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  1. I don't really smoke NC, but I'm going to make it a point to try these. They sound interesting
  2. I used to pair Dr. Pepper with cigars fairly often, but haven't done it in a while. It worked better with stronger cigars like Bolivar or Partagas. I typically enjoy bourbon with my cigars these days.
  3. Great review, thanks! I've been thinking about grabbing a box of these, but I'm not patient enough to wait 5 years...
  4. Just stumbled upon this story. Great to learn some interesting history behind the brand. Thanks for posting!
  5. There is nothing like your last day at an old job and your first day at a new job Godspeed!
  6. I've have boxes of the Serie A and Regios and really like them both. If I had to pick one, I would go with Serie A
  7. I have always liked Dr. Pepper, it is a unique soda for sure, but I just like the taste of it. I actually used to drink this regularly when smoking the spicier variety on non-Cuban cigars. I thought they paired well together, but I haven't done that for a couple years now.
  8. Jefferson's Presidential Select 18 yr bourbon... good stuff.
  9. Hey man, welcome to the site! I'm from the Burgh as well.
  10. Thanks for posting! A very interesting look inside Cuba and the mentality of some of its citizens
  11. No way, I don't even think these are worth their MSRP. I've never liked them... If willing to spend premium $ on a non Cuban, I would go Padron 1926 maduro every time

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