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  1. I really enjoy the Petit Royales. Big fan of the Churchill so naturally fell into the PR. RG Perlas have been on point lately. It depends what flavor profile tickles my fancy. Is there a particular flavor you’re shooting for? Your answer may help narrow down choices from a large pool of short smokes.
  2. 4th of July breakfast Petit Royales. Happy 4th y’all!
  3. Received a 3 pack of Coros for Christmas. Smoked a couple which really shined. Not an edge or bitter note to be found. They were both solid 96 pointers. Glad they were up on 24/24 today. Star of the month for my tastes.
  4. Oldie thread with some newer comments for reference...
  5. On the Way Up In Your Estimation 👆 1. VR Famosos 2. CoRo 3. RJ Petit Royales On The Way Down In Your Estimation 👇 1. Party Shorts 2. Diplo #2 3. Trinidad Reyes
  6. As a young smoker, public opinion has a strong sway in my opinion and purchasing. So many cigar vets have been displeased with the line that it’s tainted my view of them. I find aged cigars intriguing. However, age without a strong history of being a great cigar doesn’t make them any better. The project can be resurrected using strong blends and sizes the masses already love. I’d much rather buy an aged box of Monte 2s than an aged Monte I’ve never heard of. Other members ask “why buy aged when I can age my own?” To answer that question I’d ask the folks buying aged stock on Bond Roberts and go from there. Time and impatience come to mind. Again, I’m young in the cigar world and look to vets for direction on which sticks to get. My tastes are becoming more refined, but until I have a good grasp on what tickles my fancy, I’ll keep leaning on y’alls experience to ensure the best possible smoking experience.
  7. What are we talking about? Too lazy to read original post.
  8. The wife loves lilies. Not only do I try and get her them on her birthday but I randomly bring them home once a month. I can typically get a good deal on them at Costco. Love the flower for each year idea.
  9. Welcome to the forum Clive. I’ve got family down river in Wyandotte. Hope all is well in the mitten!
  10. I’d love for this to come back. It’s a terrific way to track box codes.
  11. Enjoying the beautiful North Texas weather and a Rio Seco while working. Also, thanks for being patient while you’re sitting in a lane closure. Patience truly does make our job easier.
  12. Glad to see Ravi join Bond Roberts. These guys are building something special in the cigar auction industry.
  13. Just got a switch sent to me from my brother in New Mexico...Zelda BotW included. Score man.

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