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  1. When I first started, I made my notes in a nice journal. I still enjoy pulling it out and seeing what I was excited about back then. Lots of NC struggles until I figured out what I liked from a cigar. Being an accountant by trade, I now keep my notes in Excel. But I like to have things organized and I only jot notes down for a cigar which is a standout. The average or below-par smokes don't make it in there. And I use it as a reference for future buying, usually figuring out if something is box worthy or just get a couple of singles.
  2. The Padilla Miami 8&11 is a truly fantastic smoke! I had my last one about a year ago and ever since I have been depressed over never having that blend again. With Padilla finishing up the new factory, I hope we get some new sticks that are on par with that one. It was a real sleeper too, a bunch of my smoking buddies never gave it a shot and missed out. I'm always trying to find a dusty box on a B&M back shelf. That would be a score.
  3. Top NC's in rotation now: - Illusione Epernay - Illusione Haut 10 - RoMa Craft Neanderthal (this is a powerhouse but very flavorful) - The T maduro by AJ Fernandez, Matt Booth, and Robert Caldwell. I'm a big Room 101 fan (Booth) and this collab is fantastic. Don't sleep on this one, its a great stick. - Joy De Nicaragua Silver - great cigar at a low price. Beautiful box press and they have all smoked well with lots of smoke and a great burn - Sin Compromiso by Steve Saka (Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust) - Southern Draw Cedrus - Try anything from Southern Draw if you get the chance. I have never been disappointed and this one is a standout
  4. Orcas are the bullies of the ocean. There was drone footage of a pod of Orcas attacking a blue whale off the coast of California just for the hell of it. I'm glad the otter used his lifeline and jumped on the boat. Very smart.
  5. @eldude Nice! I am waiting for some Lusi's to come back around myself. Gorgeous looking sticks
  6. x2. This is what I do for my (small) stash of tubos. After I receive them, I take them out and inspect them I either 1) put them back into tubo without the cap and let them acclimate to whichever humi I put them in OR 2) I put them in my humi I have for loose sticks, and put them in a dedicated tray to acclimate. I usually let any cigar(s) I get sit in a humidor for at least 6 weeks (figuring 1% rh change per week and I assume all sticks I order/buy are wet). No, I am not an overly patient person but when it comes to cigars and whisky, I will wait a long time to achieve what I think will have the best result. After they sit for the 6 weeks, I will reattach the caps and they hang out until they get lucky and selected for their final smoke.
  7. Another endorsement for the PerfecDraw! I didn't think I needed one but after a couple of plugged Montes and a dear departed Hoyo I had been aging, I decided to take the plunge and find out if the little tool could help. It paid for itself within a week. I had three different plugs all in the same box of Monte 2's. The tool fixed it up and I didn't punch out of the side of the cigar which I was worried about. It was a bit disconcerting at first to jam a sharp instrument in one of my cigars but if its plugged and near unsmokeable, than what do you have to lose? I bought another one to put in my travel humi.
  8. @Hammer Smokin' Just a quick shout out for having John Candy/Uncle Buck as your avatar 😃One of the last great 80's flicks. Ok, back to music..
  9. Thanks @fokker4me for posting that. Very sad, and even more sad for for what this represents for our cigar community but also NYC as a whole. This pandemic has been life changing for so many, including many of us here on this forum. I hope and pray for better days ahead for all of us. Side note: If Altria will allow it, it still may be possible that the Nat Sherman name/brand can be sold to a new owner at a later date. So maybe it's not curtains just yet for the brand. Although the store location for sure is gone which is terrible. But I will remain optimistic.
  10. Best: - Tom Petty w surprise guest Stevie Nicks at the Berkeley Greek Theater - Robert Plant x 4 (growing up listening to Led Zeppelin and my first concert ever at age 14 was seeing Robert Plant, it set the bar very high for future live music shows. Saw him four times) - Ryan Bingham at Red Rocks. By far my favorite american country/folk/singer-songwriter/rock artist. WORST: By a large margin....sorry Australia and Brisbane: Savage Garden. Got dragged to a show (hey, it was free at least) at Fort Gordon in Georgia. On base entertainment back in the 90's was lacking so this was kind of a big deal then. Savage Garden probably never before or after had so much Army personnel at one of their shows haha. They were as confused as us. Damn, now this song is stuck back in my head. Enjoy, you cannot unhear it.
  11. Hahaha, when I was a youngster just getting into smoking cigars, I bought a bunch of R&J's and Montes and wondered why they made sticks in the Dominican Republic and Cuba. A wise and experienced relative of mine broke the news that 1) I know nothing of cigars and 2) I should ask questions first versus after and maybe get a cigar mentor. After smoking a fake Cohiba shortly thereafter, I finally listened. He was right.
  12. That is a shame, iconic NYC staple. I am hoping they may find a buyer in the next few months, restructure, and keep the name and location going. Fingers crossed but with COVID-19, I fear the worst.
  13. I am really glad no one got killed. He had a shootout with the cops the next day..shaking my head. Clearly the fella had some kind of mental break and needs some help. He's not going to be out of custody for a long time. I feel bad for his family, his kids won't have a father around.
  14. I have a box of 2017 anejo 888's and its a wonderful size for that line. They are aging nicely, still full/full, cinnamon and sweetness, but they've always been kind of one note. Not much of any transitions going on but I think it's one of the better Fuentes.
  15. If he's the dude on the beach at Playa del Carmen, I know that guy! He had other things to sell too but alas, my nose didn't want his stuff either.

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