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  1. I always thought that the BBFs were strong, until I started smoking a lot more NCs in the last couple of years. Now, they are medium at most to me. The wrapper color also makes a difference.
  2. We may have taken advantage of the same sale! I got a box of Dominicana Robusto.
  3. The Enclave is one of my favorites from AJ Fernandez. Good smoke.
  4. RASS, D4 - 2019 Mag 46 - 2018 Salomon - 2021 (smoked absolutely beautifully)
  5. Ramon Allones by AJ Fernandez. Very flavorful, full body, as with most AJ cigars.
  6. A few recent smokes. All very tasty, especially the Supreme Leaf. I’m also a fan of the NC San Cristobal - particularly this Revelation and their Quintessence. Of course, the SP had all those woody and salty flavors that are typical.
  7. Found a few Opus X belicosos and this beauty at my local B&M. First time trying this Supreme Leaf, and it was absolutely delicious. Very smooth too.
  8. Smoked one yesterday. It is exactly how you described it! I was confused because i got some NC in terms of pepper in the first third, but quite a bit of cuban twang from there onwards.
  9. Got a fiver myself, haven’t tried one yet though. Looking forward to it! Do you know where the tobacco in the blend is from?
  10. Curious to know your thoughts on the LFDs. I’ve heard that they are extremely strong…but not sure. I smoke NCs often so I’m not opposed to strong, like a Liga 9.
  11. Sorry to hear that. I have a Feb 17 cab as well and they have been superb. Looks like I lucked out.

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