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  1. RA Phoenicia 30 Aniversario for poker session last night.Sublime indeed.
  2. Enjoyed this 20 year old ERDM Lonsdale last evening.Amazing flavors after all these years. Unfortunately, HSA don’t make them any more.
  3. First outdoor session in 2021! Honey, roasted beans flavors
  4. Weekend sticksLGR La FurezaMTS EsmeraldaTEB Royal Corona & ULA Belicoso Fino
  5. Enjoyed these two beauties last night.Lovely +3 hours spent. No time like the present for sure.
  6. My second to last one from the 2012 boxWish I loaded up on these.
  7. Very harsh, could not finish. Maybe it needs more time in the humidor😓
  8. Arrived this morning.Not as dark and oily as I would like them and the scent is not as strong. I was wondering if travel and cold weather will impact the tobacco. It is -4 degrees Celsius here in Shanghai.
  9. New cigar for the new year!Very aromatic, but flakey ash.
  10. Trying The Great Wall this afternoon, gift from a friend.plum sweetness, also taste kind of milky. The ashes are flakey. Not a bad cigar, but not great either.

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