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  1. The best RASS out there right now! Reviewed for the weekly comp. Hit on all cylinders.
  2. Ken, I understand that you are a retired lawyer. If you were on the plaintiff’s side and I were defending, I would ask you to prove that less than one drop of 23 yo spirit was in this bottle. The packaging clearly states that it is a blend of between 8-23 years. How can there even be a case? Your thoughts?...
  3. 1st of all, Zacapa’s “Solera 23” claim is that the oldest rum in the blend is 23 years old. Cuban rum aficionados understand this claim as being the youngest in their blend. Either way, delicious. Are lawyers really necessary?
  4. I'm surprised that some of our members still have a bottle of this. Mine rarely last much over a week!
  5. Hopefully the Vikings can keep the penalty yards under 150 in the 1st half this week. Minnesota surprises Arizona...
  6. Ok, as most of us have now realized, the MSU 19 herd are prized animals. Construction and blends specific to this marca and others were on a roll in that factory, the RASS were no exception. Opening cold draw/pre-light: Beautiful sheen on these wrappers. When fearless leader says you’ve never had a proper RASS unless the wrapper is perfect, he speaks the truth. I got these at the old Partagas factory LCDH the last time I was there. That season was (and still is) magical. Everything I brought back is PSP/HQ from Rob’s point of view. Anyway, perfect draw, momma bear. Rob gives a great ta
  7. O line is either boom or bust. Look at my Vikings... 😔
  8. It’s all there except the Cohiba label on the wax paper. The devil is in the details...
  9. This is why there is an endless shortage of toilet paper! 😳
  10. Unfortunately, I had a baaaad experience with the early 2000 Don A’s. I was blessed with a box of the famous fireproof wrappers. I still have a couple in case of nuclear catastrophe...
  11. MSU spring '19 RASS. I'll review it for the weekly. Like everything else I have from MSU, sheer delight!
  12. I knew that was coming... Debbie wants to add him in on my 1st order. 😡

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