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  1. My regular stick before I found our host. Have 15 or so aging now including some tubos. Waiting to see how they develop w some age. Hard to pass up at $5/ stick
  2. Great to see more Diplomaticos was just short the last go around. Maybe I’ll be fast enough when these pop up
  3. Thanks. Regrettably it sounds like things have not changed much. I will be stopping to top my tank off. I have almost enough range on a full tank to make it to TO AND back to the states without needing to buy much more than a few gallons of insurance. Unfortunately no extra time to hit anything fun when I’m in TO. MIGHT try to stay at a hotel near my aunt/st Lawrence market to pick up some food early Sunday morning while the rest of my passengers sleep. But that’s about it.
  4. Still a noob here,so perhaps my staple list reflects a best of list but here goes: Boli PC RASC Party Shorts BBF Party D4
  5. Making a pilgrimage to see family for a very quick visit in Toronto in a few weeks. I will be driving for a host of reasons and will be heading over via the Ambassador Bridge from Detroit to Windsor. Wondering if the duty free there is worth a visit for cigars? I will have a Canadian passport in the car as they say, so in theory can purchase whatever is for sale. Is this stop worth the effort other than topping off my gas tank w some tax free gas? Thanks
  6. I have a Coleman extreme that is now almost full. I had the cooler and used it for camping for years. The difference between it and other models is the amount of insulation which really isn’t relevant for Coolidor. The issue here is the seal, and mine has been great. I picked up a number of hydrometers off of eBay. With a pound of 65% heartfelt beads my Coolidor is rock solid at 65% regardless of wet cigars or dry cigars coming in. Hydrometer next to the Coolidor showed 38% yesterday so I know things are working. if you dig a little on this forum there is a lot of info on setting up a Coolidor with beads and/Bovedas. Just use something that works both ways and know how to “charge” them if needed. as for the cooler, go as large and as square an interior as you can. Play some Tetris to get things squared away. one other point - humidity will settle over time. I have hydrometers at different levels on my Coolidor just to see. So far my every few week entry has kept no variation. I have heard of those who put RV fridge fans in coolers to ensure a consistent rh. I’m far from that spot.
  7. As a noob with a few boxes in storage in my Coolidor bare I have to ask. What is the benefit of the individual wrap? Does that keep other cigars from influencing flavor?
  8. Leaves are coming down. Inch of snow forecast for Monday. Had to take down the awning over my cigar smoking location. Rain and snow now will cancel a cigar. Bummer. but a small reward for my efforts.
  9. A very fresh J-O EL. dryboxed for a few days to try one out before the long sleep. Very pleasant and mellow. No Mongrel at all, which was surprising given that these just came off the island. Enjoyable. Will be interesting to see how the complexities develop over time. Hopefully like the other Party E2’s. Time will be my judge. as the weather turns though I believe the shorts and PC will be getting more of the workouts.
  10. That sir will end up as someone’s profile picture of this thread gets some legs
  11. The Chinese are deeper into third world economies deeper than you believe. Just look at the rate at which they are developing ports and look at the onerous terms they require and enforce.
  12. Will there be regular or even 10 boxes of Lusi’s? or a 1/4 on a cab? Looking for less that 50😂
  13. How about some of those vetted and tested RyJ Churchill’s. Looking for the big boys. Coolidor says they are absent.
  14. Here we go. I bet Renegade had the place roaring. One of my favorite reasons to go to a home game (guess we should have also gone to the Chargers game in LA😎). Hope that was fun for you too. We live a solid 5 hours away but try to make it to one game a year. Took my family to the home opener (son’s 21st b day present). Great weekend except the final score. We were watching Ben on the sideline and were wondering why Rudolph was warming up in the first half. That was his last game this year. there are some things you just don’t see on tv Looks like you had a great time. There is a Rocky Patel smoking lounge in the entertainment district next to the field. interesting to see such prominent placement of a cigar bar. I did not make it in w my family though to check it out. Wonder if it might be worth a visit.
  15. Do you have issues lighting torch lighters? bought a quad jetline on eBay w a punch cutter built in for $17. I have also bought three packs of the knockoffs for the same money. All work great for me. they are functionally partially disposable and now it’s no big deal to leave one in the bag I take out for skeet/sporting clays Warming them up in my hands on a cold evening fixed any issues I have had. no demonstrable experience at altitude but very pleased w the lighters I have. If one ends up in a buddy’s pocket, no worries. to the extent there is variation at altitude it would seemingly be with the propane. To my knowledge they all come w similar pressure.

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