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  1. smells heavenly, will rest them for a while. PSP Laguito D5.
  2. Robustos Supremos OPG NOV 14 Paired with Glenfiddich 21y Reserva Rum Cask
  3. First cigar in the new year. 2005 custom dalias.
  4. Had the pleasure to smoke this Siglo II from 1997 on Christmas Day! Happy holidays FOH!
  5. It has to be this one Now I only want to smoke cigars with 20-25 years of age. 😓😓😓
  6. How does it taste? Still have a full box in the humidor waiting…
  7. Pre-Thanksgiving cigar. SUM DIC 16. What a remarkable little cigar. Noticeable sugar cane sweetness, extremely refreshing taste, plenty of smoke. This is the season to be grateful. Happy Thanksgiving FOH!!! So fortunate to be visiting an old time artist who shared his cellophane Monte 4 with me tonight. the smell is just heavenly as it is exactly perfume like. Full volume of smoke with effortless draw, it is such an amazing cigar. Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow FOHers’!

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