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  1. I stick with Mexican coke 😁 They use cane sugar and it taste extremely good.
  2. My 18 cab is getting a little bit better but I think they need another 2 years. About 4 years ago I had one gifted to me by a friend (unknown box code) and it was the sweetest cigar I've ever had. So smooth and creamy. It was as if I was smoking caramel. I hope to achieve this with my cab in a few years!
  3. Yeah..... all places abroad I've seen so far have awful pricing. That's why I love 2424. One day we should see them pop up 😄
  4. We are addicts of the leaf haha. I will have to go on a buying freeze this year.... probably wont last so long though 😁
  5. For some reason in my head it was anything lower than 47 rg. Don't know how I missed that 😅
  6. This box has been resting for exactly 30 days. Thought I crack open the box and see how they are smoking. Prelight: Not much going on. Just a slight sweetness. Draw has the perfect amount of resistance. First third: Notes of extremely sweet cream followed by coffee. Second third: The sweetness is turned down a little and the coffee follows through. Added earthiness in this section. Last third: Earthy notes have picked up followed by some light cedar. Overall, I think I need to rest this box more. In my previous experiences 30 days was never as good as 90. I will recheck in 60 days. Score: 90
  7. I believe something bigger than the previous 300ct model.

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