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  1. I didn’t send that, did I? I’m still working on my “Best email of 2022” submission... I wouldn’t want to tip my hand...
  2. Actually, the answer is yes. Shipping is mucho dinero, but yes. Might get pee in a bottle, but if you’re willin’... 😳
  3. My English ancestors have the surname Babington. The Queen Mother’s family beheaded my great-great-great -great -great Grandfather. No love lost here. Glad to share a love of ale with her, though... 🥂 Family Crest
  4. I seem to share the same genetic qualities as the Queen Mother! 🥂
  5. 1st 2 day weekend off since the 1st week of November! Burning another of these wonderful MSU 19 Boli PC’s! The weather is a perfect 20C/70F and the ducks and geese are starting their mating dances. Debbie is making her delicious home-made lasagna. Always a crowd pleaser! Football playoffs begin!!!
  6. I’m likely to be roasted alive for this, but... In my brief tenure as an FoH, I have had only one moment of “buyer’s remorse.” In mid 2020, after smoking the CORO from the ‘19 Christmas sampler and getting a 6’er of them on 24/24, I (rum buzzed) put in for a box of PSP ‘20’s. Hit the right moment and now they’re mine. They reside in my “Don’t touch ‘til 2025” section of my cabinet. Whenever I look at the box, I can’t help but wonder what 3 or 4 boxes of gems that money could have bought? 🤔 In a year or so, I might be looking to trade for something more befitting a man of my social stature (i.e. the ‘19 MSU Boli PC’s, 19-20 JL2’s) This will not be a stick-for-stick trade, of course... 🙂
  7. I’ve resigned myself to the inevitable conclusion that every man, woman and child on the planet will contract this. I’m not going to bother testing. As I told my crew, if you feel like caca, don’t come in.
  8. For those that don’t know, that is NOT the North shore of Minnesota. Least wise, not the way I remember it... 😳
  9. It wasn’t generous. We both should have been ashamed of ourselves! 🤣
  10. I ain't buyin'. Ken would certainly have larger caliber bullets... 😳
  11. On a short >3 hour flight, I tend to spend $40 at the airport bar before boarding. On international flights, I’ve taken a cab and am usually ripped before I get picked up. I would miss the mid-flight bumps, however... 🥂
  12. These as of late have replaced my daily Boli PC. Every one of these so far have had a perfect draw and burn with the classic Trinidad profile. Coffee/toffee and some pleasant spices, I’ve come to look at these as little Fundys. I wish these were twice as long! A delightful 30 minute smoke, perfect for after a long day in the mines. Great to pair with a splash of rum! 90+
  13. That would finish it!😅 The Espy from the 2019 Christmas sampler. Hopefully it will be well-aged by then...😳

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