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  1. MdO 4 from a trade with @Thirdcoastwatch , my first. Delicious complex perfect burning 70+ minute smoke. Thank you brother!
  2. Haven’t tried PDC yet but I’ve got one resting that @Chas.Alpha generously sent my way. RAGs I’ve had have been terrific.
  3. I know someone who just picked up a box of these from El Prez 😁. Looking forward to them
  4. Based on your topic title, I have no comment 😜
  5. Ah, I mistook the instant photo of open boxes as a current move. My bad. That was certainly a nice tableful. Cheers
  6. You can’t really be missing them if all the boxes are full can you? I think you’re just showing off 😁. And we’ll you should. Very nice
  7. All good here, it ran its course pretty easily really. Thanks
  8. I’ve got a few left from 2013 that are great. I think time helps these a lot. Smooth flavors but still twangy.
  9. Deathbed post made me think I’d better have one….just in case 😁
  10. Maybe if flying was more comfortable, alcohol fueled anger would be tamped down. It makes no sense to me that flying is as inexpensive as it is. Charge a higher price, eliminate a few rows and service the customers. It should be criminal how they cram people into those seats. No wonder passengers get pissed. Pun intended.

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