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  1. Looks great. You are making some serious progress.
  2. Had to see what the fuss was about. Aug or sept 20 box. Arrived 33 days ago. Wife is out of town. Second cigar of the day, and by far the most interesting halfway done. Some interesting juxtapositions in this cigar. Sweet fruitiness with leather overtones. And a bit of a surprise nicotine hit, but that could be my allergies hitting me. I was frankly in a bit of a cigar rut, and the flavors on this really just yanked me straight out. Thinking of getting another box while they can be found. Curious though to hear from those who have smoked aged versions - do the aged versions
  3. Funny, I have a 19 and 20 box and neither seemed quite ready. The 18’s I had been smoking were awesome. Of to a longer term storage box they went last weekend. Might revisit late this summer. Fond memories of these sticks. Buddy game me one several years ago. Was my introduction to FOH. Ordered tgat box of 18’s from our host the following week. Too bad that box is done.
  4. I have kept a spreadsheet of every cc purchase I made for the last 600 days. Had some time over the weekend and inventoried what I still have. Been smoking/giving away on average a little over 5 sticks a week, with higher consumption in the summer. So a box a month. I have a 7-8 year supply on hand. I am trying to limit my purchases since January to one box a month. Still averaging about three due to great deals or special boxes. Will try to slow down. Or I’ll buy another cooler. Probably the latter. Will focus more though on the special boxes I want like sir winnies or Hoyo dc, the stuff t
  5. Amen brother. we are indeed fortunate. Daughter is home from college in Nashville (no power, tree on house they are renting, seemed to be a good time to come home). She got her hair cut for the first time in forever. Hairdresser lost two in her family to Covid. Unfortunately a conversation we may hear more as we (or at least I after my second shot settles in) wil be hearing. Very fortunate to have a job that I could do from home. Quite a bit to be thankful for over the last year. I have said it before and will say again, this forum has been a great respite over th
  6. Oh I think these are dual purpose. Hollow out the short leg a bit and it becomes a, um, bowl.
  7. Great topic. Appreciate the honesty this group has with each other. I have said it before, but what a great forum. I have stayed in the same industry - law - first at a mid sized firm, then a large firm. After 2.5 years at the large firm I realized that if I didn’t have a massive book of my own business I would always be grinding for someone else. I jumped ship to work for a client managing their law firm work. Been at my current employer for 25 plus years. Boring from a story perspective but I really enjoy my work. I do want to thank all that have contributed to this thread though. My s
  8. Been smoking these and enjoying them quite a bit. Are they a one trick pony. Kinda. Deep creamy cherry flavors. Pure joy though. No need for too many flavor pivots for me with this stick. this review is really about the ash. This was my first attempt to get a long ash. finally broke the ash when I had to get up. Was watching the ncaa basketball tournament and the wind outside was picking up. very crisp burn. No touch up and even throughout.
  9. Nice review. Was waiting for your house cigar review.
  10. Another day of basketball yesterday and another great cigar. A 2016 Hoyo DC I picked up as a single. My first. Another really great cigar start to finish. A solid two hour smoke. Glad I have a 2020 box now in the aging Coolidor that I might peek at next year. this Cuban cigar thing is a deep hole.
  11. With a few short interruptions for some other favorites this weeks exercise ended up being a tour of my 46 RG sticks: Mag46, Epi1; siglo IV and now the JL1. Before you ask my favorite let me say this is my favorite size cigar apparently next to the PC. These cigars are like my kids. Each exceptional in their own ways that I love faithfully. Each has their differences but each shines in their particular skills. I can’t quite articulate why I reach for one cigar over the other other than some innate itch that the cigar will scratch. This 2017 JL1 oddly started w a bit of a bi
  12. It’s funny but whatever has been hitting the market for the last few years has been getting great reviews 18,19 and now 20. Quite a run and my bank account has taken quite a hit in production sticks. I keep telling myself future purchases only for special boxes. Then “oh my god, only half a box of Boli CJ” or only 1 1/2 boxes of Epi 1’s. That was this morning. I’m closing in on having enough cigars to ride out a long bad spell and still not need to buy anything. in truth I’ll need to buy another cooler soon. And then another. Even if prices were to stay flat (curious if when if the po
  13. Sig IV from a gift pack from our gracious host. Unknown code. My first of the vitola, following on the heels of an EPI 1 yesterday. Man, right out of the shoot some pretty intense honey and barnyard like I have not tasted before. Lighter smoke yet very satisfying. Very tasty. Been stored at 65/65 for quite some time. Draw was tight but no need for adjustment. Probably would have benefited from a touch of dry boxing. I had been saving this for a special occasion. Today was the first day I was eligible for a jab where I live and my lovely wife got me an 8:20 am appt. one ye
  14. Don’t forget the JL1. My favorite size. Well supplied except the epi1. Waiting on a good sale.

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