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  1. My first RAG. A real treat. Football games to be determined.
  2. Every year (before COVID) I went to vegas w buddies to gamble on March madness. One year maybe five years ago I hosted the communal hotel suite w a buddy. We both got blue crushed velvet blazers as part of our loungewear. They were quite the hit in the casino floor and did the job of keeping the smell of cigars at bay. and yes @El Presidenteat roughly $70 us delivered to my home quite the value for full length. Probably more appreciated by my wife that the blaze orange insulated bib overall and hunting jacket in use in the winter.
  3. So I do love a good “Le Smoking” as they say in France. AliExpress now has full length options. Better than my crushed velvet blazer. I may have found presents for my buddies
  4. Mag 46. Upstairs humi was running a bit above target and the burn started unevenly but straighten out. Such a nice cigar.
  5. There was also discussion of calling it peepee kitty. My daughter has a stuffed cat doll when she was little tgat she she dropped in the toilet. It was one of her favorites. We called it peepee kitty thereafter. Oddly the same colors.
  6. Hoyo DC is at the top of my list right now. Who knows when or where they will pop up but ya never know. I am finally ready to buy a box of sir Winston if they can be found. Hope I’ll like em, if not they would seem ready for a box split.
  7. Tried Ash at dinner tonight. Was told it didn’t fit the cat’s personality. Might need to hold this one back until after the kids go back to college in a month or so.
  8. Esmerelda or Essie seem to be taking the lead for now. Unclear when the household will reach a consensus.
  9. keep em coming. Some great ideas. My past cats have all seemed to step into a name that suited their personality. This one remains a bit of an enigma so far, but then again it may emerge soon enough.
  10. We have adopted a female cat that looks like it has some Russian Blue heritage. Naming has been a challenging endeavor for the family. My wife, who dislikes cigars, asked if I had any cigar related name suggestion the cat? Smoke seems like an option but won’t likely get much traction as it is not “subtle” enough. Wondering if there are any suggestions, perhaps related to a Marca?. This will be an outdoor/indoor cat, so the cat will be smoking cigars w me for quite some time.
  11. A party pc especials w some party wings on the grill.
  12. Sorry I missed it gents. My son and I started watching the Mandalorian yesterday and frankly I lost track of time. Looking forward to jumping on another call soon. Happy New Year to all

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