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  1. Too small for the cost. I'd rather spend the extra cash for a Remington.
  2. Here!
  3. I'm hunting for a nice 124 but they are hard to find clean. I currently have a 140 that is a joy to drive ?
  4. I was hit with the virus a few weeks ago. I really did feel like I was gonna die for a few days. I wouldn't wish this virus on my worst enemy. Still not eligible to take the vaccine now but once that opportunity pops up, I'm taking it ASAP.
  5. I recently had a dream where I walked into my local B&M and I saw a box of MDO4 that was marked down for sale for $90. The tobacconist told me "they were sitting in the humidor for a long while, happy you purchased them today." I really wish this happened in real life ?
  6. Nice review! Hope they bring these back soon!
  7. Interesting.. didn't know the cut style could cause this!

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