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  1. I ordered a box of H Upman HC, two boxes of Por Larranaga Panetelas, they are adding 3 RyJ #2. The order was delayed, so they added 3 RyJ Petite Churchills. All for $208 or $2.56 per stick! I love HUHCs, I am looking forward to the rest. I hope the panetelas aren't plugged!
  2. I tried the HUHC the other night. I really liked it. I would definitely put it as one of my favorites. I like the size, great draw, burn wasn't very even, but I really liked the flavor.
  3. Open a PLP, they're mostly long filler, some small pieces. I don't think they use enough short pieces. Tough to roll a 36 RG with long filler. If they used all short, they probably wouldn't plug as often!
  4. My 20 year old son just returned from Cuba with a 3/4 box of Cohiba Robustos and an unopened box of H Upmann Half Coronas. He got the HUHC in the factory, bought the Cohibas from a different source. The Cohibas are suspect, the HUHC are not. I quit smoking for Lent, I intend to smoke a HUHC after Easter dinner. I have heard much praise for HUHC on this site and others, many say it is the best C&C. I am really looking forward to smoking one! I am probably going to pair it with either very strong homemade ginger soda or Russian tea, thoughts
  5. I was given a Belinda Corona last night at a party. Started out so so, just OK, like a JLP. About half way thru, it turned to fresh baked bread and stayed that way til about an inch to go, then turned tarrry. An interesting cigar, short filler, I think it was actually chopped tobacco, little pieces fell out, it had a shoulder, but no cap. It came in a plastic tubo. Google search indicated it was machine made, but didn't look it, very rustic.
  6. 1. Vegueros Mananitas 2. Super Partagas I bought JLP Brevas $37.50 per box. Great price, they were not awful.
  7. The fakes on the streets of Havana wouldn't fool anyone that has smoked Cubans. They don't even come close to looking real. The ones online that are passed as real have pretty good boxes, halograms etc. You have to look really close at boxes, labels and cigar construction to tell a $80-$100 box is fake. If you buy Vegueros, Super Part, H Up Majestic or RyJ Coronitas Cedros online, they are most likely real! Have you seen a high quality box of fakes for 25-40? Those cheap ones on the street can only fool someone that has no idea what he is looking at. The cheap fakes are meant for non-smokers!
  8. Although I probably bought more cigars in 2019 than my wife would like me to have. I am most tempted by Vegueros Tapados (Mananitas are my favorites) and Montecristo Regata (4 and petite 2 are my 2nd and 3rd favorite).
  9. I like ginger beer or rootbeer. Preferrably homemade.
  10. My frugality out weighs my curiosity. I am not willing to destroy anymore cigars. And a pipe smoker that was golfing with us said he would smoke the broken cigar. Sample size will remain at one. That is why I called it a hypothesis and not a fact.
  11. I cut open a JLP Brevas, it was cheap, I'm an engineer and very curious. It wasn't short filler, it was more of a broken long filler. I have 3 questions. 1. Is it the same for all Cuban short fillers, JLP, QyH etc.? 2. Is that why the flavor changed like a long filler, but had very very uneven burn? 3. My hypothesis, JLP takes premium rejects, premium CCs mar the wrappers to prevent resale, JLP rips off marred wrapper and rewraps with cheaper wrapper and less experienced roller (hence rustic look). True, false, possible?
  12. Shortly after I started smoking, I discovered that I prefer Cubans. I do have 4 boxes of NC, Oliva V Melanio($5), Room 101 Cool Arrow($4), 3x3 Davidoffs($2.5) and Cohiba Nic($3.5). I have four boxes of Cuban cigars: Vegueros Mananitas($3), Montecristo 4($5.5), Super Partagas($3.5) and now JL Priedra Brevas($1.5). I bought the Brevas, because they were too cheap to pass up, $37 per box of 25. I smoked one playing golf, terrible burn, but it was really windy. Flavor was OK, I would put it closest to the Super Partagas (but 40% of cost). Just tobacco flavor, not much else. It got a little better in the middle 3rd, but fizzled in the last 3rd, even with purge it wasn't very good. My ranking of Cubans: Mananitas 95, Monte4 93, Super Partagas 88, JLP Brevas 86. My NC ranking: Cool Arrow 91, Oliva V Melanio 90, 3x3 Davidoff 88, Cohiba Nic 84.
  13. The comparison of Vegueros to JLP and Quintero is way off the mark. JLP and Quintero are short filler, rustic. Vegueros are quality, long filler. The best way to describe Vegueros is unique. Some love them, some don't.
  14. I am new to cigars, I smoked seven in 2019, and tried another 6 or 7. I bought five boxes of Cubans in the last 5 months. Montecristo 4, Vegueros Mananitas, Super Partagas and two boxes of JLP Brevas. All of them were older, either 2017 or 2018. Is this good or bad? People post about Cuban cigars needing rest. Can you assume they were stored in proper humidity, if they are from a reputable seller? Does it mean, they were on sale because they were from a poor batch? They all look good. The JLPs are a little rustic. With the age, does it mean, they are ready to smoke, once they acclimate?
  15. Unfortunately, the single most critical advise for avoiding fakes, seems to be omitted. Don't buy cigars worth counterfeiting! To produce a high quality box of fakes costs nearly $100. If you buy Vegueros, Super Partagas, H Upman Majestic, RyJ Coronitas Cedros, you can be 99% sure they are not counterfeits. Montecristo 4, is probably safe. Montecristo 2 or any Cohiba, you just gave someone a reason to counterfeit! People have bought fake Cohibas in Cuban state stores, the employees steal them and replace them with fakes, therefore. no source is safe.

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