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  1. It's the same story over and over again whereby you have the roller selling backdoor from the factory and BHKs are being offered to you. The person selling is quite reputable but the story seems fake! All the sticks come without boxes and are mixed like a year old stick and fresh stick. So to the photos and your verdict guys....
  2. Met up with the lads for a smoke! One of the bros actually gave each of us a Hoyo 2004 LE. Took a short but good smoke break and back to studying for my exams on Monday! Enjoy your weekends!
  3. Got this from the FOH Aged program RYJ Churchills didn't realised until I was packing my humidor because it was full. Is this a beetle hole or just damage? I put it into the freezer immediately and checked all my other cigars. Only this stick has a hole.
  4. Limitada Night in Singapore! Enjoy your weekend boys!
  5. As the title, how do you keep track of what you've smoked in your life.

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