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  1. I’ve got a couple 25 cabs from 2019 (my first FOH purchase) and I think they are terrific. Creamy and more twangy than sweet at this age but they should develop that sweetness over time and the construction has been flawless for the 5 or 6 I’ve smoked so far.
  2. Some resistance but requiring little or no effort. I prefer not having to think about the cigar at all unless I'm marveling at how good it is. Too loose is OK, but if the draw is too tight, I pitch it and move on to the next one.
  3. I haven’t posted a daily smoke in a while but sometimes they’re so good that I feel I must share. BST DIC 19 Siglo VI. First out of the box and vaults to cigar of the year for me. Just perfect
  4. Ken, I just finished the roller coaster ride that was the third and final installment of the Daevabad series. Great recommendation! I'll give some of the other recommended reads in this thread a try as well. Looking forward to them.
  5. Love it. My daughter and son-in-law walked in to their wedding reception to "Hells Bells". I teared up.
  6. Nice idea for an outdoor concert, well done. I love that your daughter is wearing an AC/DC tee shirt too. It probably means they're listening to good music as well. 😁
  7. Finally, the Fiero hits the list. I was waiting for someone to admit they owned one. Hopefully you got rid of it before it started on fire.
  8. Just spread the clamp apart until is the right size. It’s a little tricky to find the sweet spot but I find it much less damaging than the spring loaded clamp I used before
  9. Hoyo San Juan is my favorite golf cigar. Not too strong and lasts a while. I use the stage 5 clinger to hold them which works great, magnets hold onto the rails on the cart.
  10. Conservative? Pick your favorite Adventurous? Pick one you've never had before - they're all great. Never had any of them before? - Fundadores! PS, the only cigar that my wife doesn't mind at all, either when I'm smoking or after smoking, is the Esplendidos.
  11. Not necessarily my cup of tea but I'm sure plenty of FOHers will be interested in this: I'll be busy handicapping Saratoga from the patio in the heat this weekend. We also joined a new country club last week so I'm planning on taking a few cigars out there Saturday or Sunday evening to see how "cigar friendly" they actually are. They've got a fire pit and Adirondack chairs on a hill overlooking the 18th green which looks to be my spot if nobody minds the aroma of a fine Cuban cigar.

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