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  1. GOS SEP 18 Monte Petit Tubos (#4) Opened the box from the postman, and I waited all of 30 min before trying one of these. The review weekend was the push I needed. I have not smoked many tubos but those that I have smoked I have really enjoyed. Monte 4 has been hit or miss for me. Still aging a PSP box from our host. Let’s see if these are a hit or giveaways. Maybe both? V cut reveals a very smooth draw. Wrapper on inspection has plenty of imperfections and dare I say a small crack. Uh oh Lighting revealed a wonderful first third. Immediate notes of creamed coffee. Almost toffee but not quite caramel. Smoke is thick. Hard to describe but the flavors seem rounded in a good way with a woody aftertaste. Monte chocolate intensifies as the second third comes in the horizon. Those flavors intensify with a bit of mint. Like a fine chocolate bar. Then a touch of hay out of nowhere. It’s barnyard mint chocolate now I guess. But the flavors compliment each other well. I had to jump on a work call for the final third. Mint turned a bit peppery. I did not have time to focus on the cigar flavors but thoroughly enjoyable. I nubed it. I did not check Rh w my new gizmo but I’d bet 69 or so. Burn was a bit uneven. Have a buddy who turns 50 this weekend. He did not Want to see folks given the pandemic. Wife was about to leave w a Vice package I made for him of a 200ml of Peerless Rye and a fiver of some of my favorite CC. Dropped one of these in the bag as well. Being 50 should be fun and tasty. These are easy to smoke and easy to give away to good friends. A solid 92.
  2. Reminds me of a German beer mug my aunt gave me. The test is you have to put your fingers on a bunch of holes on the stein to cover them up otherwise the beer will dribble all over you. Quite a few surprises actually Thinking about sending her this listing
  3. It was 50 degrees this am. Starting the process of closing my pool today. Nice party PC as I did my work. These Especials are growing on me. Was inspired to revisit the box after @JohnS recent pc summary review.
  4. That’s great thanks. added to my phones favorite photos so it will always be at the ready. Maybe it was me, but I could not find a good clear image off of google images. Y’all better get ready for me upping my reviews 😂
  5. Really interesting wheel Mike. If you get a second, could you take another photo straight on the wheel? There are a few shadows that make it hard for my old eyes (or really my old glasses). I’d love to have a good screen grab in my favorite photos. Helpful wheel to get you thinking about flavors and I always have my phone nearby. Love the “dust” flavor descriptor Among others. Lotta subsets there if you think about it - grandma’s dusty house, workshop dust, drywall dust etc. A bullshitters paradise 😂
  6. Where have these been all my life. Holy cow, second stick from a box I received two weeks ago and wow. I need more. Three years old and whammo. Flavors just keep evolving and improving. Thinking hard about really going deep here. Approaching the level of admiration I have for the MSU BBF’s. Thinking @rcarlson might be a step ahead of me already
  7. Funny, I split a box of PSP Dil 2’s w a buddy about six months ago. and was thinking of pulling one out. Think I’ll wait another 6-12 months of rest before pulling one out now.
  8. Congrats. Now that just has to hold for at least six months 🏅🥂
  9. So I received one as a gift and have been playing w it for a few days. Fun toy. Agree w what has been said above that the readings at the foot tend to be lower, likely due to the open air impacting the reading. I also wonder if smaller rug trend lower on the open end. the cap has been more consistent. Of course I only will put the prongs in before I smoke or put aside to smoke soon. Don’t want to get freaked out later about beetles. it is helpful to get an idea of condition of you packages when they arrive, as a low reading would certainly make me wait to smoke one ROTT much like a really high reading might. it will take some time but over the course of several months I should get an idea of the reading I should be looking for in the open end. Call it an adjustment factor. Call it a personal calibration. But I’ll figure out the range that it reads when sticks come out of 65/68deg storage. I am also tinkering w a large 62rh boveda in one of my humidors so perhaps some charting from the coolidor at 65 might be interesting. for me it’s another reference point to help identify when cigars smoke best for me. Worth my time for sure.
  10. From my mother in law a few months after my in laws returned from a trip to Cuba in 18 w a box of Epi Especials for me.
  11. Ya know, cigar was nice, but had more rough edges than I look for in a smoke. Perhaps these just need more time down. If these pop up on clearance Monday at the right price, I would buy a box and put the Cazzies away for a few years.
  12. Gonna try a Cazzie after letting the 24:24 sixer rest for just a bit. No box code but 2019. love the rg and the length. Now do I also love the cigar. We will see

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