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  1. Perhaps my last round of the big dogs until things normalize again in hopefully a year or two. Otherwise this could be my first and last 50 cab of HdM DC. Fingers crossed boxes of 25 still show up from time to time. I’m not that old yet …
  2. First, you can eat off that engine. Looks mighty pretty. Second my tools are mishmash of all sorts of brands. I inherited my dad’s tools which were mostly craftsman. All sorts of other tools from museum quality woodworking tools to single use demolition tools from harbor freight. But if I’m gonna use it more than once I tend to buy quality. Glad I have not matched my MB 107 with MB tools. That would have gotten expensive quickly 😀
  3. Impressive. Glass top for the top drawers a nice touch. Have to ask what this owner felt was worthy of display cigar?
  4. I have a German beer Stein like that. You have to hold your fingers over the holes to get a good sip otherwise it pours all over your shirt.
  5. Following. I’m on the hunt for some additional SLRs after really enjoying the current Regios.
  6. JBWP5RW Gel jun 20 RyJ Churchill US With the win over Costa Rica as well.
  7. Beautiful night. Wife was out w her girlfriends so I thought I’d settle in to watch USvCostaRica soccer. Why not have a stick. Why not go w a Churchill. Heck, why not revisit RyJ, a marca that is somewhat light in my portfolio cigar has a nice light sheen. V cut. Looking over the stick though I found a small split in the wrapper. Uh oh. I was wondering if the split would require me to keep my finger over it or use the band there. Turns out the draw was not impacted at all. The cigar started off with some very thick smoke and boy was it a cherry bomb. Those flavors leveled off towards
  8. Wait what? This is how I find out about Uncle Ken?
  9. In the Pre Covid world I used to go at least once a year. My favorite show remains gaming at a table at a nice Casino of the day - say a current Wynn - on a Friday or Saturday night and play the “Hooker or from LA” game. Place Your bets, then send a buddy to start a conversation to find out. Literally never gets old.
  10. Have not dug into enough 20/21 stock to have much shine above quality Cuban stock other than the Regios and the Trin coloniales. I’m still mostly stuck in 2018 and a bit of 19.
  11. Would have fit in easily in the front seat of my 76 eldorado convertible. But that beast was front wheel drive.
  12. Man, I do love a KJ Turkey. I’ve pretty much moved to just making the breast though to give the other chef in the house the benefit of the ceremonial bird for dinner.

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