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  1. MSA FEB 2019 lusi, who said double Coronas were mild? 2.5 hour powerhouse of a smoke. Will let these rest for another year before I sample another from the box
  2. Loving this thread! Great stuff from @Bijan and @Habana Mike for making it possible
  3. 2020 media luna is the best cigar I have had this month. 2020 Coloniales was the best cigar I had in July. Can't go wrong with trini right now
  4. For sure and then those cigars that weren't asked for will be used as trade bait or profit. Continual cycle of exploiting generosity and pleading ignorance to justify it
  5. You started a thread this week asking for cigar boxes and then turned down an offer because you didn’t want to pay $20 for shipping. Seems pretty clear to me you are fishing for bombs. My final 2 cents on the subject as well
  6. It’s pretty disrespectful to profit off of someone’s generosity by coming here to get an appraisal of what they gifted you
  7. Sou March 2020 media Luna. Fortunate to have secured another box last week from our host
  8. AMO March 2016 coro from a recent Bond Roberts win. Delicious smoke
  9. Made it to owl shop tonight, great spot. Glad I had a reservation, this place gets packed on the weekends. Smoking an aged Monte 1 gifted from @GasGuy82 that has been hitting on all cylinders.
  10. Thanks for posting, I’ll be in new haven next week. Will definitely check it out!
  11. 2014 qdo Corona from @Habana Mike box pass. Stunner of a cigar, up in my top 3 smokes of 2021 so far.

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