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  1. Amazing build build really that pulled two passions together for a lifelong work of art. Congrats to the craftsman and the custodian of the fine piece of woodworking.
  2. @ElJavi76 made me buy some of these on 24:24 last fall I think, maybe last summer. Had one ROTT was ok but not inspiring. Just lit this to watch some Olympics reruns. Serbia v Croatia water polo. So far so good for this stick. Wife just left on a walk and told me to make good decisions. I think I have.
  3. @Deeg You may get a chuckle. When I was a kid we always went to Toronto during winter break to see family. Spent a week at lake simco in January playing cards and drinking w my dad’s childhood friends. The nightly poker game had a few of the Yitz’s private label cigars. PC if I recall correctly. They were kept in the freezer to “keep them fresh”. I was maybe 13. Then 14. Then 15. Etc. Love the Yitz humidor. Swung by a few years ago when I was in TO. Not what it once was unfortunately.
  4. So the question posed was basically “what’s the magic” and the answer seems to be hype/give the people the size they want.
  5. Funny, been looking at a few at some local auction websites as auxiliary ashtrays. She was none too pleased with my Stinky ashtray. Only been married 23 years. She will eventually realize I smoke cigars 😂
  6. Exactly 😂 in reality I was going to smoke a nice stick regardless weather be damned. This was the first time perhaps that humidity really impacted flavors for me, and I live in a very humid place in the summer. Burn issues are another issue but readily manageable. or this could have simply been a crappy stick More 898 stored away to experiment on…
  7. Party 898 from the singles tray. I think it’s 2017. No other info left on that box regrettably Lit the 898 with a new 5 jet lighter turned way down. As an aside the lighter fluid canister I was using to charge the lighter has a leak around the nipple and I think too much fuel and not enough propellant has been making it to the lighter - so the flame is not as vigorous as it could be. Not many flavors on the cold draw. Super humid outside on my covered porch. Floor is done, some painting finished and electrical work to go before the floor gets finished. I still wanted to w
  8. I’m with @BTWheezy. Using oil is a one way street for finishes and can leave the wood darker. Now the ash is a super fine abrasive. … not so sure you will get fast results but there you have it. I might have to tell my wife that I’m smoking cigars for the ashes though. We will see how that goes.
  9. Soon I’ll be on the lookout for a nice box of something May 21. Maybe Coro and whatever else premium I can find to make the month of my son’s college graduation. Issue of course is the drop in production and increase in buyers. But I’m the hunt for something nice I can put away and dip into for significant events in his life over the next 10-20 years. The cigar apocalypse will be in full swing by October when those boxes would usually hit. Will be an interesting hunt. Not a lot of mention of the DCs. Love me some Hoyos or Lusitania these days.
  10. Speedy recovery. I’ll grab a barrel strength something tonight and toast your recovery. Glad you are out and doing better. Scary stuff.
  11. The long skinny sticks always surprise me for the skill in production and amount of time to smoke. Thanks for sharing the review. As I start to round out my collection more, I have been starting to stock up on a box of skinnies here and there to enjoy in 5-10 years. A friend was over recently for a PLMC and called them sinister.

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