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  1. They look beautiful. And totally impractical. I would be afraid to use any of them for their intended purposes.
  2. Do you mean the 1820's, before the invention of the picture?
  3. At least they admit that they are unauthenticated.
  4. Which aficionado thought this was a great idea? If I need something for a nub, toothpicks are pretty inexpensive. And concerns about smelling of smoke....really?
  5. I would be quiet happy to receive one of those from a several of the big 6!
  6. You are not helping me feel confident about my prospects of finding these someday...
  7. I picked up a 6-pack last year and have had a few of them. While HU is probably my favorite line by far, I was unimpressed by the Mag 54s. The ring gauge is just too big for my preference.
  8. Not sure about boxes and boxes, 'cause I am all about sharing the love. But this has been the box that I have never been able to find. The quest continues...
  9. If the BR were to gift me the Sir Winnies, I would be happy to skip the second wish.
  10. Those are either the largest hand tools in the world or you are building a cabinet for the smallest cigar collection ever! Can't wait to see the progress.
  11. I predict it will be slightly out of my price range. But if I needed to put a number on it, I would go $12,900.
  12. I have struggled to see much positive from 2020. The closest I have been able to find are: - a reminder of how vital what I do is. As I watched my students struggle with remote learning for the past 9 months, I was constantly reminded of the important work that we do day in and day out for our students. While the technology that we use can help in this process, it still takes a skilled teacher to make it work. - while I have not been able to spend much time with family and friends, I have been able to spend more time having cocktails on the porch with my wife, which wasn't always possible when we actually had to commute to work.
  13. I need to stop looking at these posts. All of those boxes look amazing and I have no room left in the Tuppadore.
  14. Not to sound repetitive, but I would echo the Sir Winnie request. A fancy lighter would also be great, but likely to get lost.

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