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  1. Thanks brother, will be looking forward to seeing your humidor.
  2. Yep, that's the plan. Check out my previous post (page 2) in regards to my current cabinets capacity.
  3. I ordered the Cooled DDD Extra.
  4. That is a sharp looking humidor! Nice selection too, lot's of my favorites. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Good for you, especially before the holidays! Share some photos of the beauty.
  6. When you hear back from Mat share what he has to say in regards to the lead time for completion of your cabinet. Also, if possible share some photos of your cabinet when you finally receive it.
  7. Try and be patient with Mat if he does not respond to you in a timely manner. From my experience with him he tends to get really busy. It can take up to 10-14 days before you hear from him. He's a great guy to deal with, very thorough when answering questions. Whichever cabinet you decide to purchase you would be wise to purchase one that is two to three times what your current storage needs are now. Good Luck!
  8. Overall the Remington humidor has performed well, it was exactly what I was looking for at the time of purchase. It holds a seal like nobody's business with plenty of storage space and it is a beautiful piece of furniture. It will blend in with any décor and not stand out like a sore thumb. The climate control system works well, it took a little tweaking to get it calibrated to match my digital hygrometers. The Remington is definitely a major step above the Lemans. Mat (Avallo) does have a waiting line for his humidors. Unfortunately for me I have no choice but to upgrade, especially if I want to keep purchasing cigars. I'm really gonna hate to part ways with the Remington though!
  9. How many sets of fans do you have in your humidor (I see two sets)? Are all your fans set at the same time intervals per hour or do you try and stagger the on/off cycles?
  10. When you say fluctuations, do you mean humidity is too high or too low or do you mean different RH readings at the top and bottom? Even after playing around with the circulation fan timer you are still getting humidity fluctuations?
  11. Very nice humidor! I'm curious, why would you not use the accumonitor system to control your humidity? I would imagine that the humidification system in the humidor was part of reasoning behind purchasing it. Does it not humidify the humidor properly?
  12. Thanks, and I hear you brother. I placed my order around the beginning of September and I don't plan to touch base with Mat until February/March 2021!
  13. When you receive your humidor please post some pictures of it. I also placed a order with Mat for the Cooled DDD+ and would like to see some photos of one. I am behind you in the queue by a few months.
  14. Very nice humidor! The stock is impressive too! Agree, I wish Bob was still building humidors. I am forced to upgrade and sell my current humidor (Remington) due to storage limitations (see photos) and Avallo and Vigilant are the only two that I have found that are doing custom humidors. My choice was the Avallo (Cooled DDD Plus), I included 4 (Quad) TE coolers, eight circulation fans and a separate fan timer in the unit.
  15. Which cabinet do you have? Do you have any pictures of your unit to share?

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