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  1. Montecristo #4 Perfect draw at cold. First third: beautiful chocolate, cocoa, cream and light cedar flavors, this is going to be a good one. Got the ash to an inch and a half before it giving me a Cuban hug falling on my lap. Delicious, flavors picked up a bit in strength, solid medium body. Second third: next ash holding up very well, the longest I’ve ever had for a Monte #4. Tasting and smoking great. Few minor touch ups needed to keep things even as it is a bit windy by the beach. Final third: luckily I saw the ash slightly detach and wobble at ar
  2. Nice open cold draw of earthy hazzelnut. 1st Third: great start of light hazzelnut latte with earth and that Nicaraguan sweetness. I’ve been able to get the ash pretty long on these, but am outside on the roof today so anything can happen. Medium-light in flavor and body. Pairing coffee mixed with hazzelnut creamer. Fave morning pairing outside a classic Monte or PL-anything. 2nd Third: just when I thought I was off to a great start...a little gust of wind beheaded the first ash at a bit over an inch. Good thing this thing can regenerate extremities like an Iguana. It’s
  3. Picked this up through the Christmas sampler, RAT JUN 20. Cold draw: wind tunnel, which I don’t hate with light cocoa and leather. Have never had one I liked since I started smoking Cubans in the last couple years, all from different boxes and mostly youngish. Very light in weight, weighs less than most of my Monte #1’s. Let’s see how this goes. 1st third: Woah, lots of thick smoke, nice cocoa and hay flavors to start with a bit of cedar and leather. I like what I’m tasting so far, it’s like they removed all the filler tobacco from these compared to other ones I’ve smoked, going to try
  4. 2nd of the Christmas sampler lot. 1st thing I notice on this stick is the delicious looking wrapper and compared against some older Trinidads it really sticks out like a sore thumb in a good way. Setting the tone early, I know this is going to be fun to smoke. 1st third: Very nice open, almonds, leather, butter. Lots of thicker smoke output, solid draw, very smooth, great start. Forming into toasted buttered sourdough with almonds sprinkled on top, straight mid-bodied. 2nd third: Ash holds on for a long time, turns more leathery than butter, still smooth with a hint of
  5. Cold draw: punch cut, wide open draw just the way I like it, with hints of leather and spice. Conditions tonight outside are dry (16% humidity), windy and warm (74F). 1st third: Very interesting open, chocolate flavors mixed with a bouquet of light spices, light-medium in body. I immediately think if Monte #4 and Juan Lopez #2 had a baby it would be a Maduro #1. This is the 1st Partagas maduro stick for me of the line and I'm the opposite of a Partagas fan, but this is palatable for me and even enjoyable, a pleasant surprise. Razor sharp burn, very white ash, super easy to draw,

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