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  1. Ray, this is interesting stuff, thanks for your effort researching this, and your patience explaining it I was looking into the debates about relative humidity / temp / absolute humidity / moisture content, and found your posts about all this on the forum. I'm more interested in this out of curiosity than finding the perfect setup (I only have a tupperdor at the moment, so fine tuning temps isn't an option anyway). I found some abstracts of papers looking into modeling equilibrium moisture content for tobacco, and it seems that models like BET and GAB are a good fit (example here), but I don't understand the equations (I could probably figure them out eventually, but I've already disappeared way too far down this rabbit-hole already ) and even if I did, there are probably specific values to use for the coefficients that tune the model for tobacco. The one EMC model that I could find a useable equation for is the Hailwood-Horrobin model from the Wikipedia page on EMC, it's tuned for wood, but the numbers seem pretty close to the graph that you showed in your video (see the graph below). Have you found a better model in your digital travels?

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