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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to share this information. I appreciate it. It was an absolute pleasure to 1. Have this experience and 2. To he able to share this moment with my parents. Very special for me!
  2. Made a trip out west to visit with my Mom and Dad! We thought we'd Celebrate Life, Our Blessings, and the completion of our Covid Vaccinations with some Macallan 18 and these 1969 Partagas Chicos! Amazing that 52 year old tobacco can taste that fine! The Bond Roberts boxes have been well taken care of.
  3. Great review! Im lucky enough to have box of these and I have smoked 2 sticks, They are glorious!
  4. Hello Everyone! FireMedic, where are we at with this event? Are we in a holding pattern until after the Pandemic? Just wondering what your thoughts were.
  5. Loved the pics of your set up ! Really awesome!
  6. I lit one of these sticks up from the same box code. Mine was quite lovely and was closer to Robs descriiption. Mine got better as I got into the cigar more. I'm talking 95 pts....easy and all day long. Construction and burn of my Sir Winston was superb! Draw slightly firm. It wasnt Miss Universe, but like 2nd runner up from Venezuela! You wouldn't mind smoking it....I promise you! Since this is entertainment for me, I rather like the longer reviews with outtakes and banter. Cheers brothers and sisters of the leaf! Be well Reuben
  7. FireMedic, I went back and could never find an email. Yes I would love to be involved in the pass, but not at the expense of anyone else. If I can be added to the group without making it difficult for the pass to be completed I would be very appreciative. Thank you, Reuben
  8. Ok Im confused here! What happened??? I was signed up as a newbie a couple months ago. The thread stated we would be starting this in May. I looked for the originall thread and then i stumbled on these posts. Did we start over? Reuben Now Im out???
  9. This is so very interesting. I have a cab of 50 RASS that is to die for. Ive tried other RASS from other boxes i own that are so so. I must have gotten lucky with the R&J wide churchhills. My box is unbelievable and i will not let one stick out to anyone. I guard those final 19 sticks in the box. A buddy of mine also has a phenomenal box of R&J Wide Churchhills. It must be QC of blending that is the culprit with all this. I have a box of Juan Lopez #1 that i have smoked 2 sticks from. The first stick was spectacular! The second one i smoked last Sunday night was no so great and a bit harsh. I have a very high quality cigar cabinet so the cigars are in perfect condition and have relaxed for a considerable amount of time. The sticks can each be a little different for some reason. I rather enjoy the variance and find it interesting. Perhaps my choice of beverage plays a roll in this too.
  10. Loved the review! Juan Lopez is definitely one of my go to smokes! I mostly smoke #2s but I have this exact box of EOS July 19 Selection #1. Full bodied for sure! I smoked one last night while I enjoyed a sweeter cadillac margarita. I dont recommend too sweet a drink with the #1. My smoke was medium/full bodied throughout, earthy spiced toasted nuts. I did not taste the croissant but its a lovely cigar. Wrapper and construction were superb!
  11. This arrived a couple days ago! Wow! Is all I could say! Cheers Mates!
  12. This was such a great stick! Perfect Draw! Smooth Burner throughout the journey! As adverstised, with that honey cake and a touch of toasted almond. Light medium bodied cigar and pure class all the way! I scored it a 93!
  13. I went with the Punch 898 Asia Pacific tonight. Great smoke with peanuts, slight hint of honey, and mild cocoa.
  14. My first Topes! It's a lovely cigar and for such a young box (UTL Jan 19) , I'm very impressed!
  15. Hilarious! I might have to get me a little red ring to wear while I smoke my favorite sticks too.....just like the Prez!
  16. I knew it! Later, in another post i said that my guess was it was Rancho Palos Verdes. I havent played there yet! Cant wait!
  17. Whats your method for remembering the box codes ect? Also on the 2424, the reddish orange stickers are for psp? or HQ also?
  18. Great Pic! Where is this! Looks like West Coast? California?

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