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  1. At some point I expect to see a box, some stickers, 3 bags of tobacco and 25 wrappers. If your going to make it a "do it yourself" why not go all the way?
  2. For what this is worth; That isn’t a MINSAP warning label, near as I can see. No other box stickers from the country of import. I think these are “suspect”, to say the least...
  3. ...but it was EXTRAORDINARY! She still cannot speak! Her sister seems to have no problems... Ah, sibling rivalry.
  4. I didn’t win the review week. I should have conjured Sophie...
  5. Absolutely correct. I should have said “it is my understanding that cigars sold on the island have not been frozen...” I freeze everything brought back from Cuba.
  6. For what it’s worth. Never had any bug issues coming from France, Germany or Australia. Had an issue with a box of Dip 2’s I brought back from Holland in 2014. Cuba purchases, I always freeze... I say “Freeze ‘em all!” Let the Almighty sort the little buggers out...
  7. While our fearless leader is encouraging you to take full avail of this marvelous forum and search (virtually) every question that has already been asked thru the years, I’ll save you some time, just this once... Since 20xx, the Cubans have been freezing all exports. They do not, however, freeze anything that is sold on the island. It won’t hurt your cigars either way, but look to the previous posts on the matter as to properly freeze them. Welcome to FOH!!!
  8. Uncle John’s Cabin E has never equaled MC2 Queequeg My Mother the Car
  9. Did you get them on the Island? Then yes. Did you get them from the ONLY shop on the planet that has my full confidence and support? Then no. Hope this helps...
  10. I haven’t had a SW since 2006. All three times I went to Cuba, the shopkeep said “you’ll more likely find Behike on the island. I found an example on the 2019 Christmas sampler on FOH, while chugging a pint at my local Irish pub. That’s how I became an FOH...
  11. I finally found the time to burn a Sunday Double Corona. Work seems to find it’s way into life. The clouds are ominously swinging from the North East to the South. Not a good sign on the East coast of Florida... This Punch DC is everything the “experts” have promised you. A great mix of baking spice, holiday bread and roasted nuts, with a bit of citrus. This is delicious! 1/5th of the way thru, it could only be described as a charming blend. All flavors are perfectly balanced. This might be the cigar of the 18/19/20 season. 2nd third of 5th: Becomes stronger, yet balanced. Flawless.
  12. I decided that instead of breaking the slab on grade concrete pour into two, we would go ahead and do a early morning (2:00 a.m.) pour of the whole thing, thereby giving me time to burn a Lusi. I brought a P2 along to burn after the pump had left the job. Things didn’t go exactly as planned. Thursday night, we took almost two inches of rain, turning the entire site into a mud hole. Normally, the project superintendent’s job on pour night is to open the gate, make sure that the flood lights are on and confirm that the testing lab had sent a man out to make cylinders for compression testing. Ins

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