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  1. My ENE 2019 box smoking really good right now. It's not the best smoke but at the price it's really good and I can't be smoking cohibas everyday.... I would say for that price it's a good smoke!
  2. I have no idea but super duper strong during the last third. No taste of ammonia though... Flavour wise superb
  3. Huge BHK69 sausage 🤪 with Party D4 and ended with Hector Luis lanceros
  4. Started the night with Dinner! Had a huge plate of Rosti along with a Behike69 😛😛 started with the Partagas D4 on the top right corner of the first picture! Ended the night with a Hector Luis lancero plus Dalmore 15. Always a good night with fellow BOTLs
  5. 14 actually means theres a chance it will come out within next 14 24:24 not counting weekends...
  6. JL always remind me of the van houten orange flavoured chocolate I used to eat when I was a kid
  7. This actually sounds interesting
  8. I've been eating overnight oats almost daily for breakfast this is my recipe Old fashioned Oats - whatever amount you want to eat but then again if you wanna shed some kilos, go easy on them. Yogurt - Choose plain unsweetened ones Milk - I prefer using full cream compared to low fat because I find full cream healthier Honey - a little bit of manuka honey for sweetness and taste! Gives you your vitamins,antioxidants and antibacterial properties Fruits - Bananas, Blueberries or whatever fruit that you enjoy eating! Add all the Ingredients except the fruits into a Tupperware or a glass jar, cover the lid and keep it in the refrigerator for one night. Wake up in the morning, make your coffee and take the oats out from the refrigerator. Add in your fruits and enjoy it! Great way to kickstart the day! Even better if you light up a cigar along with it!
  9. 1) Corona, Ammunition regular production, Bushidos part 2 Box of 25 for Corona, Box of 10 for Ammunition 50 cab for bushidos Stick to same band and box design Gingerbread creamy nutmeg latte toffee

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