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  1. Good point and information. The seal they applied does appear to have halogram..
  2. Those things sometimes come with mites. Beware of storing near your other cigars. They can mate, channel and destroy an entire humidor!
  3. So I thought id share this NY Craigslist post of some beautiful looking Robustos Reservas box of 20 for $450! What a bargain! So right off the back, the price sounds too good to be true, the bands appear to be embossed but no halogram featured. Nice looking 3 cap construction though...probably smokable too. As I looked up the serial code to confirm which was of an authentic seal, i found the following description: HSA: 10.8078.02.0610 Descripcion: COHIBA ROBUSTOS SLB-VW-GPSR-M-n-25 So the barcode is linked to a 25ct of Robustos. They're putting more and more quality into fakes. Has to be factory workers leaking these authentic seals. Beware. Hope you all found this as interesting as I did.. Dan
  4. Whats up FOH, im Dan from NYC. Young buck in my 30s (compared to you grandpas here lol) of Cuban/DR decent. Been an enthusiast/smoker for some 5+ years. One of my fav CC is the Trinidad Topes. I have few CC, mostly loose but recently acquired some boxed EL's from 00 & 01 that i cant wait to try and share my experience. I traveled to Cuba in 17' unfort experienced Hurricane Irma, but just fell in love even more with my Cuban side and their cigars. I really went to take my mother who has not seen Cuba in 47 years since she left! I might make another trip very soon with my family and bring more goods to hoard. Thought I share, below is a pic of my little guy admiring my cooler which is now overflown. Future FOH. Look forward to participating in this forum, thanks for having me! Dan
  5. The upper hook on the C should never cross the loop. Another good sign of fake.

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