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  1. This has nothing to do with the fact that Arnie is an investor in Lobos tequila.
  2. I’m hoping this is based on the population of the city proper and not the entire metro areas.
  3. This is another cigar that I received in a sampler prize pack from the FoH crew earlier this year. Unknown factory and date, but I can confidently say it was a pre-2022 production. Construction was superb with good draw and burn. Smoke production was good but the mouth feel of the smoke was very light and airy, so much so that at times I had to make sure the the cigar was burning and I was drawing smoke into my mouth. I picked up some generic grass, hay and nutty notes throughout the cigar, but nothing substantial. Unfortunately it didn't live up to its name. 1/5
  4. I don't even watch football. My picks for last week weren't great, so we'll see what happens this week. I might have to resort to flipping a coin.
  5. Funny story...I gave away the Carlota's I bought because I wasn't a fan at the time. I now regret it. I guess I'll be picking up the lanceros as I thoroughly enjoyed the last batch..
  6. I see. With regards to how they smoke, I preferred last year's lancero to the carlota because the carlota wash harsher on my palate. Would you say that is still the case this year?
  7. I’d personally prefer something closer to a 10/10 mix, but that’s just me.
  8. That's what I was hoping. Looking forward to seeing the difference. Is it going to be available in the US again or only through FoH?
  9. Is the only thing difference between the two the wrapper? or is the blend different between the two?
  10. I'm pretty sure this is the smallest ring gauge I've smoked. I don't think I smoked it too fast, but I could definitely smoke it slower. I'm going to forget about them for a while.
  11. Received as part of a prize pack earlier this year. Cold draw had some honey sweetness which was starkly different from the bitterness and acridity of the initial puffs after lighting. After the first few draws a floral note came forward with a little pepper on the retrohale. Then some taboo sweetness emerged at the end of the first third. The second third was mostly what I imagine the "mongrel" notes to be. Then the last third had buttery notes. All in all a good smoke. 2/5
  12. I bought a fiver from a European vendor and was only able to get the box date, not the factory code. The first thing that struck me about the Montecarlo's is how skinny they are. I usually try to use a deep V cut but went with the straight cut this time around because I didn't think there was enough real estate for a deep V. The pre-light draw was a little more restrictive than I preferred, but it lit well and I was able to draw a fair amount of smoke. The first third of the cigar had the most flavor. It started off with a woodiness that was followed up by some sweet molasses. After that I was
  13. There's a shop in Portland selling the robustos for $75 each, so $225 for the tin of three and the price only goes up with the larger vitolas.
  14. My first Connie A from a box I recently got and the first Connie from the H. Upmann line. It was cut with a deep V and had a good draw. Lit and burned without issue. First few puffs brought out a musty and nutty notes. The mustiness dissipated and brought out a more floral and woodsy notes. Not much changed through the rest of the cigar. It was a very mild to medium smoke and paired well with some earl grey with honey. Not disappointed that I have a bunch left, but I'll probably let them age a bit longer before trying it again. 2/5
  15. Hoyo de Monterrey Petit Robusto - GOM DIC 17 (JBWRW)
  16. One of the oldest Cubans I own. Initial puffs had a bitter hay note, that transitioned to a sweeter hay flavor. Very mild creaminess at the halfway mark and then almost a dearth of flavor in the second half. Kind of disappointed with the cigar given it was short and only half of it was flavorful. I have one left and I'll let it sit for a bit before burning it. 1/5
  17. Another one from the 24:24 PC sampler late last year. Deep V cut. Draw was minimally restricted. Good draw and ample smoke production. Initial puffs were very vegetal with a slight tartness. That settled down and transitioned to a nice floral note without a bite. Then a nice creaminess came through at the halfway point. No relights or touch ups required throughout. Good short smoke paired with some sweetened Thai tea this morning. 2/5

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