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  1. I have two SLB CABS in my humidors one 50 CT and one 25 of Epicure #2 one of my Fav Cubans.
  2. What do you guys recommend on the light and creamy side of Cuban Cigars?
  3. That Cohiba label is all wrong. Looks bogus to me....what do you guys think?
  4. @campanas Let me know if a meet happens. That would be cool.
  5. Cohiba Medio Siglo and H. Upmann Propios EL 2018 from La Casa de Habanos Varadero. Also picked up a pipe from the store. Closer Look at the Pipe. Yes the stem is backwards, Pipe Noob. Picture from Casa De Habanos Varadero Show case where I got pipe from.
  6. Sorry Bud. These are fake. The green origin label is on the wrong side of box and thats the wrong label for a 2014 and no box code on the bottom is clear these are Fake. 100%
  7. Lived in Altamonte Springs for a few years. Miss that area. My parents still own a home there I visit every once and awhile. What’s a good lounge in the area?
  8. Nice. Selection. What are your lounge spots? I have been hitting up Cava Cigars in Westchester and Prime Monte Cristo In Brickell.
  9. Hi, my name is William, I was stationed on Guantanamo Bay, Cuba in 2010 and I had my first Padron 1964 Maduro Belicoso for a new years celebration, that event changed my smoking life forever. Since then I still have a admiration for that same cigar but have transitioned to smoking only Cuban Cigars. My parents frequent the island and several Deployment's over the years as well as vacations have given me the luxury of having easy access to them. I enjoy Montecristo #2s, Hoyo Epicure #2, Bolivar Belicoso Fino to name a few. I have a pretty good collection of CC about 300-400 sticks. I would say that I collect Cigars more then I Smoke them. Being a 2-3 cigar a month kind of guy. I like frequenting Cava Cigars Westchester, Prime Montecristo Brickell and Davidoff Lounge in Tampa Fun Facts: I am a husband and a father of two I am an avid outdoorsmen Fishing and Hunting are things i love to do Love Going to the Range

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