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  1. Prez, I posted some pictures. Thanks for helping me with my decision. I hope all is well in your part of the world. We are starting to get hit pretty hard. Be safe and godspeed. I will post my tasting notes once I decide to smoke my first one.
  2. Was hard to take a picture of the IR label on the back of the label of the Reserva but its there.
  3. I have never had a Reserva box before. The quality is very nice. The box feels like a miniature humidor it has a nice weight to it the construction is very nice good craftsmanship. The cigars construction is also flawless and they smell great. Thanks for the kind words that helped make my decision.
  4. I plan on smoking one within the next month or so. The others I plan on enjoying with my son, When he hits certain milestones. I will post pictures of them once they arrive and post my finding once I smoke one.
  5. Thanks for the reply, Prez I received alot of feedback and decided to pull the trigger on a box. Should arrive shortly. Thanks Will
  6. Does anyone have experience with the HOYO DE MONTERREY EPICURE NO.2 RESERVA COSECHA 2012? How are they smoking these days? I am a huge fan of the #2 and they happen to be 2012, which is the year of my sons birth. Thank you in advance for your help with this matter.
  7. If interested in joining the South Florida Habanos Connoisseur Club just let me know. I Have been pretty busy but I would love to get this going so we can set up some meets in the future. Thanks Will
  8. Beautiful Haul!!!! Would you recommend FFL over MIA? Whats in the black box on the left? This is a huge haul? I live in the 305
  9. Hey let me know if you see fundaderos or lanceros. Please. Been looking for awhile Thank you
  10. My uncle is traveling with them as well he is coming from jersey. He is flying out of JFK. What has been your experience in the past.
  11. Where you headed? My parents are going on Saturday. Flying in and out of Orlando. Anyone fly to Orlando
  12. Welcome, Very cool I live in miami but go up to Tampa once a month. I visit Davidoff every time such a nice place to grab a drink and enjoy a nice cigar.

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