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  1. Your caption made me spit out my Fresca! Didn't see it coming
  2. But for those of us that may not have the time left to purchase, test, wait, make a mistake, purchase again..... We rely on your experience and expertise. I may not agree with your tasting notes on every cigar but when I do I'm happy to take your advice on what to expect over time.
  3. I did post an answer in the thread that @Bijan referenced above and there are a lot of good opinions in there. My opinion is that the MAR code E2s will be well constructed and won't have wonky burns or frayed ash for the most part. My experience with El Laguito E2s is that they taste similar to all E2s but are just better built.
  4. Yep, I was just looking at those from the prior posts. These are going back. They cost too much for this angst. Appreciate all the help and hard work.
  5. I'm in the nothing camp as well. My play to work ratio might go up a little is all.
  6. Behike 54 PLMC MdO 4 This is a horse racing reference. This is the correct way to past-post 🤑 😁
  7. So weird. Next step is I’ll post full photos to see what the forum thinks. I appreciate the deep dive on your part. 👍

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