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  1. Thank you for sharing. Approx 4 MM boxes of hand rolled for export (100 MM cigars) producing $260 MM in revenue at $2.60 per cigar (ignoring the machine rolled exports, which only lowers the price per unit). Seems very low or maybe the super premium yields aren’t as high as assumed and the value cigars make up the majority of the market. Then you have wholesale and retail markup and currency exchange rates to deal with along the way. I’m almost glad the US market is closed (officially) because I suspect the additional demand would only further drive wholesale price and limit supply even
  2. For what it’s worth, the box code for mine was LGR AGO 2019... La Corona. This particular smoke had a great draw, I decided to smoke it because the cap was damaged. Four giant ashes and great construction. Maybe it’s luck of the draw and my expectations were low given the earlier mediocre experiences (12 months ago), but these are progressing nicely. I’ll report back if I pull another from the box.
  3. I had an ARS 2019 trini fundadores on Easter. With an inch to go on this I’m ranking this up there... What a value! If I didn’t have 4 boxes from 24:24 inbound and had more space in the humidor I would say another box is on the buy list.
  4. Smoking a few Dip 2’s young, I didn’t get the appeal. I get it now. 2019, not going to stop smoking to check the date code. A cracker indeed, PSP from our gracious host. Will these benefit from even more time down or does 3 years get me where I need to be?
  5. TB: 35 KC: 28 My CC tasting experience is limited, especially with aged cigars, having started only recently in 2019. I purchased many boxes from our host with 24:24 and quickly filled my humidor with boxes of Cohiba Espléndidos, Ramon Allones Specially Selected, Trinidad Fundadores, Partagas Serie D No. 4, Monte Petite Edmundos, Diplomático No. 2, Hoyo De Monterey Epicure No. 2, Bolivar petite Coronas, and H. Upmans. I didn’t know what I didn’t know about cubans so seeing what others on the forum enjoyed gave me a good starting point in variety to sample. Knowing that most of these
  6. Some progress from our gracious host: 12 days of Christmas sampler and some clearance Connie 1’s And a gift for my father, who I can credit for my renewed interest in cigars. He only has experience with NC’s spare the occasional cohiba so I figure this would make for a great early Christmas gift (FOH new to Cuban sampler) any recommendations for which he can smoke in the near term vs. those that need more rest? Thanks again!
  7. Appreciate the feedback and advice. Thank you. I just made out with 3.25 boxes from the 24:24, so I think I'm off to filling up the wineador. I think my next question will be "what do I do when I run out of room?" Will I run into issues pulling the cigars out of the boxes to age? I don't think the STB cabs will fit easily with the drawer layout on the wineador.
  8. Sound advice. Will do so. Thanks!
  9. Thanks for the kind words. I plan on purchasing through FOH given the community and great information. I trust I’m in good hands. I was given a fake cohiba out of a slide top box at a barbecue a few weeks back, and frankly I didn’t know enough at the time to tell real from fake. It was from someone who purchased the box himself while in Cuba. It was held together and was constructed well. Frankly, it was a decent smoke, but not quite what I remembered from smoking a legit cohiba years ago. Perhaps a real Cuban but not a real cohiba. Doing some research after the fact and stumbling aro
  10. Only my third week. I’m working on filling it up with new smokes. Learning all I can. Making some progress.
  11. Hello, new here from the U.S. east coast. Found the forum after diving in headfirst after buying a wineador and doing research on how to store and age properly. Padron 1926 No. 1’s opened my eyes to premium smokes, and I knew I needed a way to keep them well stored vs. wandering into the local shop and buying hit-or-miss, questionably kept smokes which were often inconsistent. Navigating Cubans online is a different world, and I have been hesitant to make a purchase, but after finding the forum I decided to give it a go with the Christmas 24:24 sampler. Smoked a couple genuine cohiba

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