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  1. Thanks, guys. I've been staring out at it a lot this past year and not traveling much. Ready for a little change. Yeah, I'd gladly trade for that right about now!
  2. I'm with you on Gierach. Every paragraph is something that makes you chuckle, or you recognize as nearly your own thoughts and wonder why you couldn't come up with the words. Brilliant stuff.
  3. I'm gonna jot down some thoughts as this burns... This is good. These are always pretty good. Starts off kind of bland, then quickly yields that classic Partagas sourdough and spice. Draw is pretty loose. Not the best example, but A-OK, from a FoH clearance box acquired a year ago at a great price compared to what's current. Realizing as I sit here with it that I'm not quite in the mood for Partagas today, though... Was going to use the holiday as an inane excuse to fire up something fancier, but it's wicked windy out here and I didn't want to sacrifice more precious stuff
  4. Espinosa Laranja lancero yesterday Pretty nice looking D4 for Easter
  5. Aged: PLPC LEP DIC 16. Pale wrapper, but just excellent start to finish. Edit: Maybe "aged" should be in quotes 😀 Young: Monte 4 EBO JUL 20. One of the better Montes I've had, surprised me.
  6. I don't know about my limit, but reading through this thread convinced me to pull the trigger on just one more box of Coloniales! Figure I have about a five year supply, but I keep breaking it down in my mind by the relatively small numbers of each specific marca and cigar on hand... so it seems like I'm still a little short 😏
  7. PLMC from 2017 👍 ...aaaaand a 2018 Party Short. Good, inexpensive cigars. Tomorrow... shad fishing on the Potomac in DC, with some NC sticks probably.
  8. I had an Oliva V lancero last week. I like 'em 👍
  9. HU Connie 1, from a PSP box BRE MAR 19 A box of unpredictable smokes. This one was on the strong side, flavors a lot like a Monte Especiale 2.
  10. The first two cigars I've had from 2020 boxes... Monte 4 EBO JUL 20 Damn, that was good. And an excellent Coloniales GLE JUL 20

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