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  1. I can echo most of what has been mentioned already in the thread. For me dryboxing doesn’t really make much sense because I’m not one to plan out my smokes or have them preselected and scheduled, so I just keep my whole stock at around 62-63% and smoke what I want when I feel like it. Most of my draw and burn issues are a thing of the past with that humidity. You can definitely try dryboxing, but if it’s too much effort as you mentioned, just try dropping your humidity in your main humi, wait a few months, and see where you stand. I suspect you’ll have a similar experience to mine and many others on the forum.
  2. I got this Monte 3 as part of the PCC aged stock that went up on 24:24 at the end of last year. I don’t otherwise have much in the way of aged sticks, so it’s always a pleasure to tuck into one of these. I’m pretty inexperienced as far as reviews go, so I’ll keep this simple. Construction was bang on; draw was a bit tighter than I prefer, but nothing that needed to be corrected. Burn was sharp with no need for touch ups. This cigar wasn’t incredibly complex, but it delivered just what one expects from Montecristo. Strong notes of coffee and unsweetened chocolate throughout. Subtle nuttiness increasing as the smoke progresses. Overall, a very enjoyable smoke: 86/100
  3. Excited to give these a try in the near future, especially after so many great reviews here in the past week. PSP Fonseca #1 - LGR ABR 19
  4. Holy crap! I never win these kind of things. Thanks, guys!!
  5. Love hearing so many positive things about these. I got a box last month and I’m itching to light the first one up relatively soon.
  6. Still hoping these stick around in the long term, but, like you, I’m not confident.
  7. She causes quite a bit of mischief, but she’s a cute little pup.
  8. Forgive my ignorance here, but is that just temporary or are you telling me my dreams are crushed 😂😥
  9. Was lucky enough to score a box of these beauties on 24:24 earlier this month. Just came in and my oh my are they gorgeous. Will need all my willpower to hold off on these for a few months.
  10. I’m just hoping to see the Packers put up a better performance than our previous meeting with the ‘49ers this season [emoji51]
  11. Currently located in Indianapolis, but get up to Chicago pretty frequently. Also looking like I may be relocating to Milwaukee this summer, so I’m interested in such a group.
  12. Any chance of Partagas Maduro #1 coming back up soon? I know they were up last week, but I unfortunately missed them.
  13. Hello all!! I have been a casual cigar smoker for about 8 years and have typically smoked mostly non-Cuban cigars up to this point, my favorites being Padron, Ashton, Arturo Fuente, Oliva, and Davidoff to name a few. My singular foray into Cubans was a Romeo y Julieta I smoked a few years back (not sure exactly what it was as I didn't know much about Cubans at the time and it was a gift from a friend). Despite my limited knowledge at the time, and still today, it was a particularly enjoyable smoke which I remember fondly. I took a bit of a hiatus for the last two years and just recently got my humidor properly seasoned and itching for some sticks to age in it. While doing some looking to decide what I should fill it with, I came upon this fine community by chance 3 days ago and have done little aside from read old posts and reviews since then. I'm eager to learn more and hopefully snag a box or two of some quality sticks to jumpstart my new collection in the coming months. Cheers!

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