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  1. I also probably leave about a third left or just before the band on most of my cigars.
  2. Hoyo San Juan - love these - top 5 cigar for me
  3. Partagás Salomones LCDH - late Christmas gift from my wife!
  4. Rio Seco - UBM FEB 19 and the SNF game. Really enjoy these so I picked up 10 more on 24:24 today.
  5. Following up on this, how come clearance doesn’t receive a specific quality grade? Thanks!
  6. 24:24 from October 3rd - anyone get a box code on this?
  7. It is indeed Mr. Met - the “other” NY baseball team. [emoji3] I’ll tell you what - I haven’t had many No. 2s, but this is the best I’ve had, and although I’m still a novice, one of the best CCs I’ve ever had. Loving it!
  8. Montecristo No. 2 - SUM NOV 15 Montecristo Edmundo - ESO MAY 15 - smoking beautifully

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