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  1. The way we're headed, is there any doubt that machines will see hupersonkind (or should it be hu-something-kind?) as anything more than an inconvenience in the future? The Matrix is coming!
  2. I’ve been loving my Xifei lighter for about 4 months now and it’s got a draw tool built into it. Pretty cool.
  3. Punch Short du Punch, Upmann No 2, Bolivar Royal Corona, Partagas E2, and Quai D'Orsay 54 are all smoking great as young cigars right now in my opinion.
  4. I get the same creamsicle from aged Siglo V so perhaps aged Siglo III if you're looking for Coronaesque? I think their flavor profiles are very similar when young for sure.
  5. I don't think "grass" or "hay" is a great description of Cohiba flavor. I would always equate grass or hay with something green. I get no green or chlorophyll type flavors in my Cohibas at all. It's possible that "straw" is mistaken for "hay" simply because most people see a bale and think "hay". All that said, among other flavors and aromas, what I do get is straw, that beautiful twangy aroma of yellow straw when the bale is broken open.
  6. So I buy nothing for around $1000 and hope someone is dumber than me and offers me more for my nothing in the future? I’ll stick with coins and gold.
  7. This thread is so old, we don't use laptops anymore. We've got these devices called Ipads now.
  8. I’m smoking a 2019 right now and it’s great. I don’t pull one very often so they should continue to get some age on them.
  9. That is a fascinating read. So true about the morality or lack thereof regarding the financial markets. And no matter how regulated they get, it’s still a win or lose game being played trying to get one over on the “suckers”. Try to make investment decisions on “sound” financial analysis instead of momentum and trend analysis and you’ll have a tough time winning. The big boys control the markets and they rise and fall based almost solely on their moves.

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