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  1. I can relate! For me, I had a cigar or two when I was in college, nothing serious. I remember really liking the Rocky Patel 1990s, lol. What really got me into premium cigars was the first time that Cigar Aficionado did their Top 25 list in 2005. The Siglo VI was #3 on that list and the fact that Cohiba was mentioned in the movie Hotel Rwanda was the reason why I went for the Siglo VI. However, the cigar that I really wanted was the #1 cigar on that list, the Padron 40th Anniversary. I was able to get one at a shop years ago randomly and felt like I just found the last unicorn. After saving it for years, I smoked that a few years ago. It was a good cigar, but nothing too memorable.
  2. You most definitely need a good jingle in your commercial. Please reference this. Man that song has worked its way into my mind way too many times... 1-800-LAW-BOSS.....😵
  3. I started smoking cigars on a regular basis around 2005-7 as I was in my 20s and just started working full time. My first CCs were in 2007 as I dove in head first with a box of Cohiba Siglo VI (OSE JUN 06). I thought I overpaid, spending $500 on 25 cigars! Fast forward to 2019 when I was not really smoking that much (like maybe one a month) for the past seven years due to not having too much spare time outside of family and work. I couldn't believe those Siglo VI have doubled in price! Since I wasn't smoking much, I sold a fiver for $200 with two left. I started picking up the hobby mid 2020 and still have two more of those Siglo VI. Do you have any cigars from when you first started the hobby?
  4. I'm not sure if Heels82 and I are talking about the same, but the other vendor who I mentioned previously with their first attempt at a Mystery Box this year had the following: Top tier ($284) - 2010 Montecristo Open Juniors (20) and Oliva Master Blends 3 (20) Middle tier ($229) - Romeo No. 3 Tubos (25) and AJ Fernandez New World Gobernador (21) Bottom tier ($104) - Quitero Panetelas (25) and Condega Serie F Mini Titanes (10)
  5. It's once a year and always has been. In 2019, they offered two price tiers but at the same time. In 2020 it was the PLPC which sold out in a few hours. This year, even with the number of complaints from the previous year (which I agree with the others are ridiculous) and the botched initial release, they sold out 300 boxes within 10 minutes. So I would say the Mystery Box idea has only become more popular, not less.
  6. The allure is a nice discount on nice sticks, hardly a lottery for the Mystery Box I was referring to. Like I posted earlier, PLPC for $205 and BBF for $220. That's pretty unbeatable no matter where you go.
  7. Yep, you are right. They did two Mystery Boxes in 2019, one for $190 (turned out to be the H. Upmann Mag 54 cab) and one for $130 (turned out to be the Trinidad Vigia). 2018 was $89 (H. Upmann Royal Robusto).
  8. The one I'm talking about is usually a 30-40% discount. Last year was PLPC for $205 and this year was the BBF dress box for $220. I think it was Mag 54 and one of the Trinidads before that. These make no financial sense for the vendor and were basically done as an appreciation for their customers which was why I said in my original post "if we're worthy". I only know of one other Mystery Box which started this year. They had three tiers, but before the reveal, it was already obvious they weren't going to be good. After people started receiving the actual boxes, we found out that the Mystery Box was basically this vendor's way of getting rid of boxes that won't move, for a minimum discount. This is not what I had in mind when I asked. 😀
  9. I am just wondering if we're worthy of an FOH Mystery Box since some other sites are doing this? I'm sure the demand will be through the roof!
  10. This is how they come. If you want to compare, there are pics of 898s in the Your Latest CC Purchase thread.
  11. Now that we are three months into 2021, could we expect a similar list for 2020 @Elpresidente ? Thanks!

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