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  1. An absolutely hysterical series. Just hope that I picked the right one!
  2. I will shamelessly throw my hat into the ring, simply because I have never sampled any of the three cigars you missed sharing over the holidays. If I can help ease this loss in some way by sharing your stash with me, I am happy to help a brother of the leaf out. To help advance my shameless plea, I am including my partner in crime's picture. My constant companion for the past 5 years, he is spoiled rotten. Kinda looks like a Churchill, doesn't it? Can you really say no to that face?
  3. Welcome from your neighbor in Montco!
  4. Well, there goes that tax refund.... Oh, and the email is already drafted and ready to go, just in case.
  5. I grew up with Golden Retrievers, so when the wife talked about getting a dog, I envisioned a big, hairy, slobbering Golden following me around. So she decided we should get a Maltese. Which has been attached to my hip for the past 5 years.
  6. I went several years- probably five or six- without a cigar while doing graduate work and settling into a new home. Then picked up a box of Monte Dumas in Barcelona while on vacation and was reminded just how much I loved cigars.
  7. About a week for me. Not bad for crossing the Atlantic and moving through New York's facility.
  8. Well, at least I know that I am in good company. Mine also arrived today. Will have to try it out tonight since the weather is almost pleasant here finally.
  9. It say legitimate right on the label. Why would anyone doubt its authenticity?
  10. I have no idea. I am not a poetry fan, hate when I have to teach it. I can confidently say this is not even an educated guess.
  11. Don't remember this line in the 3 movies on the list that I have seen, so kinda narrows down the choices. Unless I don't remember the movies as well as I think that I do, in which case I am probably totally wrong.
  12. Have not read most of them since I was in high school. That may have been a while ago. Just guessing here- I seem to be doing that each week lately.
  13. Probably would help if I actually watched stand-up comics. Pretty much a wild guess here.
  14. They look beautiful. And totally impractical. I would be afraid to use any of them for their intended purposes.

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