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  1. Interesting theory. As I said before, I will say again: test the theory with serology (antibody) data.
  2. I support all efforts to test everyone and everything. It’s one of the keys to climbing our way out of this mess.
  3. UW is a powerhouse for COVID testing. Absolute beast. I have a feeling that this likely contributed in a positive way to their trajectory.
  4. I think you’re coming to a different and not the correct conclusion, in my opinion, but I am too tired to thoughtfully write a response. California may have a higher density, and I haven’t fact checked this, but I feel that California has more commuter traffic rather than the public transit in NYC. As for the homeless population, it’s one thing to be outside homeless than it is to be a working person using the train everyday and exposing yourself to new people by the second.
  5. IMO California cannot be compared to to NY. Traffic patterns, commuters, and population density are huge factors. Theory that the virus passed unnoticed is bogus, with all due respect. So if NY just let it go unnoticed, then they wouldn’t be in their current situation because of herd immunity. Sure, California has a lot of Asians, but that would have been more likely to make the West coast an epicenter, not NY.
  6. These are just that, predictions. We also predicted, if you consider our “bet it all on black” strategy, that this thing wouldn’t be this big of a deal. The reality is that we don’t know. I’ve seen prelim data that the virus does not mutate a lot. This bodes well for immunity, a vaccine, and potentially not an annual occurrence. But who knows ?
  7. I binged this show around the same time as Travelers. Both were great. If you enjoy Altered Carbon, you might like Travelers as well.
  8. Tell me about it. I am currently trying to have my dad's pokemon cards graded and a PSA grade 10 Charizard (1st edition shadowless) sells for $40,000 + ....
  9. Fair point. The average temp I’m reading is 65 F. So I will consider that with that, I can keep the Rh closer to 65-66% range and as spring and summer come I can swap out lower boveda packs to accommodate the higher temperatures. Thanks for the feedback.
  10. Quick question on long-term storing/aging cigars ... I know the typical consensus is 62-65% Rh for Cubans, but I noticed that most boxes on FoH auctions lists a storage humidity of 68%. If you are aging a box for many years, is it better to have a higher humidity ? Thanks.
  11. If those were mine, I wouldn't think twice about throwing them in with their friends. To be safe, you could always gently wipe it to see if it goes away. If it does go away, it was mold lol. But my guess is that nothing will happen, you'll forget about these and never worry about those spots in the future.
  12. I personally haven't seen green mold, but that could just be my experience (I've generally only worried about white = mold). Some veteran may chime in, but I've come to understand that the green spots you are showing are most likely water spots or areas of underfermentation and therefore have remained green. Either way, I'm sure that these are good to smoke and enjoy
  13. Sent you an email. I used to live in Chicago. Shame I’ve since moved. Would have been awesome to stop by in person.
  14. Same here. Just sent him an email and appreciate that I am able to get fewer than 25 at a time. 2019 has been tough on the wallet lol ?

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