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  1. Very nice humidor! The stock is impressive too! Agree, I wish Bob was still building humidors. I am forced to upgrade and sell my current humidor (Remington) due to storage limitations (see photos) and Avallo and Vigilant are the only two that I have found that are doing custom humidors. My choice was the Avallo (Cooled DDD Plus), I included 4 (Quad) TE coolers, eight circulation fans and a separate fan timer in the unit.
  2. Which cabinet do you have? Do you have any pictures of your unit to share?
  3. Nice unit! How long have you owned it and does it maintain stable humidity/temp?
  4. Great, which unit do you have? Can you share any photos?
  5. Nice aristocrat! How has your temp & humidity been holding up in your Avallo?
  6. Thanks for sharing the photos, that's a beautiful humidor! How long have you had it and have you had any issues with maintaining your desired temp and humidity settings? Also, is that a walnut veneer on the front panels?
  7. Do you have the "Cooled DDD +" ? If possible, can you share a few photos? Thanks.
  8. Not an expert, but you are correct the more your coolers run the greater chance you will experience condensation which increases the humidity. The longer the TE coolers run, the greater the chance the aluminum on the interior heat sink will drop below the dew point and start affecting the humidity. You counter this by quickly cooling down your humidor. TE cooler(s) will only reduce temperatures gradually, much slower than a compressor, so your cooler is constantly running. If your cabinet only has one TE cooler then it's probably working overtime trying to cool the humidor. If your humidor configuration allows, you can always try and add additional TE coolers in order to shorten the run time when cooling the humidor. As temperature decreases in the humidor the humidity is most likely to increase and if I'm reading correctly, you are trying to keep your humidor at 15 degree C. If so, that's a tall task to ask one (if that's what you have) TE cooler to try and maintain. You may want to consider raising the temperature in your humidor. Another option is to decrease the ambient temperature in the room where the humidor resides. I am currently in a situation where I have out grown the storage in my current climate controlled humidor (Remington) and recently placed an order for a large Avallo temperature controlled humidor. My current humidor has a compressor and when it kicks on it cools rapidly and in the process it removes humidity at the same time, but humidity recovery is always quick. In the Avallo humidor I added four (Quad) TE coolers to try and reduce the time it takes to cool the humidor to my desired temperature, therefore reducing chances of excess condensation. I also plan to maintain the humidor at 66-67 RH and 68-69 degrees too. This climate is where I believe optimizes the condition of my cigars best and hopefully will keep the humidity spikes in check. Good Luck!
  9. Can you elaborate a bit more on the type, size, etc. of the tape Bob sent you? Thanks.
  10. I know, but I guess if you want his product you have to go with the flow.
  11. Did you swap out the foam tape on yours? If so, what did you use?
  12. That's good to hear! Like I said, the humidor looks great and I hope you get many good years of use out of it. Thanks for sharing and enjoy it in good health!
  13. That's at least the lead time I'm preparing for. How is the finish and fit of the doors, do the doors seal well? What do you think about the locking mechanism on the door, I read that it is not that secure or somewhat flimsy?
  14. That's a nice looking humidor, is that the Triple D? How long did it take to complete the build?
  15. Thanks for the input. I know about the wait, I spoke with Mat a few times and he estimated about 6-7 months. I currently have one of the Chinese temp/humidity controlled units (Remington) now. It has served me well for the past 3 years, but unfortunately it has reached it's storage capacity and I need something a little larger. After some additional research I decided to place an order with Mat/Avallo for his largest unit (Cooled DDD Extra). I will sell this one when the Avallo is delivered some time next year. I'm hopeful this Avallo will be the last humidor I will purchase, but then again I've said that before too!

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