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  1. I have a temp controlled unit that I have been experimenting with this for the past 2 months. I had an issue with too much humidity at the bottom and not enough at the top. So I placed two usb powerd fans at the rear, behind the shelves to blow upwards. I originally tried to run them on a timer for 5 min every hour, but that didn’t do the job, so now they run full time. So far I have noticed zero heat difference between top, middle and bottom, but the humidity has stabilized across the board. Cigars still smoke just fine. All loose sticks are in the bottom two drawers and all boxes the rest of the way up.
  2. Hello! I figured it was time to introduce myself. I've been a cigar smoker for about 13 years on and off. Was heavily into it for the first 4 years and then fell off until 2016. I used to smoke mostly non-cc, but now I smoke mostly Cubans. This site was a great resource for my trip to Cuba last year and I’m already planning my next trip when travel opens back up. Something about walking around and smoking while in Cuba that I can’t get enough of! Quarantine has played heck on my cigar consumption.... good thing for relaxing, bad thing for the pocket. I have already had to build a second wineador and about have that one full now as well. Next will be something much larger so that I can start aging more stock. Thanks for having such a great site and I’m looking forward to learning a lot along the way. Completely hooked to the 24:24!!!

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