box on those aged 2s. You now have confirmed my fate. 🤦🏼‍♂️
  7. Box of RAS that are out of this world. Fruit Bombs. I’ve already ordered another MSU box.
  8. Look 1derful. I’ve got a box due in this week. #giddy
  9. Nice review. Never had any Siglo. I’ve just acquired some VI tubos, but I love the corona gorda size as well. Guess the IV is on the list now. 🤙🏼
  10. The Stick: Cohiba Coronas Especiales from September 2008 & the MEL factory Opening remarks: Attractive wrapper that felt well made. A nice pigtail cap, and sweet prelight smell. I used my punch & cold draw was tight. Burn was razor sharp from get go with twangy tangy initial flavors. First 1/3: Just a richness from the start. That Cohiba hay, lemony tanginess, some sweet cocoa or might be sweet coffee cream. Those are sometimes difficult to distinguish for myself. Second 1/3: The hay/lemon zest fades out completely. Leaving behind a sweet milk coffee cream that does the tango with a dark black coffee/cocoa. In & out they trade dance moves 🕺🏽💃 Final 1/3: And just like that...bitterville. This is the fourth CCE I’ve had from this box, and the first to go completely bitter in the final third. So much so, I ended before the band played its last sonata. Oh well. It was still a delightful morning with this vitola. Final thoughts: Hard to beat a nice aged CCE. This one was a nice medium and rich smoke. Speaking of smoke, lots of it from the get go. This was on its way to a 98, but not making it to the band knocked it down to a 93. Nothing like getting the rugged pulled out from under you when your on cloud 9. Cheers, CptGoodTimes
  11. Nice shots! I’m smoking a 14 myself. Will post review tomorrow, but very similar to yours.

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