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  1. Listen to Bill Evans & look at the beautiful Whetstone Mountains!
  2. MUR was the best factory code in '12 &'13. The best box of BBF's I've ever had was MUR SEP 12, all the BBF boxes after that never tasted the same! Sick of chasing BBF's! Great review!
  3. Can you provide any evidence to support this statement? That's what I've read and heard over the years. Sorry I don't have a copy of the article or interview that your looking for!
  4. Because about 90% of them have that crap aftertaste because they load the soil with Magnesium and other minerals to get that white ash to look good in CA ad's!!!
  5. A few years back a half box of ERdM Choix Supreme"s tasted like a Chinese egg roll with hot mustard! Crazy!
  6. Oh I figured that, but was just asking incase. I don't think there's an LCDH anywhere near there, I think Mexico City there's one. Thanks
  7. I know this is a stupid question, but is there a reliable cigar shop in or near Nogales to buy Cubans? I'm only about a 40 mile drive from Nogales. Thanks
  8. I remember one video he opened with how sick he was with a sinius infection. I did a search with his name and home town and nothing much came up in the search. Lets hope he's still with us, loved the Dr. Joe Show!!
  9. 2016 Yellowstone Limited Edition 101 blended by Steve Beam is awesome!
  10. How are you guys in the States getting your cigars from our host shipped in boxes with bands on? Every time I've placed an order in the past they have to be shipped separate with the bands off. I've even asked recently about this and was told it's still policy to ship separate. I don't get it.
  11. I agree 100% with Lotusguy. I was really excited to try them! I purchased a five pack when they were first released, and like 90% of all NC they have that same crappy aftertaste! Some have said it's from all the minerals they load the soil with so they can get that white ash. It's a shame, maybe one day he will hook up with a company with better tobacco to choose from to show his great talent!
  12. My last box was July '15 that I recieved in Sept. '15 that was awful! They finally came around with 11 months of sleep!
  13. Dip #2, Cinnamon/Nutmeg flavor! A favorite of mine for years! Out of all the boxes of Dip 2's I've smoked the box I'm into now is the absolute strongest I've had yet! Shame there's only one stick left!!

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