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  1. ASR SEP 18 REG ABR 19. These seem to be finally hitting their stride - 4th one from the box, but the first good one.
  2. LGR SEP 19. Subdued stout character compared to the std BBF; dominant oily roasted nut flavor with occasional hints of a floral quality on the aftertaste. I’m liking where these are going. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Holiday weekend selection. We had some gorgeous weather and the cigars weren’t half bad either. ARS AGO 19 Sig IV Padron 50th ‘19 Espy UEB MAY 19 CoRo UAO OCT 19 Media Luna ASR SEP 18 Especiales No 2 Byron Distinguidos 21st Punch 898 - not the peanut bomb I’ve had in previous examples, more along the baking spice line HDM Rio Seco looking a bit ratty, but it smoked well
  4. From the weekend... RAG AGO 19 - these are smoking brilliantly right now. Easily #1 cigar for me. BRE JUL 19 - this was the second from this box and both have been good ?? Bespoke Pony Express LE - they hit out of the park with this one. This and the Traditional Line Cotton Tail are my favorite NC ABO SEP 18 - these are in my top 5 right now UAO OCT 19 Media Luna LGR SEP 19
  5. Some shoemakers I’ve had experience with are linked below. Styles vary between them to a degree, but they are all extremely well made and comfortable on the foot. Custom lasts are a good way to go if you have the access and the time - especially if you have oddly shaped feet or have differences in length. [emoji1303] https://www.ferragamo.com/shop/us/en/men/shoes-1/shoes-tramezza https://www.edwardgreen.com/ https://www.georgecleverley.com/ https://www.gazianogirling.com/ A couple others I don’t have experience with but are known to make great shoes: https://www.saintcrispins.com/ https://www.johnlobb.com/ Cheers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. 2015 Davidoff NYC Downtown These are absolutely ? right now. Just brilliant
  7. Nudies N1 from yesterday With roughly 60 days of rest, the opening and middle third were transitional, interesting, and enjoyable. The final third was heavily tannic and could use some mellowing. I could sense the Partagas influence and overall, a decent smoke. I am interested to see how these develop. RA from the Christmas sampler Gritty earth from beginning to end that reminded me of a Bolivar, a touch of stone fruit here and there, and roasted nut at times. Afternoon walk with the kids. This has quickly become a new routine to help combat the feeling of isolation and cabin fever. Today’s choice:
  8. UTL JUL 19 Opening the box, it’s a deep milk chocolate aroma. Heavenly. Smoking, just shy of two hours of citrus, chocolate, wood, and a touch of cream. I was a little worried that these dark, oily wrappers would present burn issues, but only required a couple of minor touch ups ??. Rest on, my friends.
  9. The Siglo VI. The Ritos is typically really damn good, with a really nice brown sugar type sweetness along with cream, hay, pepper and wood. Well balanced and elegant with some evolution in flavors. This particular example was a little out of balance as it lacked that sweetness and had a bit too much wood. The Siglo VI was mostly everything I look for in a Cohiba. Opening with a light pepper that subsided into cream, a touch of cedar, some nuttiness, and a light earth. The evolution of flavor into a bit more earth and the addition of leather in the second and final third were enough to keep me interested over the couple of hours i spent with it. Thick, lingering smoke with a good aroma, and a razor-sharp burn on this one. Refined and enjoyable.
  10. First ‘warm’, sunny day in a while. Decided to relax. Enjoyed an Atabey Ritos after lunch and a Siglo VI after dinner

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