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  1. My favorite is a “Vertigo” plastic V cutter that I buy every year or so for $5.00. I usually do a cross cut. Works for me! Call me a rube, if you wish...
  2. Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on your perspective, my industry (construction) doesn’t observe ANY Federal holidays, save for Christmas Day and Thanksgiving. I have worked on both of those days during my career... 😔
  3. Massively ignorant question; if the lenders are closed on Monday, aren’t the mortgage companies closed as well?
  4. My fall back to any attitude adjustment has always been music. Rolling into 60, I can’t just have my drums or saxophones ready at 3:00 a.m. when us old people wake up, so they very kindly invented electronic instruments. A little 1/2 hour workout before I leave for work and another 45 minutes when I get home keeps me centered. Well, that and the Guatemalan rum... 🙄
  5. I’m still trying to score a box of RAT DIC, but that’s just me...🙄
  6. Am headed to the convenience store right now for some lottery tickets! 😳
  7. Of those, I’d hit 5/6. The wildcard would be the only issue...
  8. Like Chibearsfan said, pay attention to the makeup air in relation to the exhaust. If it is out of balance it will make up from where ever it can get it from (sink drain, toilet, etc)
  9. Outside air replenishment is often overlooked. What goes out must eventually come back in, and it will. By any means necessary...
  10. John, sometimes you need to just get with the program and buy electric drums for practice! You know what I mean...
  11. It wasn’t absurd at all, other than the well-known fact that Fidel didn’t start giving boxes of cigars to 4 year olds before 1972! Other than that, absolutely believable in every way... 🤔
  12. A little King! Remember, Red and Yellow will kill a fellow. Red and Black, venom lack. He’s a harmless little mate, with evolution copying his far more dangerous cousin... 👍

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