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  1. Thanks @Colt45. I am considering purchasing a magic chef wine cooler ttokeep temperatures stable, and putting a tupperdor and humidor in it. Something probably unrelated that I noticed with a more recent order of singles is that some cigars arrived drier/wetter than others. Maybe I can solve this with a wine cooler as well.
  2. I ordered some (NC) cigars (26 total) and when they arrived they seemed dry so I put them in the 50ct humidor. The hygrometer stayed at around 62-64F the whole time. It is summer here in the northeast and we only run the AC at night (at 72F). Temps during the day have been as high as 80F. I smoked these cigars each day since they arrived and they began to get better. Then one day, they were soft to the touch and had burn issues, it was hard to draw on them and light them, and even started coming apart at the end that you draw on. How can I get them to the point where they smoked well but keep them from getting bad after that?

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