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  1. Email sent. Hope that I am able to get in.Not that I have much chance of getting any of the picks correct, but it will be fun trying.
  2. Wow, T5 for the first week! Watch that number crash in the upcoming weeks. Speaking of that, maybe I should add my picks now while I am thinking about it. And congrats to BigGuns on the win.
  3. Would love to jump in on this. Hope to be fast enough to register so that I can make an utter fool of myself!
  4. Had fun last season. Hope to be better at remembering to get my picks in. Count me in!
  5. As a history teacher, it is infuriating that the textbooks that we use so oversimplify the period leading up to the American Civil War, among many other topics. This amazingly complex time is almost literally oversimplified into 'Lincoln wanted to free the slaves, so the Southern states seceded' and our societal reliance on Wikipedia do not help matters any. My final few weeks of the past school year were spent trying to explain all of the intricacies of early/mid-19th Century American sectional politics to our population of high school students who only seem to know how to locate informatio
  6. I can confidently say that I may be able to get 2, maybe 3 correct. Have had half of the selection, so I feel confident that I might, possibly get 2 correct accidentally. But would love to try and see how bad I fail.
  7. That is some serious quality there, El Pres. I especially like the fact that some of the Davidoffs are pre-cut or punched, making them so much more accessible for the novice smoker. Such a nice touch.
  8. Had not seen this movie in a long time. It was on over the summer and I feared that it would have lost some of its humor. Absolutely loved it again. The wife, not so much!
  9. My grandparents and several aunts and uncles were from Souderton, so I know that corner of Bucks/Montco a bit. Shot me a message if I can ever help with anything.
  10. I remember Swartley's. Not sure that I ever stopped there, but drove past it, talked to people who did. That is definitely a throw-back place. You grow up in north Montco?
  11. It is not very nice of you to tease those of us who are Sir Winnie deficient like that!
  12. An absolutely hysterical series. Just hope that I picked the right one!
  13. I will shamelessly throw my hat into the ring, simply because I have never sampled any of the three cigars you missed sharing over the holidays. If I can help ease this loss in some way by sharing your stash with me, I am happy to help a brother of the leaf out. To help advance my shameless plea, I am including my partner in crime's picture. My constant companion for the past 5 years, he is spoiled rotten. Kinda looks like a Churchill, doesn't it? Can you really say no to that face?

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