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  1. I was always really big into fantasy football. However, it was a time suck. This is a terrific alternative. Great idea. In.
  2. Nothing says HDC like the classic HDC band. Aesthetically, I prefer them to the new version.
  3. I wait in order to enjoy The mailman comes, Will it be hoy? he passes along with nothing in hand itll be another day, gray and bland wait! What is this? As I open the door. a box waits, i grab to explore Where could it be from I immediately wondered It was beautifully postmarked from the land down under end
  4. Strong set up. I’d add a Famoso and CoRo. All in all, it’s great having other people to share these great cigars.
  5. The second video seems to be aimed at a younger audience. Beautiful people in their palaces smoking elegant cigars. In the age of social media and thirst to be rich and famous, they nailed it. All I need to do now is smoke one of those magical Ramón Allones No.2s and wait for the transformation to occur {takes puff, winks, and thumbs up}.
  6. "When I hear somebody sigh, 'Life is hard,' I am always tempted to ask, 'Compared to what?" ~Sydney Harris
  7. Been enjoying the cooler North Texas weather. The Mag 54 was terrific.
  8. Horse: What’s your take on 18th Century neoclassical art? Dog: Extremely important to the art movement. It marked a time in art history when artists began imitating Greek and Roman antiquity and the artists of the Renaissance. Woof.
  9. It’s great to see some normalcy being restored to parts of the world. Hope. At the rate we’re going in Texas, Cuba may never let us in.
  10. I thought this lone tree was very “gladiator”
  11. Been doing a ton of traveling across North Texas. Plenty of time to have a smoke.
  12. Thanks for the review. I have a MSU 2019 box that has been terrific. It reminds me of cinnamon swirl bread. This stuff...

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