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  1. This worked for me as well. I can't recommend it enough. I'm a contrarian by nature, so I never bought into self-help books and thought that most self-improvement theories were a bunch of bullshit and wouldn't work for me. But this one did. I didn't buy all of it and found myself arguing, sometimes strongly, with some of the author's premises. However, those arguments and skepticism really allowed me to think more dispassionately about addiction and ultimately helped me to quit. In the end, a handful of observations by the author really stuck with me and I haven't smoked cigs in 2 years after being a fiend for more than 15. It's a month to 6 weeks of misery, no way around it, but then it becomes increasingly easier. That initial period is the make or break, but just remember that it's your addiction trying to flex on you and control you. My advice is to not vape or do gum or patches. You're just delaying the inevitable. One other thing that helped was to calculate how much money you spend on cigarettes and how much the total will be over your life. My number was $189,000 over the remainder of my life. I put that number on my computer at work as a reminder of how much money I was pissing away. It was good motivation. Now, I have an extra $189,000 to spend on CCs! (Kidding...kind of). I wish you all the luck and strength. You really can do it.
  2. Oh yeah? How long ago were you here? I grew up in the DC area, but even for me some places around the city and its surroundings are unrecognizable over the last several years. Arlington has always been nice, though.
  3. Man, I can't believe Civil closed. I just discovered it earlier in the summer, right around the time when I found the forum. That's just my luck. I literally planning on going there Friday night after dinner, but the weather was nice enough to park myself outside on the porch. That's a real bummer. Thankfully, I do like Shelly's a lot and that seems to be one of the only indoor spots left in town. I've been to TG's by the convention center a few times as well, but Shelly's is much more comfortable to me.
  4. These little dudes showed up a couple days ago... Rio Seco, courtesy of our host with the most.
  5. Out of the shout box and into the thread! Any quality RyJ shorts coming down the pike?
  6. This is a great explanation. Could we sticky this thread or post to the newbie's section?
  7. I'm a newbie, too, so thanks for starting this thread. For what it's worth, Monte 4s have been really enjoyable for me (especially when you don't have hours to spare). I also recently had a RyJ Short, which was fantastic and really different. I've been grabbing 1/4 boxes that look interesting off 24:24. I'd be curious to hear thoughts about cigars that smoke well young in the PC range.
  8. Hey gang-- Forum newbie here. Please let me know if this is the wrong spot for this, but I'm still a little confused about the relationship between 24:24 and the FOH int'l store. My understanding is that you'll get PSP, HQ, etc. from 24:24 guaranteed based on your quick-draw typing skills (or lack thereof) and that you'll get a good quality, inspected box from the int'l store, but not necessarily PSP or HQ. I know that the team won't pull specific boxes, but you can get PSP from the store, right? For instance, El Presidente put up PSP Monte No. 4s during 24:24 last week and I'm pretty sure they didn't sell out. Do those boxes get pulled specifically for 24:24 in the future? Or, if I ordered a box today, I could conceivably get one of those PSP boxes?
  9. Hi all-- I'm really excited to be on the forum and to start jumping in to the wild and wonderful world of CCs! I'm a newbie, but I'm stoked to have the opportunity to learn from the community here.

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