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  1. Alright... I've got a MSU SEP 19 box and you've convinced me it's time to try one!
  2. I have the same box code, have also smoked seven. Most were average with a really tight draw. Two were excellent, think I dry boxed just those two. I will research more 😀
  3. I freeze everything that arrives now after finding a beetle in a cigar I bought last year at LCDH Amsterdam. Seems like there is no downside to freezing them.
  4. Monte Especiale 2 REG ABR 19. I have two boxes, this is from the slightly lighter wrappers, and wow -- these are rich, earthy, flavorful. Probably going to age really well. D4 BUP ABR 19. Still have not had a bad D4. Reyes RAG MAY 19. In the 62 rh box for weeks, great little smoke. El Principe RAT NOV 19. First EP I've ever had, nice but for the humidity tonight.
  5. Oh the weather. Winter coming up and my cigar smoking will soon decrease, so... After watching the latest FOH video review, figured I'd torch a Monte 1 BOE DIC 18. One of the best cigars I've had this year was from this box. But this one, like a bunch of the others, had a frustratingly tight draw. Mediocrity. Bummer. Consolation: another fantastic 2017 PLMC. Nudie N1. These are smoking perfectly right about now, nice peanut flavor comes and goes.
  6. Yes! Goes well with a cigar, too. Didn't know they make booze, and I'd like to try some of their other beers. Will be on the lookout.
  7. I do walk with a cigar occasionally in the woods, but I stop and sit a lot or make it a really slow stroll. I like doing that.
  8. All of these were fine, but this PLMC from 2017 was fantastic. Some warm weather, so the PLP needs a margarita. Man, dry boxing these 2018 RASS sticks has made them so good.
  9. A bunch of RASS and RASCC I've had definitely benefited. I have some tightly rolled Connie A's and it helped them. Seems to help in the cooler weather, and humid weather too.
  10. RyJ Belicoso ATE MAY 19 - Third from this FOH PSP/HQ sixer. The latter half was pretty good, first half definitely on the mild side. Quality cigar, just not a favorite for me.
  11. Siglo IV LGR JUN 17 - My first of these, arrived from FOH just over 60 days ago. Tasted like brewed tea in the first half, evolved into creamy coffee, smooth, last third was sweet, pound cake, other flavors not easy to describe. Real good. This Scaldis ale went pretty well with the cigar once it warmed up a little.
  12. PLPC TOS FEB 17, FOH PSP - This box has been pretty damn good. Caught a couple fish, leaves are changing... nice afternoon. Connie 1 BRE MAR 19, FOH PSP - Second from this box. Kept it in the 62 rh container for weeks, did a world of good compared to the first one.
  13. PL Panetela UBM ABR 18. These are often really good, other times they are like this one -- mediocre. RyJ Cazadores from 2019. Also mediocre, may need a few years to come around. This may be the closest CC to a Nicaraguan stick that I've had. Partagas Short UER MAR 19. Always good, right? Typical Partagas flavors. H Upmann Connie A BRE JUL 19. Third from this FOH clearance box from last fall. The first two were disappointing, but not this one -- great draw, perfect construction, mild unit it kicked up a bit in the final third, lots of shortbread, citrus, creamy... yes yes yes.
  14. Boli PC BRE SEP 18, and a D4 BUP ABR 19, both excellent!

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