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  1. Would love to someday. My grandmother was Bohemian.
  2. Yep, I had a box 3 or 4 years ago and really liked them
  3. Thanks for posting. I just nabbed 3 boxes. Been looking for these
  4. Good to know. I’m sitting on 2 boxes. Might have to break one out today
  5. Those pastries look great! Could use a couple of those for breakfast right now 😁.
  6. I’m giddy with how these look and smell. I’ll give these a long rest, well not too long before one of them goes down. 😁
  7. I don't know if I can pay for the retirement lake house by selling my stash....but I might be able to buy the boat 😁
  8. You're able to smoke in an office? How do pull off that move?
  9. One of the greats and the perfect Vitola. The epitome of a well balanced cigar especially after a few years down.
  10. Fundi after a crappy but fun round of golf. Playing hooky today and enjoying it all. Cigar is smooth, nutty, and twangy. Lovely.
  11. Raise hands if you've ever been at a high school party in a friends garage and come out of a stupor wondering how it's possible that Dazed and Confused was still playing. 😁 Led Zep is strange band for me. Today, a Led Zep song might pop up on the Bose and I'll love it and seek out more and then tomorrow I'd hate it and skip it. I think their music is ultimate mood music, if the mood's right they've got songs that are right...but I've never found them to have an entire album that is right for a full listen.
  12. 2020 Esplendidos on a dreary afternoon. My favorite - delicious!
  13. No kidding. What a way to F up a gorgeous car.
  14. I stared long and hard at it today, but I promised I’d wait. Looking forward to it 😁
  15. Nice review. Love hitting a bomb but 300 down wind is the best I’ve got anymore. Ah, to be young again. I could hit my Cleveland persimmon 325. Nice pop, congrats!
  16. BPC and BRC make me want to throw rocks at BBF. I don’t find them rich or flavorful at all. 🥱
  17. Not really floral like RyJ but a little musty funk, nutty sweetness, and twang. Smooooooooth.
  18. Birds are singing, dog is resting, wife is out of town, and handicapping has begun. Lovely lazy Saturday with my typical Punch 898 and a fresh re-supply of home roasted Honduran coffee from my co-worker’s grandma.
  19. Bingo! If luxury was defined by quality, Honda would be a luxury car and Timex would be a luxury watch.
  20. My friend tells the story of the time he rear ended a car by accident and he and the other driver got together to exchange numbers and insurance info. The other driver was a dwarf and mentioned to my friend that he wasn’t happy. My fiend replied with “well which one are you” “Grumpy?” 😂

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