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  1. I have two boxes of Upmann Mag54 with UAO code. I have seen Hoyo Petit Robusto in CP with AMO code.
  2. Enjoyed this beautiful cigar last evening. Curious what caused the divot? Despite both bands are moving up and down freely, suspect it is still far from its peak. Plenty of years left in them.
  3. Love it. If they all taste like that, suggest buy them when you see them.
  4. AMO Montecristo Edmundo from 2016 Smoked beautifully, with a hint of honey in the last third, which you would not normally find in a Montecristo. Truly interesting cigar.
  5. Sir Winston - EOS JUL 17 Happy weekend FOH!
  6. Amazing GEM PSP Connie A. The smell is just mesmerizing. Thank you FOH.
  7. PLPC TOS MAY 2017 Smooth & easy, distinctive caramel sweetness. Happy Sunday FOH!!
  8. Wanted to smoke something special for my birthday, so I decided to take these out of my humidor two weeks ago for dry boxing. From left to right D4 Reserva, MSU 2017 and UAO 2019 (24:24) I was not aware the old D4 band had 3 periods, while the new ones only got 1. Smoked UAO first, it was very aromatic and can taste the slight herbal sweetness. The MSU tasted much stronger, leather, savory, peppery spices. The Reserva was like a wind tunnel, smoked it outdoor and finished it well under 50 minutes. Very enjoyable nonetheless. Amongst these 3 D4s,
  9. Custom shaggy foot robusto purchased in Macau. Will park my coin else where. Happy weekend FOH!!!
  10. Dark wrapper HDM Petit Robusto TOS 2017 Very potent and extremely aromatic.
  11. Delicious midday delight Happy weekend FOH!!!
  12. Cohiba Siglo VI from 2018, what a glorious cigar. Dry box for over 2 weeks and the unique Cohiba flavors of herbs and honey were really pronounced.

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