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  1. Conference Championship Football game. Stormed the field. My son pointed out that the ice on the ground was where Fickell got his Gatorade dump. College football can be a ton of fun. A great year to have season tickets and go on a Road trip to Notre Dame to give Kelly his last loss and home loss while at ND. unfortunate that UC will likely play Alabama in the playoffs in Florida.
  2. I’ve been slicing and dicing my collection a bit lately to see where I should be focusing any buying efforts beyond replacing what I’m smoking. I added a column to my CC spreadsheet to denote what I considered my more special regular production sticks. Not the ones I just randomly grab, but something I look forward to smoking or consider a more special occasion stick based on price or availability. Right now that’s most things cohiba for me, Hoyo DC, Connie A, Party E2, party 898, Sir Winnie’s, some of the trins etc. After slicing and dicing, I realized that of the 7-8 year sup
  3. No photos but early on I once purchased a 10 box of Monte 5 in plastic wrappers on a beach in the DR. What do they say, they did not meet expectations. when I asked if they were real Cubans the guy answered they were real cigars. That should have been a clue 😂 must have been 8 or so years ago. bitter and nasty.
  4. That was an excellent vacation I just took reading the write up amd looking at the pictures. Thanks for investing the time to share.
  5. 21 Regios. Smoked another tonight. Just a great cigar. I know I should keep this to myself so I can get more, but it’s probably better that I don’t buy anymore sticks for a while anyway 😂 so good luck to the rest of you to pick up a box
  6. In my rotation now after I got my first box a few years ago. I’m not much of an RyJ guy, but these hit the spot for me. Enjoy. And if you don’t like ‘em, very easy to trade
  7. Got tired of rain and cold cancellations. Built a covered porch this summer with four large infrared heaters. Already been working the space pretty hard. Why yes, that two hour cigar is perfect for a college basketball game. Just hit the middle of a dip 2 on opening night at halftime Not cold enough though to fire these up tonight though
  8. Drove up and back to Toronto for an aunt’s funeral. Driving into Canada one needed a Canadian passport, your vax card showing full vax and a recent molecular pcr test result. (Rules have changed inthink and US passport works driving over) Line of trucks was easy three miles long at the Ambassador Bridge but cars run right through. On return on Sunday no lines and quick customs. So few cars they didn’t bother collecting the bridge toll. I stopped at the duty free going into the us. In the past the Windsor side had a decent collection of smaller Vitolas from the known Cuban marcas for the
  9. JL2 for me as well. matter of fact, I was thinking of smoking one this afternoon
  10. Well if it holds I’ll have about 175 Cohiba sticks going on BR to trade in for something I like. Gimme a few years though.
  11. I’m with you brother. I don’t smoke many of my cohibas as I have been thinking I would age them to at least the five year mark. I try a different vitola every few months. Still waiting for some real magic. If I don’t find Disneyland in a few years I may be looking for some trades though. Gimme a few more years ….it’s just hard for me to burn a $40 or $50 stick that is just ok.
  12. Funny when I look at my inventory I see that I want to smoke more DC and Churchill’s, but time being what it is the Hermosos No4 and the PC are my go to lately. A few of the 46 rg sticks get mixed in as well. aw hell. I just like them all
  13. All but the really skinny ones get a v cut. Draw has never really been an issue for not cutting enough. Every now and again I use the punch on my lighter. The victorinox is intriguing. Might have to see what ebay has for me.
  14. Perhaps my last round of the big dogs until things normalize again in hopefully a year or two. Otherwise this could be my first and last 50 cab of HdM DC. Fingers crossed boxes of 25 still show up from time to time. I’m not that old yet …
  15. The metric have been the gap fillers for me as well.
  16. First, you can eat off that engine. Looks mighty pretty. Second my tools are mishmash of all sorts of brands. I inherited my dad’s tools which were mostly craftsman. All sorts of other tools from museum quality woodworking tools to single use demolition tools from harbor freight. But if I’m gonna use it more than once I tend to buy quality. Glad I have not matched my MB 107 with MB tools. That would have gotten expensive quickly 😀
  17. Impressive. Glass top for the top drawers a nice touch. Have to ask what this owner felt was worthy of display cigar?

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