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  1. My budget and wife are very happy that I was late to the party today. The HUPC's looked stunning and have been on my list for a bit now. And the D4's didn't look to shabby either. Congrats to those quick and lucky today.
  2. I can only imagine what Merrill has sounded like calling the games. Might have to mute the national coverage and listen to him on the radio.
  3. This season certainly has not started as expected for my Eagles. I fear that our defense is taking the CDC social distancing guidelines a little too seriously. I am not sure that you need to provide 6 yards of social distance when trying to cover a receiver. And the offense seems a little ugly right now. Might be a long season...
  4. Really wish this was posted last week, so that I would have been reminded that I need to put my picks in. Not that I would have done any better, but one can always hope.
  5. Bell's Brown Ale was the first premium beer I sampled in college. A very long time ago in a little bar in MI. Welcome to FoH!
  6. I have been looking for a quality box of aged Sir Winnies at a reasonable price for a bit now. I bid $5. Just email me when you are ready for my shipping information.
  7. Maybe 15 years. Began smoking cigars in college with several friends. Great social times, sitting outside of the dorm figuring out the world. Then graduation and life got in the way. Missed the whole experience, but didn't have the time or the network to smoke much. Collected a few NC's; smoked very rarely. When my mother-in-law was no longer able to use her football tickets, they got passed to me. Was offered a cigar while tailgating and fell back in love with the leaf. Vacation trip to Barcelona reminded me of just how special Cubans were. I think that my wife and my budget wish we didn't tailgate!
  8. Teacher who re-discovered Cubans while on vacation in Barcelona last year. My small humidor of 20 or so NCs has somehow expanded into a full 100 count humidor and a Tupperware container of CC boxes. Maybe 200 total. With more on the way thanks to the recent 24:24 selections. Oh, and the same 20 or so NCs that suddenly have become much less appealing.
  9. Having never been to the island, I am loving these photos of Cuba. Having never been to the island, I am hating this virus.
  10. Don't really have specific celebration cigars; more what sounds good at the time. Lots of Connie A's and Monte's right now while the rest of the collection rests.
  11. They have not hit the sales floor yet and my budget is already mad at me. They look gorgeous.
  12. Mag 50's in a 10 count box are very affordable when they pop up on 24:24 and are excellent after a month or two to rest after transit. I have a some #2's and Connie 1's that are from 2019 that have been fantastic so far as well.

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