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  1. Really enjoyed watching that and learned quite a few things - thanks!
  2. Another tight Monte 1 from these BOE DIC 18 boxes. Ugh. When I can get or ream out a good draw, these are great. Otherwise, frustratingly bland. My first Diplomatico, RAT ABR 20, FOH clearance. This and the BCJ below have been sitting here since February after months of snafus with our federal delivery service. But damn, it was worth the wait and the resting time. BCJ MSU FEB 19. These little Bolivars have to be my favorite perla/minuto/whatever-you-call-it. This one was fantastic, earthy, dark coffee and cream, and floral notes with all of that.
  3. I will have to try those, have had some of their other imperial stouts/IPAs over the years and loved them. They have a ridiculous amount of beers. Haven't been to the brewery since before Covid, I'm overdue!
  4. Connie 1 BRE MAR 2019 PSP. A nice savory cigar. This box is starting to turn really good. D4 BUP MAR 18. "Worst" cigar this week, so... a pretty good week. BPC BRE SEP 18. Man, when these are good, like this one - 👍👍👍 Coloniales GLE JUL 20
  5. Adroit Theory, one of my favorite breweries - just short drive from here 😀
  6. Finally tried some Davidoffs last month -- a Yamasa, a Signature 2000, and a Special 'R'. Maybe they're bland and uninteresting by design, they all had that in common. I have a really mediocre box of Monte 4s I bought blind (ATP SEP 18), which are the other worst cigars I've had recently, and each one has easily been better than any of those Davidoffs.
  7. I had my first colonoscopy a few years ago when I turned 50, and woke up in the middle of it. Heard someone say, “He’s awake, HE’S AWAKE!” Then I was out again. Almost entertaining. I was so groggy afterwards I forgot to ask what the hell happened.
  8. Milder cigars seem to benefit from higher rh for me. I keep my cigars at 65 rh by default. Some of the ones that tend to be rolled tighter, or are young or rougher or stronger might go into the 62 box, and/or get dry boxed when it’s their time. Cohibas, Trinidads, HdM, and most RyJ I typically keep at 65 always. Most Montes too, usually, unless they have draw issues (like all my Montes 1s) - lower seems to kill the cocoa notes. In my 62 box now and recently I have had Partagas Shorts, RyJ Cazadores, BPC, PLM, some young Monte Especiales 2s, and D4s every now and then.
  9. Monte 2 UER MAR 19 D4 BUP ABR 19 HdM Epi 1 Tubo EGT MAR 20 👍
  10. Birthday BRC MSU ABR 19, and caught some nice sized pickerel (not pictured 😀)... Connie A BRE JUL 19 Monte 3 ATP AGO 19 Reyes RAG MAY 19... Not bashing these good cigars, but they are so similar to an Illusione Epernay Le Petit, size- and flavor-wise, that it's hard to justify what is now a 2X price differential... Davidoff 2000 Signature blah blah... I will bash these. Never had a Davidoff so figured I'd try a few. Not awful, but not worth the $ whatsoever. Espinosa Laranja, a typically good, inexpensive Lancero.
  11. Maybe I’ll try leaving some in the tubes, but so far I’ve removed most that I have here. They have smoked beautifully, including a Vigia tubo that was maybe the best cigar I’ve had this year.
  12. Employers should be able to require employees be vaccinated. Schools too. I’m not going to argue with people who don’t think vaccines are the right path forward to deal with Covid. I’m tired of it. I know two people dead from Covid, and two others with lingering effects including loss of smell. Anecdotal and I’m pissed about that, yes, but the risk of the disease and its continuing mutations and spread are far greater to humans than the risks of getting vaccinated, given what scientists know so far. Let’s say it’s everyone’s choice. Fine. Don’t get vaccinated if you don’t want to. Bu
  13. 5,000 mile road trip to/from/around Montana. Caught some fish, and smoked some... Vigia - 2019. Only my third Vigia, two others from another box did not wow me. But this was probably the best cigar I've had in 2021. CCE in the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness Tatuaje Miami Especiale, an excellent one I smoked a bunch of others but... yawn 😀 Ended up driving back early due to wildfires, heat, and drought.

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