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  1. This is a discussion that has labored about this forum for some time. If I elaborate my opinion, I will break the “No American Politics” ban.
  2. Don’t feel bad. Diana has rejected me far more than my advances towards the lead cheerleader in high school... 😔
  3. Tanty: I for one REFUSE to pay these price increases. That said, I went for the JL1, Monte Especials and the Monte 4... 😬 I’ll see what I get 😀
  4. The Cohiba review weekend prize. A fine selection for a working man that doesn’t get to burn a Cohiba often, as of late may never again! 😔 Thanks to @Elpresidente @MoeFOH @WarriorPrincess @bayala Lisa, and everyone else that keeps this ship flying right!!! Cheers!!! 😀😀😀
  5. My wife also has the uncanny ability to pick the most expensive cigars in my cabinet as her favorites. 😳 It must be a wife thing, we wouldn’t understand...
  6. I had a box of ‘18 Fundadores that weren’t nearly as wonderful as these ARS ‘19’s. If you love a full flavored lancero, you have met your future favorite IMHO.
  7. I think the title was lifted from a lyric by Dylan from “It Takes a lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry.” This was the follow up record to “Countdown to Ecstasy,” their first release. Do it Again, Dirty Work and Reelin’ in the Years were the most radio worthy tracks, but my favorite was always Only a Fool Would Say That. “A world become one of salad and sun...” From my humble POV, EVERYTHING Steely Dan did from Countdown to Gaucho was 1st rate! Another 9.98 on the Rickenbacher scale!!! @JohnS Did Walter Becker or Skunk Baxter come up with the amazing tag line to “Reelin’ in the Years?”
  8. To @Chibearsv @Kaptain Karl @djrey the ‘18 PDC’s should be ready by Christmas 2022. They are almost there and if you have patience will become legendary... Karl, I shall miss the inside joke! 🤣
  9. I prefer the Boli anyway, as should all aficionados... 🙄
  10. I opened my remaining box of ‘19 Fundadores and was pleasantly surprised to find that I have 15 left instead of the 12 I thought I had. I began humming “Baby You’re a Rich Man... 🤔 @djrey This is the same box that I sent you one from. That will be $974.68! 😂 Damn, the Cohiba I can live without, but my beloved Trini’s?... 😔
  11. Brings up a marvelous question: Is the meet and greet in Miami a coat and trouser affair? If so, I might just have to stand outside and stare through the window... 😔
  12. I found TWO plexiglass top boxes of Behike on Reddit! I’ll gladly sell you a couple for $30-$50!!! 😬
  13. I do think the Cohiba line is pretty great, but in general if you offered me a CORO or a BRC, 9 of 10 I’d rather have the Boli.
  14. Bonus points for anyone who can tell where they got the name “Steely Dan” 😂
  15. I am buying the glass top boxes at a furious pace, wherever I can find them! Before the price increase takes effect. 😳
  16. If the article from Cigar Journal holds any truth, you both just smoked a $150 dollar cigar!
  17. I will trade 2 precious CORO and an Espy for 4 boxes of JL2’s and a box of Monte 2 especials! 😂
  18. So I’m guessing that I’ll wait for my $750 box of Reyes to arrive... 😔
  19. But I actually want them! After freezing them for a month, I want to hang them on my wall!!! 😀

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