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  1. It is indeed but these niche productions and their prices tend to drive up regular production prices too
  2. quite standard to see some businesses that were once considered as old fashioned turned into a very lucrative one. Put a "Traditional", "Artisan" or "Luxury" label on it and you can easily drive prices up. Wet Shaving, one of my other hobbies/passion is getting more and more expansive ... Same development as for cigars... Some well established artisans launch some limited editions of their products and can sell them for twice or thrice what it is actually worth because collectors will pay for it or some other ones will buy them to show the world they have it...Welcome to Instagram/facebook/reddit/Yolo.. driven business model...
  3. Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening all depending on where you are... My name is Fabrice, 48, belgian living in Luxembourg who discovered the world of Cigars very recently ( a few months ago). I have been a heavy cigarette smoker for too many years and finally stopped smoking a few years ago. Smoking cigars came naturally as taking some time for myself ( same as for traditional wet shaving, another hobby), enjoying a good quality product... It is my meditation/yoga time and I love it. So far, I have few experiences, tasted a couple of Trinidad, Hoyo, Romeo, Ramon and Diplomaticos + bought but haven't tried a few sticks from Nicaragua and Honduras... This is definitely a passion I want to pursue, having the chance to have a couple of nice cigar shops within minutes from home. So far, no Humidor but Tupperdors, Might invest in the future but first want to discover and experience as many different cigars as possible before settling to a couple of favorites ones... Wish all of you a good day and thank you in advance for the advices and tips I may get from you Fabrice

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