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  1. Weekend smokes. Trinidad Reyes ARS FEB 18 and Rafael Gonzalez Petit Corona LAU ABR 17
  2. I also grabbed an NC tonight. I’m trying to smoke an NC every 4 or 5 sticks just to make sure I’m not getting too myopic with my choices. Honestly, a little disappointed. I got some dark chocolate and sweet tobacco, but it ended up pretty run-of-the-mill overall. Never would have guessed the price based on the flavor.
  3. It’s like a scene from a Guy Ritchie movie😅
  4. American Beauty is a legitimately great album and should be played more.
  5. Fare you well....🌹Sparked up a El Principe tonight. Appropriately tasted like rose water.
  6. Rich is a perfect description. Like a flourless chocolate cake.
  7. I picked these BCJs up in Havana. I have smoked 8 sticks already. There seem to be two distinct smokes in this box. One is full bodied with lots of leather and nuts. The other is more medium bodied with chocolate flavors. This one was one of the latter. Started out with a lot of cocoa and sweet tobacco. The sweetness stayed but flavors moved to more of a syrupy molasses. On the last half a cake-y maltiness emerged along with a nice bright “twang”. The entire stick was decidedly medium-bodied and no discomfort doing regular retrohales. I had to do one minor touch up, but other than that the draw and burn were spot on. I’m not very confident in grading a smoke, but I’ll call this one an A-. Maybe a 91? These are only a year old, but taste so good I don’t think I will risk letting get too old.
  8. Pig is more versatile, but I really love grilling beef. Cow for me.
  9. Late night NC smoke. A little harsher than I expected. I enjoy other Davidoffs better.
  10. PLPC LGR FEB 18. Nice brown sugar sweetness and some slightly floral notes in the beginning turning more woody about half way through. Nice smoke, overall.

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