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  1. How do they compare to the du Depute as far a flavor goes?
  2. My recent smokes. I’ve been having problems with runners on the wrapper lately. Maybe the weather? Been smoking outside in the mid 30’s (Fahrenheit). Or maybe, just lighting them too fast? Either way, all but one were tasty smokes, especially the PLPC, which isn’t always the case for me. The Vigia was a letdown. It was super light in the palm and obviously under-filled. Major canoeing and terrible too-loose draw. This was a blind buy from another vendor. Definitely only looking for these on 24:24 for future buys. PSD4 SOM MAR 16 Partagas Short UER MAY 18 PLPC LGR FEB 18 El Principe LGR MAY 18 Vigia ARS MAY 18
  3. Siglo I APG ABR 19. My first smoke in a couple weeks due to a sinus infection and then some crappy weather. Figured a perla was a good option for a chilly evening. Slightly tight, but adequate draw. Medium body, lots of sweetness and vanilla creaminess. Definitely an enjoyable young smoke.
  4. I picked up a tenner of these in Havana in June. Figured it was time to take one for a spin. Cold draw was cloves and nutmeg. The stick felt hard as a rock and it definitely showed up in the draw. Early on there was some cream, maltiness, spice, and lots of sweetness. Mild-to-body. Draw was just barely manageable for the first quarter, but soon required a couple pokes from the perfecdraw. About half-way through the smoke got a little heavier and the sweetness almost completely took over with some woodiness coming through. At this point, it almost tasted like a PLPC. I made it 2/3 way through and began to get some jaw fatigue from the hard pulls and decided to pack it in. Overall, nice classic Cuban flavors but nothing exceptional from this particular stick. Poor draw deducts some points, too. I’ll give it an 85.
  5. How much flavor does the barrel aging impart on these?
  6. We fly to Nice every couple years, usually through Montreal. This could be a nice alternative.
  7. Foundation Highclere Castle. Curious if the blenders were going for a QDO Corona Claro vibe, as had some similarities. Either way, decent mild NC. Although needed the perfecdraw for it, so maybe they were trying to imitate a Cuban ?
  8. Agree with much of the previous. I’ll ad Aja to the mix. Perfect late 70’s production. Every song on the album is filler All killer...
  9. HUHC UTL AGO 18. Really nice flavors here. Spice and marzipan creaminess. Just a touch of wood and some anise about half way through. My only complaint is the draw always seems to suffer towards the end. Think I might be smoking them too quickly.
  10. Mid century modern furniture and decor. I like scouring antique stores and craigslist and have found a few killer deals over the years. Although , it’s a functional collection so more focused on aesthetics vs. value/collectibility.
  11. Punch Punch REG ENE 19. First one from this box after a few weeks in the humidor. Pleasant, but nothing special. Lots of wood with some floral sweetness and green tea bitterness. Got a little more complex after the first 1/3, but gave up after about the 1/2 way point. Draw and burn started becoming a distraction. I will forget about the rest until next year.
  12. Two days off the truck and young, APG ABR 19. Had a definite barnyard funk that was really enjoyable.
  13. I have some RGPC’s same date code. Some so-so generic and ashy, some similar to Montecristo #4. It’s about 50/50 so far.
  14. Weekend smokes. Trinidad Reyes ARS FEB 18 and Rafael Gonzalez Petit Corona LAU ABR 17
  15. I also grabbed an NC tonight. I’m trying to smoke an NC every 4 or 5 sticks just to make sure I’m not getting too myopic with my choices. Honestly, a little disappointed. I got some dark chocolate and sweet tobacco, but it ended up pretty run-of-the-mill overall. Never would have guessed the price based on the flavor.
  16. American Beauty is a legitimately great album and should be played more.

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