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  1. Sorry to hear that. I have a Feb 17 cab as well and they have been superb. Looks like I lucked out.
  2. Warped Maestro del Tiempo, long corona. Very good with coffee.
  3. Cheap but always excellent, Curivari Buenaventura BV560
  4. Smoked one ROTT. For a very very young cigar, it was excellent. No rough edges, no signs of youth. The closest Partagas I can think of is a Party Short, but fuller. Very different than a D4, E2, or Lusi.
  5. Mar ‘21 Presidentes. First Presidentes box I’ve purchased…I don’t see a lot on here, so let me know what I should expect here 🙏
  6. Ending the weekend in a (E)splendid(o) way…too far? 😂
  7. Got three singles a few weeks back, smoking my first one tonight. Absolutely spot on flavors on mine too. Delightful smoke!
  8. Same here! I believe this was a clearance 898 box too. I’m pretty happy with them 😁
  9. Mail call today. 898 and SLR are from our host, while the Monte 3 & 4 are from another source. Particularly looking forward to the Monte 3, from Jul 19.
  10. ‘19 Monte 2, ‘19 Connie 1, and Opus X petit lancero

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