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  1. Was not a total loss. After the BRC, I went inside and got my sharp two sided cutter. Ended up w a very short robusto 15 min cigar that had a slight chlorine aftertaste. Really should have just let it win and enjoyed the BRC aftertaste for a while. Live and learn.
  2. I had been looking forward to revisiting this box of D4’s. MSU in 19 has been stellar. MSU produced many of the number 1 BBF so perhaps another from MSU to round out the top 5. this example was a clearance box from our host I believe. Wrapper had a nice light complexion with a touch of sheen. I made a deep v cut. Draw was almost perfect. Cigar was on a bit of the lighter end of a tight roll. I had to clean the pool for the long weekend so why not combine the tasks. Well it’s a bad idea? not a touch of mongrel when I fired it up. Time to get the vacuum in the pool. Uh oh. I lost my grip on the hose. Then my cigar drops in the pool. I grabbed it out quickly. Let it dry in the hot sun for 30. Still top heavy. I tried to light w my quad torch. Just would not stay lit. It was very heavy on the end. I tried to loosen the wet head of the cigar and light behind it. No luck. cigar gets chucked. short review and lost gar. on to the next man up for the day. BRC which I am smoking with respect away from the pool. perhaps I will go back to it later today but just don’t see it tasting any good. it’s still a day off work
  3. Had thus discussion last night w a buddy. He smoke 3-4 a week and has 175 sticks. I told him he needed 3-6 more boxes for rotation then a box every now and then. I have 1k. Smoking one a day in warm weather. Less in the winter. With that said I am still collecting while the tobacco is really good. With a new special period starting I am concerned that quality may slip. Worst case for us is lifting the embargo though. Will be hard to find good Cubans for a few years after that at a decent price. but I’m a hoarder and I like variation in what I burn. if course now ship times are longer so patience and planning are key
  4. A very Happy Canada Day 🇨🇦 To our BOTL up North. Enjoy the day with a nice cigar.
  5. BBF. Quickly becoming my favorite cigar. It’s the one I grab when I don’t have anything else in mind as it always satisfies.
  6. All these jaw breakers lately. thought I’d join in w a J O Party E 2. About a year old. Starting like a champ. Moved the home office for a longer haul. Might as well have a big stick.
  7. I can’t even imagine how much crap I would get if I had that delivered. congrats though
  8. Wife went to pick up our groceries. I had a few tasks at hand, including planting two topiaries into some large pots outside our front door. as I was getting started my neighbor across the street sits on his front porch and pulls out a cigar. I smell the allure while addressing the freaking topiaries. I move quickly, and reward myself w a RASC that I figure will finish about when he is done w his Davidoff. what do they say, timing is everything. This box of RASC has turned into a bit of a favorite. Down to about 7 left. Opened it in sept. welL constructed as all of the stick from this box have been. Tight but easy draw at cold. I opted for my standard v cut. I light the cigar poorly as pictured below as I walk over to catch up w my neighbor. taste is as expected. Starts a bit fruity and settles into a classic RASC. More fruit and in to a touch of earth. I can’t say there was a ton of development over the course of the stick. But I was distracted. Lots to talk about his fence line dispute. I still like these cigars. Will be on the lookout for another box soon.
  9. I have a nephew who is a PhD medical economist. He spends his days digging through medical claims info and looking at others who make various types of trend projections for all sorts of things so hospitals can plan (demand for cancer centers, heart centers etc for given region/population) It’s a relatively small community of academics and they all get known for making various types of assumptions and the quality of their work Had a chat w him on Sunday about how college will look in the fall for my kids. He gave me a data dump as well as links to sources that aggregate projections on all sorts of things. Data is the key here, along w behavior. Neither look good for the US or for my kids having in person classes until Thanksgiving. Pretty much all reputable projections see a large spike in the US in Oct or Nov unless there is an effective vaccine that is widely distributed or a much higher application of social distancing AND mask use. Mask use in the US is still below 40% Nationwide, I would be very skeptical that broad based travel will be allowed from the US even if we could go. Border to Canada and I believe Mexico are still closed to leisure travel. The virus continues to spread here. I have to wonder if Cuba would ban US citizens. While they need our money, they can’t handle a widespread pandemic. sorry to speak truth to power here guys. I was really hoping to go myself w a buddy here, but I just don’t see that happening. Frankly the discussion I had w my nephew put me in quite a funk.
  10. Me too but my last 17 there are more cigars
  11. Trying something new. Bought four 10 stick boxes of Monte PE frankly to give three as gifts and smoke one. never had one until right now. GOS MAY 18. Just fired but man what a rich Complex aftertaste. And ROTT. I may pick some more up. If these can only get better w 30 days rest, I’m a believer. These bigger ring gauges are kinda nice sometimes
  12. Dunno. Just ordered some this week. Doubt they will last particularly long though
  13. There are some things keeping a spreadsheet on all cigar purchases do well for me, and that’s seeing trends in prices. Do I see increases on some of the cigars I like. Yes I do. Some like the BBF have had a great year in terms of quality and popularity. Prices are up a tad on those for me at least. Other cigars I like are flat or specials can be had for the patient. But watch you Monday and Friday 24:24. Still some values to be had there. Set an alarm.

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