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  1. The only way you’ll smoke a Gambino and live to tell the tale.
  2. Another single stick added to an FoH order in December 2019, so factory and date unknown. I planned to smoke this cigar yesterday, but after pulling it from the humi and cutting it, I tested the draw and it was very tight. I decided to dry box it for 24 hours. I took it out today and started smoking it, unfortunately I forgot to test the draw before lighting up. The draw hadn't changed. I was struggling to get any smoke production. I would get a few puffs with moderate smoke but otherwise very little if any. I did poke a few holes lengthwise using a metal skewer, but nothing seemed to help. The burn was pretty normal, with a couple touch ups, but no relights required. I wasn't really picking up any flavor notes and gave up at the halfway point. This was a dud. On my rudimentary 0/1 scale with regards to if I enjoyed the smoke this was a 0.
  3. Cool, cool, cool. And not to worry, I've seen it, just not recently nor with enough intent to accurately quote it.
  4. @MoeFOH For movie quotes, would it be cheating to watch the movie to figure out the answer?
  5. I put them directly into the freezer when I freeze. I extend the time in the freezer to compensate for the time it takes the entire cigar to reach the desired temp.
  6. 48-72 hours at 0 F (~-18 C) is more than adequate.
  7. This isn't true. I have used three regular household kitchen fridge/freezer units of different brands/models to freeze my cigars recently. With the coldness setting at "Normal" or half way on a numerical scale the freezers are able to maintain between -10 and -20 C. Just want to clarify that these timeframes are specific to -15 C. People are going to have to figure out what temperature their freezers maintain. In my case, though the freezer does cool down to -20 C, at which point the compressor turns off, the compressor doesn't turn back on until the temperature is -10 C. So for all intents and purposes, my freezer really only maintains -10 C. So I end up keeping the cigars in the freezer for 48-72 hours. The first 24-48 for the cigars to cool down to at least -10 and the last 24 to eradicate.
  8. I double bag using 2 gallon bags. I place them directly into the freezer for 48 to 72 hours. Then I take them out, leave them on the counter until they reach room temp and into the humi they go.
  9. This is my first formal review of any cigar, so bear with me. First time smoking a PLPC. I added it as a single to an order from FOH back in December 2019, hence the unknown factory code and box date. The pre-light draw was a little tight, but not un-smokeable. Draw and smoke production were low in the first half, but improved right around the mid point. Interestingly enough there were a few puffs around the same time that were a little bitter. I'm not really that great at pulling flavors from cigars, but flavor-wise it was pretty mild and smooth. Burn was near perfect with one or two touch ups. My scoring system is pretty rudimentary with a binary no (0) or yes (1) as to whether or not I enjoyed the smoke. So my score would be 1. I'm not disappointed that I have a 50 cab sitting in the humi, but I would love to get some caramel flavors out of it.
  10. My best cigar experience this month was smoking a Buenaventura BV560 last weekend. The cigar wasn't anything fancy, but what made it the best experience was the fact that it was the first time in a while that I was able to truly sit back, relax and enjoy myself.
  11. Horse: Do you ever get tired of someone riding you? Dog: I've never had the pleasure, I only do it doggy style.

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