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  1. I think a propane heater would certainly help. The one that @NSXCIGAR posted might be better suited for outdoor use than mine, but either way the heaters are not that expensive so it’s worth a shot. Propane exchange is at $20 a tank here at lowes
  2. I agree with going the route of propane, the other heaters work well if the temps are comfortably above freezing but in the middle of winter the propane heater is all I use. I get 8-10 hours per tank normally which lasts me a couple weeks, definitely worth it to make it a comfortable experience.
  3. Just tried the Alex 109 and feel pretty similar to your sentiments. Very mediocre experience for me, certainly not worth the cost
  4. Let us know how it is, I just recently got some of his lanceros
  5. Another great bottle from equipo navazos
  6. From the moment I lit it up it had the purest vanilla flavor which intermingled with the classic cohiba honey and hay. Truly a special cigar, made me understand the premium people pay for aged cohiba. I-O!!
  7. 2006 siglo 6 I’ve been waiting for a special occasion to smoke. Turned 31 today so why not? First third in right now and this might just end up being my cigar of 2021
  8. My first Trini topes, Mar July 2020. Starting more mild and complex than all the media Luna I’ve been smoking lately. Trinidad has become my favorite Marca over the last couple years, yet to have a dud from 19/20/21
  9. Dress box for me, but I am beyond happy with the quality of what I received.
  10. SOU mar 2020 media luna, can’t keep my hands off these
  11. Thank you @Ken Gargett for putting me onto these guys, superb stuff to get thanksgiving started

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