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  1. Guys, I have a strange question - has anybody tried vacuum sealing cigs for mailing across the country? I store them in a good RH, they're not wet and I would like to make a parcel for my BIL since I have a regular sealer (forgot to mention, Weston and it has something like delicate mode) at my kitchen. Would it be possible to send them without a wooden box and not to crush them to dust in process?
  2. That's a twist. Though we had a similar situation in the past, and I must admit - their place, their rules. But the longer you can show a good rental history and reputation, the better. We were able to find a compromise in the end when dealing with our previous "landlord", as my wife is control-freak so we kept everything in perfect condition. Sorry for bothering you!
  3. Any updates? Personally, I've considered such setups to be an overkill since an average air purifier (like these) work just fine when dealing with smoke. And I successfully used plenty of them when I was renting/building my home. But your topic got me interested, so I'd like to know the end of the story. Just in case, if I missed it - I believe it could happen - would you be so kind to share this post here?
  4. Coffee is a hobby that is a bit out of control. For a daily (aka "eye-opening") cup it's just mocha pot and Arabica mixed with Robusta. For a fancy cup - it's Guatemalan Huehue (the last batch was from Encore and I love it) + Chemex.
  5. And here we are. Stuck upon this thread and came here to share that it seems to be a common problem. Actually, I haven't had a bad experience with my PB (it's 700FB), and I get really good "end results", but I had to babysit the PB the entire cooks due to temp swings. I contacted PB support team, though - from their words - this is normal. So here comes a piece of advice. Higher temps hold much steadier than the low smoking temps. Pellet choice matters too. I use Lumberjack Char Hickory (pic attached) in my Pit Boss and it will run 200-215F all day. I hope this helps.
  6. Sending good vibes as well, man, from me and m'lady. And wishing your mom speedy recovery!
  7. Beef for me. Also left over beef roast can be shredded and made into cold beef sandwiches. Delicious! I am not a big fan of pork except bacon and sausage.
  8. Congrats on purchase, Nick! I'm a big Blueair fan (we use Classic 605), but from my experience Honeywell and IQAir are good too (in case someone still following this topic). The main issue with Blueair is the cost of new filters. But you need to change them like two times a year. When I was living in an apartment, I was trying to keep my smoking room odorless, and it was quite tricky, but here are some thoughts I'd like to share. Unfortunately, if you want to control the smell, you also need to keep this room as clean as possible. Some things you can't control: 1) No control over central heating (especially in older buildings) 2) Can't remove pollution sources in other parts of the building 3) Sometimes can't increase ventilation due to living in inner city with lots of outdoor pollution What you can control and it really helps: 1) Frequency of vacuuming 2) Opening windows to increase ventilation (if this is feasible) 3) Getting rid of dust sources like old furniture and clothing etc. As smoke gets into the cushioning and fabric. And another trick from missus to get any lingering smells off the walls and floors. Get a bucket of warm water, add a touch of soap, and like a cup of ammonia. Mix it all up and use a soft sponge to gently wipe the walls and surfaces. It helps to eliminate the smell, and this way we kept our second bedroom crystal clean.
  9. It happens to me as well. Humidity is relative to temperature, so as temp goes down, relative humidity goes up. So don't be in panic mod. Are you using beads to maintain humidity? A relatively full humidor with plenty of beads should stay stable pretty easily unless you are opening it constantly or have added wet sticks as havanaclub already mentioned.

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