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  1. Poker session sticks SIGLO II UAO FEB 19 +BBF ULA ABR 14, but forgot to take photo. Happy weekend FOH!!!
  2. PLPC TOS MAY 17Probably the best value Habanos available now.
  3. Fundie ARS MAY 19Very aromatic but not as sweet as the previous sticks from the same box. Became quite cedar and bitter towards the end. Probably need to let the rest of this box take a nap for a while.
  4. Recent acquisitions Two shades with different box codes. Different shades even with the same codes and dates. All mesmerizing scent. Must resist and let them rest.
  5. Kicking off Easter Holidays with Punch Clasico from AME MAY 12. Celebrating the weekend that changed the world. Happy Easter FOH!!!
  6. Weekend smokes 🤠 SLR DC - EST OCT 07 JL DJ ARG NOV 14
  7. Last couple SLR Churchill, this one was surprisingly floral and sweet . Punch 898 If they are all this fine, then I will be looking for more of them in 24:24.
  8. Interesting blend with lots of leather, roasted nuts and spices. Must say that I have not had a bad Andorra RE.
  9. A change of pacePleasantly surprised, as this is one delicious cigar.

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