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  1. Monte's either hit or they don't, not much middle ground with me. I've got a box of No.4's that are taking up valuable space and could care less about.
  2. I've got a 14' single that needs to be fired up. Love the size and Trini, just haven't smoked a Coloniales yet.
  3. I've had spells like that. I think about it and seems to make it worse. The mind is awfully powerful. Tried heavy food and sugary drinks and nothing seemed to work. In my case, my mind is/can be my worst enemy sometimes.
  4. Nice review! I've had similar experiences, but nothing has blown me a away, with these.
  5. Insulate the garage, propane heater and Milwaukee Tool heated jacket= comfortable garage smoking in Wisconsin
  6. Hong Kong Harbor after returning from the mainland for a work trip. Stopped at the Hyatt(?) which had a LCDH and picked up a Monte 2 and Partagas D 4 and smoked those overlooking the harbor with a fish and chips plater. Had limited Cuban cigar experience, but fell in love with the flavors. I enjoyed the whole cigar, unlike many NC's that get a little too dark for me in the flavor department. Went back to the LCDH and paid loads of money to bring back 5 cigars with me to the states. I loved being able to pick what I wanted in person, versus, buying online.
  7. I've smoked them ROTT and was blown away. More on the way and ill let those rest, while the others will be claimed in the near future.
  8. What an amazing find! Damaged or not, pretty cool.
  9. Ill be honest, if something is packaged nicely, I feel it holds more value, whether it does or not. I design electrical components for AC cooling fans and was asked to create a box that would be sent to customers for sample purposes. The only suggestion given to me was to make it "Apple clean".

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