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  1. Anybody having trouble getting to I keep getting a site can't be reached message.
  2. The Griffin's Robusto is an affordable morning smoke, particularly when I can grab them on sale for about $5 each. The construction, burn and draw are hassle free and it pairs well with coffee, tea or water. The flavor notes I got on Saturday morning were of cream, toasted bread and a little nuttiness. No pepper or harsh notes throughout, which makes it an easy pick for my first cigar of the day. 2/5
  3. I got a box based on people's praise, so I hope they get better with time.
  4. Another evening smoke thanks to the changing weather and longer days. The cigar was densely packed and had tight but manageable draw on the pre-light. The draw remained a little tight from beginning to end but I didn't bother grabbing a draw tool. The flavors were a little flat with intermittent wood and earth notes but I didn't pick up on any transitions throughout the cigar. I'm hoping that this one was a dud and I'll wait at least a few months before trying another one from this box. 1/5
  5. It's starting to warm up around here which means I can start smoking in the evening when the sun goes down again. I always have a few Short Churchills hanging around and decided to pull some out for a couple buddies and one of their dads. The pre-light draw was a little tight, but it opened up after lighting up. First and second third brought out some bread and cream notes. The last third is when I started to pick up some cherry, especially on the retro. Burn was good throughout. I touched it up a couple times, but it was more for aesthetics vs performance. 2/5.
  6. 55 years has to be one of the longest running April Fools jokes. jk. Congrats 🎉
  7. Well I’m living the bachelor life with no pets or anything cute to share so good lock to everyone else.
  8. What if no one comes up with a deserving reason? Because I’m not sure what would make one deserving of free cigars, but I definitely don’t fit the bill.
  9. I went with a candela this morning as an homage to St. Paddy's Day. I was aiming to smoke the entire thing without ashing, but a rogue breeze blew the ash off early and the cigar needed a couple relights in the second and last third which meant I purposely had to ash the cigar. The longest I got the ash was about what's in the second picture. Draw was good and when lit, smoke production was great. The cigar was giving me notes of sweet grass with a little pepper on the retro throughout. I wouldn't say I'm a fan of candela, but I also wouldn't say I'm not a fan. It's.a cigar that I'd prefer to
  10. Top ten this, top ten that. Why does everything have to come down to being a stat?
  11. I decided to smoke this while playing in the weekly poker tournament. As with the majority of NC construction, draw and burn were excellent. There was good smoke production and no need for any touch ups. For the first two thirds, I picked up some bitter chocolate and a brown sugar sweetness. That changed in the last third, right around when the ash fell off, when I started getting a mushroom earthiness. It was similar to what I get with the Davidoff Winston Churchill but a little more tame. I was trying to keep the ash going while playing poker which was a bit of a challenge but I was surprise

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