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  1. Monte E2 REG OCT 19 Extremely aromatic and powerful. Need patience to age them to bring out their best.
  2. PSP - Bolivar Coronas Junior MSU AGO 19 Should have picked up more than one box...
  3. Por Larranaga MagnificoSimply magnifique👍🏼
  4. Torpedo day HU2 BRE OCT 19 BBF ULA ABR 14
  5. Montecristo Edmundo AMO MAY 16 Leathery, dark chocolate, extremely creamy smoke.
  6. LGC D5 ER Spain - TOU DIC 17 Distinctive aroma, but not overpowering. Tasted roasted sweet potato, once past the first third. Can envision it become even better with few more years.
  7. Custom rolled Cervantes from 2005. Still strong and powerful.
  8. Bolivar Libertado LCDH ULA SEP 14Awesome construction as I only ashed twice during the entire time. Bolivar Royal Corona TEB ABR 08 Down to my last two sticks from the two boxes I bought over 10 years ago. This might be the all-purpose cigar (If there’s such thing) out of Habanos now.

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