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  1. That is very kind of you to offer. I am more than willing to take whatever you would like to part with. Even a 5er or a stick or 2 would make my day. I'm in Indiana by the say.
  2. I'm looking forward to the nudies coming back around. I missed my chance.
  3. Wow those D4s though... I had my first BRC today. I cant say that I am a fan but they surely didnt look like these. Do they need rest? Mine was an 18.
  4. I went to see a couple pics of this collection so massive that Di has cut him off. Lmao
  5. Thanks for your responses guys. I have seen the 20 packs on ebay but they arent exactly cheap. So how many are you stuffing in the 150qt? All 20? I guess $150 and possibly greater than 5 years isnt too bad especially considering they are stackable which humidors are not. I also didnt realize that they come from overseas wet but that makes sense considering they sit in a box for a month for some of us.
  6. How many 60g bags are you guys using in the 150? I'm guessing it's cheaper to buy a large humidor with electronic control than fill them with bovedas every year or two. Maybe I'm wrong. Too bad its the only option for 62.
  7. Growing up smoking hand rolls that are shared, one better be a dry smoker or you won't be invited to partake. This has carried on into my cigar hobby, but if it's a big ring, I have to work to keep it in my mouth as I walk around so it will get wet. When I first started smoking, I thought I was getting more for my money with a bigger ring. Boy was I wrong. I'm a skinny guy lover for sure! I never had either cigar. I feel lucky to have tried at least 30 different cigars in the 5 weeks that I have been smoking them. My first decent cigar was a Fuente 898 so if those were my options I would go with the 898. I've never met a cuban I didnt like aside from a young PLPC and PLMs so I am sure I'd be happy with either of them.
  8. Can anyone argue that they are indeed smokable before 5 years of age? I'd love to give them a fair shot. Maybe the 3 boxes mine have come from were all the bad boxes that year. What are the odds though?
  9. I concur. I feel as if I am doing something wrong saying so on the forum. I have a feeling that we will be lynched tonite for speaking negatively about the PLPC. I have had a 3yo PC a 1yo PC and a 3yo MC and they all were exactly as you described. I dont have the patience to wait 5 years for a turd to sprout into a mushroom. PL will never get another dime from me. A great cigar will be good right off the rollers table. I just dont see how something so utterly unsmokable can turn into a swan over any amount of time. They obviously do though as we cant be the only ones that noticed a young PC sucks. They dont last 2 minutes on 24.
  10. 4 kids all in school so needless to say, I am looking forward to the cigars I can sneak in and maybe a quarter or two of the Steeler game.
  11. If anything, the prices will go down. I however see cuba exporting leaf to have slave labor do the rolling in china. Once the prices drop and the demand is up then comes mixing in the non cuban leaf. We will see fakes like we never have before. Dead nuts accurate!
  12. Reteohale offers a much different perspective on a cigar. Half the time I dont perfer it on some cigars, and the other half I really enjoy it. For the ones I enjoy, I will retrohale about 10% of the time. Regardless, every cigar gets a chance and I'll usually start in the middle of the first third.
  13. I'm going to have to give you an offer you cant refuse to retract the dissing of the godfather. We have heard our last Moooooos on your review videos.
  14. Black and mild Jazz with the wood tip! They evolve so well that when I review them I do so in 1/8s vs the standardized 1/3 format. The best part about them is there is no such thing as a nub. You smoke em til you smell wood burning which is why I prefer the wood tip to the plastic tip. I was considering doing a freestyle review on them for a draw at a box this month.

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