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  1. Wow! Extremely jealous! If you've never partaken, I would always recommend cheek as something that is an often overlooked, delicious culinary treat.
  2. PLPC PSD4 Punch DC HDM DC VR Unicos BBF Connie 1 Sir Winnie JL1 Monte 1 bonus round, I like to have a box of RYJ MF on hand as a c&c
  3. Punch DC - UGE NOV 16 HDM DC - MOB JUL 14 LGC MdO4 - ETP AGO 16 JL1 - MOL MAY 19 Boli Tubos #1 - ULA JUN 15 Honorable mention - Connie 1 - a few different box codes
  4. I have some TLU La Trova and BST Esmeralda. Any guesses on those factories?
  5. Take the ones that are the wrong vitola and start cutting them in half

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