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  1. SLR DC from EST OCT 07 As good as it gets. Unfortunately, not many left in the cab…
  2. 3 double banders to start the Labor Day long weekend.
  3. The piramides weekend continues. Have a good week ahead!!!
  4. Celebrating the weekend that changed the world with a delicious Upmann 2.
  5. ARS MAY 19 MEP JUL 09 GEM MAR 20 RPO MAY 00
  6. I got these over a decade ago, so definitely not 2k for a box. They are very nice cigars, but probably have to wait for another decade for them to reach their peak.
  7. Even though I smoked a BHK 56 and cracked open Gran Edmundo in honor of HabanaMike, I still have to go with the Trinidad Esmeralda from FOH. It is so good yet so young. Lots of potential to develop into a classic.
  8. RYJ Churchill & MAG 46 both smoking very well now. UAO D4 not as good, will let them rest a bit more.
  9. Esmeralda MTS ENE 20 Very nice for such a young cigar. This one is still very powerful after almost 10 years of age. Happy weekend FOH!
  10. Quai d’Dorsay Coronas Claro in Fundadores format would be nice.
  11. UAO MAY 19 2 year old Regio, forgot the box code.
  12. Exactly 2 years ago, Habana Mike started this thread and I thoroughly enjoyed it and participated in as a relatively new member to FOH. Smoking LBT MAR 10 tonight in honor of Mike. Rest In Peace sir.

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