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  1. Rudy wasn’t always stark-raving mad. That only happened somewhat recently. 😳
  2. I used the economic stimulus check to pay down my credit card debt. Translation: Rob got my economic stimulus check... 😔
  3. Time for my Saturday afternoon FOH roasting. Here goes: I’ve smoked a few Open Eagles over the past few years. My friend Detroit Craig swears by ‘em. It’s not that I found them to be a “bad” cigar, just that they lack anything that I love about a Montecristo. No cocoa, no roasted nut and tobacco flavor. Just kinda... Light one up and determine for yourself. Try to keep an “Open” mind! 😀
  4. #4’s are just joy covered in cocoa wrapped in a blanket of joy! 😀
  5. Karl, damn near steered Debbie towards your wiener dog last week, but hell, you’re worse than I am! 😀
  6. I am currently working on a conceptual #1 hit single. No one gets to hear it, but I promise even the most discerning ear will love it! Please send $100 to: [email protected] 😀
  7. Would be fine in my kitchen. My wife uses the smoke detector as an oven timer! 😀
  8. Next competition: 1 pound/1 cigar. What I consider the best of both worlds. Stay tuned...
  9. Check out Cathy Mackenthun’s website. I think I went to grade school with her. Regardless, the best shop in Minnesota. They have everything, including Mn. Wild rice! Makes me homesick, until I remember what the definition of a snow shovel is... 😀
  10. The one-two punch of the engagement ring and the adopted sister kitties was too much for my wife to ignore! The winner of the 3 pack goes to: @djrey Congrats on your upcoming nuptials! According to Debbie, this was a difficult field to choose from! Fine entries all... 😀

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