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  1. I am also right in the thick of it. No smell or taste for 3 1/2 weeks. Thanksgiving was such a bummer. My cigar intake has decreased significantly. If I get the itch, I usually smoke a shorty. I have a fear of having all these great sticks but not being able to taste them ever again. It’s a friggin nightmare. I’m excited and rejuvenated to hear others regain the ability to taste the nuances of a cigar. Onward.
  2. You’d think EL would have the best, most consistent rollers. If that’s the case, I’d want EL boxes to cut down on any duds. Same goes for distribution of quality tobacco.
  3. This world needs more cigar smoking Santas. I love it.
  4. North Texas this morning. The air was crisp and fresh.
  5. Esplendidos It’s hard to beat the quality and consistency
  6. Scored a few singles while on the Isla Mujeres. It’s a little known shop so most of the gems hadn’t been picked over. I was able to pick up a Don Alejandro (box and stick pictured) from 06, a HUPC (only box pictured) from 07, and a LFDC Selectos. I wasn’t able to get the code from the bottom of the Selectos box because of a huge warning sticker. While the prices were quite high, the selection was terrific and majority of sticks carried age. My main worry was bringing them back. I debanded them and came up with an elaborate story of where they came from. Customs didn’t even blink an eye and waved me through.
  7. Connie B today & Punch DC last night It’s been a good trip. Let’s go.
  8. Tropical Storm Eta has stolen half the beaches here in Isla Mujeres...but she hasn’t stopped me from enjoying an Esplendido. Cheers!
  9. My job requires me to walk. Luckily it’s an outdoor construction job. Having a cigar while working is a life hack for me.
  10. Breakfast Reyes. I believe the box code was RAG JUL 19. Delicious man!
  11. This is a massive and important change in monetary policy. Cutting out banks makes many transactions worlds easier. Imagine being able to send any amount of money to anyone in the world instantaneously for a few cents.
  12. I would imagine 80% of cigars are smoked by 20% of cigar smokers. The other 80% of people are extremely casual IE weddings, birthdays, special occasion types.
  13. Consistent Smoking Enjoyment. 1. 2019 CoRo 2. 2018 RASCC 3. 2019 VR Famosos Best value (bang for buck) 1. 2018 RASCC 2. 2018 Party Short 3. 2019 R&J Petit Royales Your best smoking experience of 2020 1. 2019 CoRo 2. 2019 H Upmann Mag 54 3. 2019 VR Famosos

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