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  1. Any more aged BRC? Kills me that I always forget that the Thursday eve 24:24 in the US is at 6:30 ET. missed the BRC and the PC today. I know they are just cigars. but ..... really want to pick up a special box of BRC.
  2. Darn. Wrong day to be late. Missed those BRC aged. just getting into my stride w cc. The BRC are on my must get list after smoking one through the generosity of a member here who was willing to share some aged singles. Slowly getting the Coolidor stocked but oh, aged BRC. Any change more may be coming out in the future?
  3. I’m new as well (not quite two months in) I’m sure I would enjoy participating or at least reading up. I have had the considerable benefit of a member here who has been kind to share a number of singles w me as well as point out some cigars I should order. Reading up on the trades will be a huge education as well. I wont be able to participate for a few months but as Chauncey Gardner says “I like to watch”
  4. It looks like there is this one that is 3.7 inches square and then The Big Easy Tobacco co one that is 7 inches. Im meaning towards this design but wondering if the smaller size is enough for two cigars at a time?
  5. Great idea. Will take a look. Do you find it to be tippy at all? also curious if you leave it outside.
  6. It’s been a bit since it has rained here. I was doing some yard work and I had a distinct whiff of cigar ash in a number of places I have recently been smoking my cigars (and flicking my ash into the bushes). I’m trying to keep my wife from complaining too much about the cigars I’ve been smoking and want to contain the ash and the butts. When I'm smoking alone I have a little one cigar aluminum ashtray I picked up off of eBay a few years ago. It works great for one cigar and I can leave it outside for a long time. I tend to invite friends over for cigars and am looking for a decent larger ashtray I can use outside. FWIW glass and ceramics are a no go as I also smoke by my pool and need something that also won’t break into sharp pieces if dropped. So im looking for suggestions on something that can handle four cigars, won’t break and can handle being left in the elements. Yes, the bushes (and my neighbor’s in particular) work well, but in a small attempt to appease my wife, I’d like to try and contain the ash a bit. What do you all recommend/use? thanks in advance!
  7. Bummer. Its been too long since I visited family in Toronto and was looking forward to going to a place like this on my next visit now that I’m getting my CC sea legs. I think my very first Cuban cigar, smoked at a cottage on lake simco when I was maybe 18, was a “house branded Cuban” from Yitz’s deli that my uncle picked up while getting some cold cuts. That was a LOOOONG time ago, but I remember he kept them in the freezer, perhaps to dry them out a bit off topic, but thanks for bringing back a memory of smoking a Cuban with someone who passed away 20 plus years ago
  8. Ha! i have a lot of friends who like good cigars. They seem to be calling me more lately. I am finding some resistance to the siren call of 24:24. Learning a lot by watching what goes first though
  9. As a newbie NC to CC transitioning with the help of a friend here in the forum, I am in the process of trying many of these cigars. Smoking a Partagas PC at the moment. So far, not a bad one I the bunch. I’m hooked. Next step seems to be the slower collecting and partial aging process. This is a very deep hole.
  10. Thanks. When I search more than one word it’s hard to narrow results. Will try google
  11. Is there a tutorial on how to best use the search function?
  12. Chat does not show. I get s spinning thingy. iPhone. Safari thanks for the follow up.

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