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  1. This is how they come. If you want to compare, there are pics of 898s in the Your Latest CC Purchase thread.
  2. Beautiful morning, 53°F here in Central Texas!
  3. Now that we are three months into 2021, could we expect a similar list for 2020 @Elpresidente ? Thanks!
  4. I've only had 2 E2s from the same 5-box. Both had fireproof wrappers. If I have to choose between the two right now, I'd pick PSD4.
  5. I've heard there might be other 2020 codes for El Laguito in OER and SOU. Is that possible? Could anyone confirm or condemn this rumor? Thanks!
  6. That Stogie Press article didn't provide any facts that plume exists other than the author claiming it does. Am I missing something? Also, 69-73% RH sounds like a recipe for mold based on personal experience.
  7. Hi everyone, I just renewed my annual fantasy baseball league with some BOTLs on Yahoo. This is a league that has gone back to the old Cigar Aficionado forum days. We use to play for cigars, but to make things easier, the entry fee is $50 that you pay to Yahoo who would then distribute the winnings after the season. We currently have a full 12-team roster, but inadvertently, we do have a few who might drop out each year. If you are interested, please post here and I'll put you on the waiting list. Please review the following before you sign up: League settings: https://baseball.fa
  8. That was my mistake. I don't think any discontinued cigars are misrepresented on the website, just that it is lacking new releases.
  9. I assume these are long-filler robustos as a regular production? Slightly off topic: Is CubanCigarWebsite still being updated? Lot's of new releases and discontinued info missing from the website.
  10. Another vote for LGC Belux Medaille d'Or Especial. 100k production. I hope it won't be too hard or expensive to find?
  11. Awesome, looking forward to see what you can find. The RG Panetela Extras are shortfiller, but according to CCW, the Panetelas were longfiller, at least the ones discontinued on 2006 were, not sure what these current production ones are.
  12. I wish I could say the same, but the one I tried out of my 5-box was terrible; muted flavors and wouldn't stay lit despite dryboxing. That was a few months ago, so maybe time for a revisit.
  13. Hi everyone, Recently, I have seen the Rafael Gonzalez Panetela being offered, but I always thought these were discontinued back in 2006 according to CCW? I thought maybe there was a typo somewhere, but yes, these are the Rafael Gonzalez Panetelas that measure 34RG x 4 5/8inches with 2017-2019 date codes, not to be confused with the Rafael Gonzalez Panetela Extras. Did HSA bring these back or is the info on CCW incorrect? Thanks!
  14. After looking at some BR data, it looks like there were many 2008 and 2010 Sir Winstons, but none with a 2009 date code. We all know Sir Winstons tend to disappear from production for periods at a time (such as now), so perhaps that was a dry period. Of the 2010 box codes, I've seen some where the code was printed on the cardboard and some on the wooden box, so perhaps that's my answer: the stamp transitioned from cardboard box to wooden box sometime in 2010?

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