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  1. I was home alone this weekend. I got to enjoy four cigars in three night which is very rare. I normally smoke about one a week. The cigars I smoked were a 2010 H. Upmann Mag46 from a cab, 2005 Padron 45th (#1 cigar of cA 2005, the magazine that brought me into the world of CCs, so there is sentimental value with this cigar), a late 2000s Partagas Mille Fleur, and finally a 2008 Partagas Lusitania. All four were wonderful smokes!
  2. It's a good way to end the week. PLPC LRG SEP 19.
  3. Does anyone have any more news on the Phoenicia 40? Were they released in Nov. 2019? I find it interesting that Phoenicia normally commissions the largest batches of REs, yet you see very little being sold online. So it must be true they only sell these in B&Ms in their regions?
  4. I find everyday CCs (PLPCs, Mag46s, JLP2s, HdMEpi2s, any PC) are still affordable and haven't changed much in price. What did increase compared to 5-10 years ago are Cohibas, Trinidads, any new release, ELs, REs, DCs, Churchill's, and torpedos/campanas.
  5. There is a poll at the top of the page for tastiest cigars of 2019 that should answer your question. The poll's intent is cigars with 2019 factory codes. Here is the link.
  6. I wonder what conditions these were kept under your friend's dad's possession? If they were humidified, these might still be smokeable, but if not, these are probably purely a collector's item. If they've been underhumidified for years, I doubt a few Boveda packs would help now. Either way, this is a great find and thanks for sharing!
  7. Corona gorda is my favorite as well. I have a great cab of 46s from 2008. Unfortunately, we're down to five regular productions to choose from, not including the RA Superiores.
  8. This is my first purchase in 8.5 years! Looking forward to it.
  9. That must be it. I can't imagine 10 cigars for $695 in 1950s
  10. Thanks for sharing, very cool! Those prices seem pretty high for the 50s!
  11. Yeah man, I don't quite remember the hand, but I do remember feeling bad about it. I hope the storm didn't do too much damage.
  12. Haha, thanks @JoeyBones777. I definitely got lucky catching a 3-outer to knock you out heads up. I was also lucky to knockout thundercl. That's what I call beginner's luck. 😉

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